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Ideas On How To Start Detergent Soap Manufacturing

  • Jan 2018
  • manufacturing

  • @ ikoiikenna,

    I came over here after reading your post at www.abodebusiness.com/2015/06/detergent-production-business.html on how to manufacture powder detergent soap on a small scale. I saw you wrote an eBook on it but I find it difficult to comprehend "how to" guides from reading alone. I am a final year student here in Benin city and I am hoping to start this business on a small scale with the hope of growing it big after leaving school but my problem is little capital and zero knowledge about the soap-making procedures. how do I get those raw materials you mentioned in bulk? how do I get the necessary machines required? how do I make the final end detergent different from others? because I am hoping to start supplying to my locality and build a mini-brand from there.

    @ ikoiikenna, except for the marketing aspect, I really have no idea on the manufacturing and packaging aspect of this business and I would really appreciate if you can tutor me on this.



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