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How To Start Profitable Popcorn Production Business by ikoiikenna: 09:08am On 4 Apr

Popcorn business is one of the top lucrative businesses anyone can start and earn handsomely. It’s easy to startup business requiring little capital but yet has a high-profit potential.
Living in Nigeria or in most Country, you would attest to the large market for popcorn business. Many If not all enjoy eating popcorn, popcorn is one of the products that sell fast like pure water.
If you are looking for a lucrative business that you can start with little capital but still enjoy a high profit, then I strongly recommend you start a popcorn production and sale business.

Popcorn business has often been regarded as a common business and is overlooked by many that want to start a business due to lack of information and this has been due to the secrecy of those already into the business, they prefer keeping the secret to themselves while they lake in all of the profit. Have you ever wondered why most established eateries around still bother to have a popcorn center if really popcorn business is not lucrative why then do big names have a whole spot dedicated to popcorn business, almost all eateries, have it? Today through this post I will not only bring to your understanding the lucrativeness of this business but will also show you practical steps to take to start up a profitable popcorn production and sale business.

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Reasons Why You Should start Popcorn Business

- Startup cost is at minimal
- Materials involved are easily sourced locally and at a very cheap price.
- There is a huge market for popcorn and it sells fast.
- Popcorn is a favorite snack to many, both to the young and old alike.

Have you been to a local festival? Have you been to the cinemas? Have you been to a party or have you taken note of the roadside why traveling?

If yes to any of the above question, please tell me what product is largely available? And have you ever witnessed or seen a huge line waiting to get popcorn in popcorn stands? Popcorn is largely consumed by all both the sad and the happy individuals. Popcorn is often referred to as a food for the depressed and in the same time referred to as the lovers’ food.
Popcorn business from all indication is a profitable business, especially when started rightly and with the right skills. You can start right off with just what you have and make enough profit to keep you financially stable.

Steps to Starting a Popcorn Business:

1. Choose a Good Location
Starting a popcorn business, you can start on either small scale, medium or large scale. The small scale you can get a shop and sell directly to consumers, the medium scale you will sell to both customers and retails or resellers but on large scales, you will sell to only retailers.
Either scale, choosing a good location to start your business is essential to the success of your business. Most recommended locations are near busy roads, schools, churches and the likes as they add to your boost.

2. Get The Required Materials:
Basically, the required materials for popcorn production and sale business are:

The popcorn maker machine- this comes in different types but at affordable prices. The price for the machines varies depending on the type but it generally ranges from 20,000 to 75,000 in Naira (about $70 to $300).

a. Sealing Machine:
This becomes useful if you intend to start on a medium or large scale and would want to brand you products. Sealing machines cost around 10,000 to 15,000 in Naira (about $30 - $50).the quantity of sealing machines to buy depending on your intended output per unit time.

For packaging purposes, nylon is needed and also for the purpose of branding. Branded nylon would have to contain your business name, address and contact phone number because you might never know who you popcorn might interest beyond expectation.

c. Corn:
Of cause Corn is needed thus why it was called Pop Corn. Corn is basically the number one material needed for this business. Getting a Corn for popcorn making is quite easy as they are easily sourced locally. Nearly if not all local markets sell corn for popcorn.

d. Ingredients: - Sugar, Salt, Butter, Milk etc.
For your popcorn to taste great and delicious, the above-listed ingredients are highly necessary. How tasty your popcorn is, determines how many returning customers and new customers you will have at every point in time so therefore it’s important you give your popcorn that irresistible taste that will keep your customers coming back for more and in doing that you need the above ingredients. Getting them is easy and very affordable.

3. Get training:
As mentioned earlier, the taste of your popcorn determines the success you will experience in this business, so it's highly recommended you get a proper training on how to produce quality popcorn. Learn the details of mixing the sugar, salt, butter, and milk, following the right sequence and knowing the right proportion to use with every measurement of the corn.

4. Get started and Market your Popcorn
Haven successfully taken all the above-listed steps it’s time we start making money.
Note, however, it takes more than a good tasty popcorn to succeed in this business (though it counts and it’s very important). Advertising and marketing are very much required.

After successful production, if for the very first time use it as an incentive, give to neighbors, friends, and family or even to your prospective customers for free if necessary and ask for the comments and patronage. Target popcorn retailers, roadside sellers, and event planners thereby creating a huge market for your business

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Remember, the start-up cost is low for this business, it requires neither expertise nor qualification and just about anybody can start and make huge profits from this business so you don’t have an excuse to start NOW!


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