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Google Adsense / Google Adsense Policies Simplified; A Publishers Guide by Johntheguru1: 10:02pm On 3 Mar
Google Adsense is no doubt the best online advertisement network for publishers.

It gives them the chance to turn their passion into profit.

Dear reader, I have an article for you today. And I know you want to make profits out of your passion, but you have to know a few things about Google Adsense policies, so I'll advise that you Read gently and be sure to drop your questions or contributions at the end of the article.

First of,

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a program by Google that allows publishers to serve ads in form of images, automatic text, video or interactive media advertisement according to the site’s content and targeted at the audience.

Google Adsense program does not just allow the display of an advertisement on sites but also pays the publishers on either per click or per impression basis and has become one of the choices for publishers, as there are over 14 million websites using google Adsense.

The Google Adsense program runs under four categories

1. Content
2. Page level Ads
3. Search
4. Video
5. Link units

Adsense for content:
This program is used by publishers where ads are displayed according to the content of their site. The ads could be sample text, image & text, videos e.t.c.

Page level Ads:
Publishers also use this ad format to place ads on a particular page

Search ads:
This format gives publishers chance to display ads relating to search terms on their site. In this case, ads are shown each time keywords relating to the publishers content are searched for. The publishers, in turn, receive 51% of the revenue of the revenue generated from those ads.

Now to the topic of the day (Adsense policy simplified)

Well, many publishers today have their accounts disabled as a result of violating some key points of the Google privacy policy. If you’re one of such publishers, you’ll need to read through this article to find out what actually caused your account suspension. As for new bloggers in the house, you’ll also be needing these tips just in case you want to belong to the 14million publishers of Google Adsense program.
Without wasting much of your time, ill be showing you a list I compiled, a very brief one on Google Adsense policies, so, sit back and get ready.

Why does Google Adsense have a policy?

Google Like every other company, has its policies for the Adsense program, which must be adhered to strictly, and a breach of any can lead to a ban, which disables the publisher’s account from showing ads on their sites. This helps to keep publishers on track, and essentially enhance that users have improved experience online.
Now to our list. We’ll treat only the very vital Google Adsense policies that every publisher must adhere to.

The first on our list is

Invalid clicks and impressions:
Google webmasters emphasize on this one. As a publisher, you should never make the mistake of clicking your own ads, as this may lead to accounts being disabled. Google wants genuine clicks alone and frowns at artificially generated clicks. I know sometimes you may ask, how does Google know that you clicked your own ads? Well, there are several means Google could use to hunt defaulters. Take for instance you have ten visitors a day, and you also have clicks from 8 visitors, Google could easily suspect foul play and punish the offenders almost immediately. Some publishers go ahead to click their ads from the same browser they implemented the ads code from. These and many more methods can lead to your disqualification as a publisher. Remember, as a publisher, you should not run campaigns for people to click your ads, you could easily get disqualified.

Contents of pages:
As a publisher, you shouldn’t place ads code on pages that violate Google Adsense content guidelines, like adult contents, violent contents, or contents advocating racial intolerance. This means that Adsense does not encourage pornography or adult contents, contents that promote violence and defamation of characters, malware, sales of controlled products e.t.c. therefore be careful on the choice of your contents if you want to run the Google Adsense program as a publisher.

Copyrighted materials:
As a publisher, you should have your unique content, as Google Adsense frowns at copyrighted contents, and even gives existing publishers a chance to report to them on sighting cases of other websites participating in the Google Adsense program showing copyrighted content. Therefore publishers are advised to tread carefully and always keep it original.

Ads placement:
Publishers are not allowed to place their ads code in such a way that will be deceptive to their viewers. I’ve seen many cases of publishers hiding their ads under pictures, and if you’re caught doing this, you’ll be disqualified from the ads network.

Technical requirement:
Only sites that adhere to Google Adsense technical specifications will be eligible to display ads on their site.

What are these requirements?

1. As a publisher, you must use Google supported language, as not all languages are supported by Google
2. Nice web design. Your site should be easy to navigate, that is why many new publishers get rejected by Google Adsense for their sites being difficult to navigate.
3. Sites should not contain broken links or pages that link to another site containing products that do not belong to the publisher.
4. Web publishers must disclose to their viewers that their site uses cookies

As a publisher, it’s advisable that you have a privacy policy page. This page is very vital, as it discloses data collection, sharing, and usage that takes place on your site.

For those of you that are new to blogging, COPPA means children’s online privacy protection act. If your site is covered by COPPA, you must notify Google through their webmaster tool, disclosing every activity that occurred between the site and users below 13 years. I personally advise that publishers should also put up their information regarding COPPA, on their privacy policy page.


Gambling content:
As a publisher, if you’re thinking of monetizing your gambling site, I don’t think Adsense is a good advertising network to use, because, Google Adsense restricts ads on gambling sites.
Moreover, there are specific countries that Google Adsense allows to show ads for gambling contents. Countries like: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, and the united kingdom. If you want to participate on the Google Adsense forum with your gambling site, make sure you belong to one of those countries on Google Adsense good list.

Well, i guess we will have to stop here today. Adsense policy simplified!
Hope you understood?
If you have any question, or if there’s anything I missed out, be sure to let me know.


General Updates / Re: Will You Become A Sperm Donor To Make Money? by Johntheguru1: 11:08pm On 3 Mar
I also stumbled upon this topic some few months ago, and decided to do some research on it..
Truth is, sperm donation pays a lot of cash.. The male donor, donates sperm, that is, "donor sperm" to the sperm bank, in exchange for huge sums of money. The donation is often to single ladies, lesbians and heterosexual females with male infertility problems. The funny thing is that sperm donation is legal.
But personally, I don't think I'll engage in it no matter how broke I am.. Lol.. I mean.. I can't just give my children to people like that na.. Tomorrow I'll now see somebody that looks like me and he'll be calling me uncle instead of daddy.. Lol

(Go Up)

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