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Manufacturing/ Production / Toilet Roll Production: Make Money Producing Toilet Rolls by Ikoiikenna: Today at 03:45am
A No1 Business opportunity & one of the fastest growing industries.
Historically toilet roll manufacturing has always been secretly profitable & only enjoyed by big companies. We now reveal these secrets to you.
Machines can operate 24 hours
It's easier than you can imagine
Cheaper toilet rolls are needed.
Makeup to *40000 rolls per day (depending on model).
Toilet roll production machine
Free Training, Free Installation (Enq Conditions).

The demand has never been stronger. The timing has never been better. The time to start is now!!
Economies can go up or down & will never affect the sale of toilet paper. It's the one commodity that nobody can do without.
Make from 43c* ($0.06c) {26mt}.
Compact floor space
Easy to operate
Low capital investments
Not much research is needed
Everyone must use toilet paper
Sell to: Factories, Hospitals, Prisons, Chemists, Shops, Hawkers, Cleaning companies, the general public, Schools, Big buildings, Big companies and the list goes on...

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This business needs not so much talking as the product speaks for itself, with high demands and highly patronized. No culture or religion trivial its patronized by all not minding social status, religion, middle class or high class it's just the product that cant be done away with. To start or to get more info GET THIS COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING AND INSTALLATION MANUAL

High-Speed Toilet Roll Making Machine with Auto core Loading & Self Gluing
Model 2.2
Make a toilet roll from as little as 43c ($0.04c).

Jumbo tissue
pulp plant
Jumbo Tissue Making Plants Available.

Make 250 000 cores from one-ton raw material.

Supply many different industries with this core
Machines make embossed & perforated toilet rolls, roller towels, garage wipes, hospital disposable towels in single, double & 3 plies.
self-sharpening diamond cutter machine To cut the finished toilet roll.
Heavier embossed look, a "Better Quality" finish.
Makes 25 to 80 rolls per minute*. (Depends on model & operating speed)
Jumbo production tissue rolls easily available.
Low electricity consumption.
Low maintenance
Easy to operate - Learn in an hour how to work machine.
Requires 1 to 2 operators.
The business is easier than you can imagine. Historically toilet roll & nappy business has been profitable, protected & a secret held by big companies & proved to be No.1 Business Opportunities.

Your dreams to become an Entrepreneur can be fully realized if you are willing and ready.
The first step is to have this comprehensive manual that will give you all the information you have requested.
Within this manual are links to local fabricators or importers of the machinery/
equipment for Tissue Roll and Exercise Books production, and the raw materials, for negotiation and procurement.

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As soon as you acquire them, this e-manual will help you offer training services for your staff.

The cost of locally fabricated set of Tissue Roll making machine

The cost of imported set of Tissue Roll making machine

The locally fabricated set of Exercise Books making machine ranges

. The cost of imported exercise making machine

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Raw materials depend on the quantity ordered. They are abundantly available in some of the companies
Producing and in the open market.

The cost of a ton of jumbo reel for tissue roll

These and other vital information and how to run the proposed company are provided in this Report.

Doors of opportunity don't just open, they have to be unlocked & it's up to you to turn the knob.
Easy to operate, yet difficult to copy
"Success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time" (Barack Obama)

Make money from toilet roll and Also make roller towels, garage & hospital wipes & disposable towels (enq. CALL 08130525154)

Media/Publishing / How To Start A Lucrative Printing Press Business by Ikoiikenna: Yesterday at 04:42pm
Are you interested in designs and everything that comes with it? If yes then you might want to consider starting a printing business.

Getting into the printing business is a good decision I can tell u, the market is huge and there is always need for printing gig. Businesses still engage in one form of printing to another, like printing work on their business cards, brochures, banners, sign posts, bill boards ads and marketing campaigns.

One thing you should keep in mind though is, this business is a bit complex, you need to prepare yourself and your mind to go all the way. You need to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that will help you stay aloof in the printing business.
Now let's go through the major steps to get you started:

To get into this business, you need good capital to invest in certain printing machines which can be quite expensive. You also have to consider maintenance cost, purchasing of spare parts in cases of break downs and digital software designs. Read Also: Beyond Bank Loan: 6 Source Of Fund For Your Business

If you intend to take your business to a great height and want clients to take you serious, then consider registering your business with the appropriate authorities in charge.See Also: How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

If you are serious about this business then you need to take up a training course or class that will equip you with the knowledge on print design, graphic design, software design like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe design suite, quark and the rest. Note that, it will cost you real good to get this knowledge but guarantee it will be worth it in the long run.

I believe in business plan that is why I keep emphasizing on the important and the need to have one. You need a business plan that will show you how to project your finance, target market, number of competitors and so on. Make sure to conduct an exhaustive business plan before embarking on this business. See Also: Step-by- Step Guide: How To Write A Business Plan

There are certain factors you need to consider before securing a business place, like, affordability, if it's accessible and how good the area will be for your business. You need to consider siting your printing business near busy areas like, university campus, hospitals, business district and the rest.

Also, another factor to consider is space , you need enough space in the property you will be renting so you can convert some part to offices for staff and where you can meet potential clients and discuss business. Make sure this offices are well put together to present a professional front to clients.

What this means that you have to develop ways and patterns that will market your business in a good way. Make samples of your work so you can show to prospective clients--print your own business cards, brochures, filters, banners to advertise and showcase the quality of your work. Read Also: How To Interest People With Your Business

You can also promote your business online by building a website where you can display your work so that prospective clients can see and make orders.
So there you go -- get started and best of luck.

Business Ideas / Top Small Business Opportunites In Cayman Islands by Ikoiikenna: Yesterday at 03:18pm
We won’t even beat around the bush much today and just go on to ask you the question. If you happen to be in the Cayman Islands, or you are planning to go there on business soon, would you like to establish a great business venture over there? Let’s assume you don’t know why we are asking you this, let us be the ones to tell you that the Cayman Islands is actually one of the best locations on earth for your business to thrive. The government doesn't practice direct taxation, which means that you get to save a lot of taxes and pump these back into your business. Asides from the fact that the island boasts one of the best standards of living in the region, we should do well to tell you that a lot of leading financial institutions have seen the reason to set up shop here. With all of these in place, the next thing is for you to launch out and get into a business there. What kind of investments can you then make here?

1. Tourism Agency
If you have ever been to the Cayman Islands heard of it, seen it in clips or read about it in books, you would know that this is a prime location for tourists. This location is so great for tourists that the region itself gets more than 75% of its GDP from tourism alone. Since this has already been put in place by nature, you can exploit the chance to set up a tourism agency for the region. Start with familiarizing yourself with the region and organizing small activities for your tourists or troops. This would encourage people to opt for your services and in no time, your own GDP would have expanded largely

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2. Financial Consultancy
Hundreds of hundreds of financial transactions – spanning both local and international- are generated from the Cayman Islands yearly since they have one of the friendliest business regimes that could be found anywhere. This makes the location a prime market for people that would even like to get more out of their money, invest the best and other things. For this, you get openings to offer your expert opinions on business, money, and investments. See, you’re a consultant in no time.

3. Recruitment Firms
According to a most recent report from the World Bank, the population of the Cayman Islands stands at a little over 500,000. While there are a lot of jobs to be worked, there are a few number of people to work them and this creates a void in the labor market – both skilled and unskilled. Establishing a recruitment agency would be seen as filling a need, and you get the chance to network people with their dream jobs. Since your services would be in high demand, you would never run out of business, and surely never run out of steady income too.

4. Restaurant
A lot of expatriates have decided to make the Cayman Islands their home, and we need not remind you of the large influx of tourists that visit every year. This makes the location a prime place to set up a restaurant that would serve different types of dishes. While local dishes would be most appreciated, those that would love to feel closer to home would find solace in your international delicacies too. With these kinds of options, your plates would always be serving.

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5. Agriculture
As much as the Cayman Island is situated in a position of fertile soil and easy access to water, the region still imports up to 90 percent of her food produce. The land is there, and all the other resource is there, but they are not being utilized properly. While many might see this as a lost cause, it is actually a gold mine that is waiting to be exploited. Take your hoes and cutlasses to the land and make something grow from it. even if you can reduce the total imports by up to 5%, that would be a huge boost that your generations wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

So, it's all out there. The Cayman Islands is a land flowing with milk and honey. Why not just brace up and start something?

Foods / How To Start Biscuit Production Business by Ikoiikenna: on Fri at 07:16pm
One common item of consumption at all levels, most commonly available product, important product of bakery, highly consumed and patronize both by the rich and the poor, a tasty nutritious snack preferred over its alternatives because of its readiness and easy to digest characteristics and long life of preservation. The product with huge market and earning potentials- is the product of BUSICUIT.

A product found all over, highly patronized by nursery, primary, secondary and to some extent by university students and adults at all level and stages of life can’t be a bad business for one to invest in. having three widely consumed variant in Nigeria biscuits which are

· Hard dough (sweet cabin)
· Soft dough and
· Cream cracker.

Manufacturing or production of any type of this variant of biscuit is conventional and easy, with proper machinery such as
· Shifter (dough shifter)
· Mixer
Sugar grinder
· Moulder( for moulding the biscuit into sizes)
· Rotator cutting and puncher machine
· Oil fried baking oven (with accessories)
· Cooling conveyor
· Stacking & Packaging table
· Spraying machine
· Trolley
· Other laboratory equipments

One can start production easily. Production procedure include Flour and other ingredient mixed properly together with addition of water are allowed for some time (couple of hours to enhance fermentation and rising) after which its feed into trays which after cutting are placed in oven for baking. After indispensable baking which may last for some time are brought out cooled and packed and ready for sale.

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Major needed raw materials for production are flour, sugar and oil (palm oil). Other ingredient (will be revealed) are readily available and are sourced locally.
With a mind on the million population in Nigeria with estimated % annual increase, the number of student and individuals at large one can understand the high readily market for biscuit in Nigeria. It has with estimated consumption of 60,000 - 80,000 MT of biscuit Are consumed annually, proven the high profit potential available for investors.

To get started get the step by step video on biscuit production and eBook on the general market research on this business. Order for this now and start earning from this lucrative business of biscuit production now. Call 08130525154

General Updates / 10 Success Denial Habits You Should Avoid by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 12:12am
To achieve success in kive below are the 10 Habits of a lazy man you should avoid

1. Never wake up early.
Keep stretching and turning in bed until you get too hungry to continuedozing. no bed bugs, why hurry to get up?

2. Never plan how to spend your money.
Whenever you get money, start spending it right away and when it'sfinished, you try to count and recall how you spent it.

3. Don't think of saving until you have real big money.
How can you save when you earn so little? Those telling you to save are notsympathetic to your burning needs.

4. Don't engage in activities usually reserved for the "uneducated".
How can you, a graduate, engage in petty trade, network marketing or homes based production? That's for people who never went to school!

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5. Don't think of starting a business until manner falls from heaven and gives you capital. How do they expect you to invest before you get millions? Even though morethan half the businesses in your town were started with little capital, youas a smart person can only start with millions.

6. Complain about everything except your own attitude and laziness.
Blame the system, the government and the banks that refused to lend youmoney. They are all bad and do not want you to get rich.

7. Spend more than you earn.
To achieve this, buy consumer products on credit and keep borrowing fromfriends and employers.

8. Compete in dressing.
Make sure you're wearing the latest clothes. Intimidate everyone with yourtrendy fashions all the time. Whenever your neighbor buys a new phone, youget one that is more expensive.

9. Get yourself a nice used car that costs more than three times your yearly salary.

10. Give your children everything they ask for since you're such a loving parent.
They should not struggle for anything because you do not want them to suffer that way, they will grow up lazy and hence poor enough to ensurethey can't help you at old age

Successful Entrepreneur / Femi Otedola Biography And Net Worth by Ikoiikenna: on Wed at 04:49pm
Femi Otedola is one of the names that rings a huge bell in the ears of many people when mentioned in the society today and getting to this level of fame and wealth took nothing less than a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment, sleepless night and a true spirit of entrepreneurship.
Entering the oil business when everything was still booming was to be seen at the time as a normal trend but he went on to change the face of oil importation, exportation and marketing and for this single reason, surpassed all the other people that he had even met in the business as at the time of his arrival.

Today, none of the people that started out with this oil magnate in the same business can claim to be half the man he is now.
Born in the year 1962, Femi Otedola was welcomed into the family of (Late) Sir Michael Otedola (who happens to be a former governor of the Lagos state) and he, unlike many, failed to rely on the affluence and influence of his father, seeking to carve out a name for himself.

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Femi Otedola first saw opportunity to work in a printing press belonging to his family and this was the source of his daily bread till he saw the opportunities that abound in the oil industry, prompting him to make a swift move from the press into oil. Although many people thought how he then with practically no experience in the field, was going to make it but he never let what others thought of him bring him down in any way.

Working hard to get known and raise some money, Otedola finally made his first significant breakthrough when he got enough funds to finally launch and start up his own company, Zenon Petroleum and Gas Ltd, in the year 2003. Through his dedication and commitment to the job, in under two years, he was already a name to be reckoned with in the business. By the year 2005, other big companies such as MTN, Unilever, Nestle, Guinness and even the Dangote group had started to source the services of Zenon for their diesel needs.

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In the year 2015, Otedola sought to rebrand the business and expand its scope, prompting him to change its name to Forte Oil after which he sold a sizeable amount of its shares and assets to Mercuria Energy Group, a move which not only fetched the business some $200 million but also opened the doors to a bigger and better international market to sell for.

Otedola has always shown his ability to carefully study the market and wait for when best to strike, and this single leadership and management skill has fuelled him up to where he is today.

Happily married with four children (three daughters and one son), the business mogul and seasoned entrepreneur is worth an estimated $2.5 billion and is the richest man in Nigeria only behind Aliko Dangote and Mike Adenuga of Glo.

Foods / How To Start A Catering Business In Nigeria by Ikoiikenna: on Wed at 05:11am
Arguably, catering service is now a trend and virtually a lucrative business in Nigeria which every household cum full time housewife are diverting their attention to. It doesn't matter for a caterer to be a superstar cook before making waves on catering business. When you can employ the service of local cooks to do the finishing for you.

Are you so versed and skillful in cooking differents genres of meal? Does your art in kitchen is greatly beyond cooking? Can you cook a palatable meal for the consumption of thousands people without any complain? Oh! you can command flour easily when it comes to baking, right? Good, Why don't you seize this golden opportunity and change idleness into business.

If you are optimistic and that passionate to venture into catering, then it's very imperative you understand some key and major elements which your are required to have in your possesion now before you would be recognized and celebrate as a unique caterer. The information and requirements needed are as follows:

To begin a catering business, very crucial it is for you to itemize your plan, decide if your catering business will be indoor or outdoor services. This is very necessary because a business without a specific niche is prone to be problematic in the nearest posterity but if you decide and itemize your plan very well on which to go for, then your business will be treated as such.

For instance, define your catering niche if it is going to concentrate on wedding service, birthday party, or rendering services to school and colleges hostel. Itemize your plan whether to serve restaurant,carteen or fast food, Or if you are to provide your service to anyone that is in needs of your sweet and fantastic delicacies it is up to you. READ Also: Step-by- Step Guide: How To Write A Business Plan

“If you don't know it, go for it". If you are not that good in all facet of food preparation, there is no harm in going for the skill acquisition. Having itemize and decide on which niche to go for, it is expected of you to go for weeks or months training, regardless of how special, good and skillful you are in the kitchen. Why? Because you need to acquire a certificate as a qualified caterer in the world of catering services.

Not limited to certificate only, you will need license and business permit from Food and drug regulatory body known as NAFDAC, this body are shouldered with the responsibility to overseeing any business pertaining to food and drug, they asses and test how qualified you are on these particular fields, the materials you are going to use and the location or environment you are going to make use of.

For your catering service to move and soar you high, you need to have a solid and unique brand or business name to rise with. This will be the only avenue your potential and seasonal customers will distinguish you from other catering service and also, refer to you more client who will need your service. So, if probably your business name reach the premium brand, everybody will be longed to taste your tomatoes and onions. This is the magnificent power of name in business world. But if the reverse is the case, your catering business won't thrive well, I guess! Read Also: How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

Don't forget to plan your menu list very well for it is the CV your customers will request for before giving you the work. Let it be adequately plan with affordable prices so as not to send your prospect away. Ensure conformity and be curtained that all the delicacies you will be specialized on are contained therein.

Don't forget that an ideal menu list is usually portable and affordable with food items which can be easily locate in the market square. If you deal with vegetable for the vegetarian, let it be categorically stated on the list with the fixed price.

As a caterer who will be cooking in a larger quantity, your kitchen site must be wide and large, very distinct from those one in our houses. Reasonss, because the materials (kitchen utensils) to be used are all bigger than the one used in a normal settings.

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Since your business is to cook, serve, bake- if need be -and make money, then, you are expected to have and maintain the following kitchen utensils;

-Gas/electronic/Charcoal cooker (Different sizes)
-pots of different sizes
-spoons of different size
-Serving plate
-storage containers
-Turning sticks
-Cooling van etc.

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catering service is seen not to be business of an individual, agreed! As such, you will need to invite the local cook to helping you out in some aspect of which cooking, serving the guest, washing plate and others are really involved.

Lastly, be enlighten that you can start this catering business without any amount on you and succeed at the later end. Is that possible? Did you just ask me that? Oh yes, very possible. You will only start with the first payment given by your customer. In conjunction with the above steps in setting an ideal catering service, and you shall have a safe trip in your first assignment. Interesting, right?

Remember it's not just about starting, you need proper management. Join this forum we will keep you updated. Meanwhile, Read Also: 3 Keys To Keep Your Business Running

Business Advice/Tips / 3 Best Ways To Sell Without Being Pushy by Ikoiikenna: on Tue at 06:20pm
The biggest fear every entrepreneur face when selling is being as pushy. No one wants to be told that they are like one of those annoying salespersons. I believe you have an idea of what I'm talking about; you know, those kind of salespersons who at more concerned about you patronizing their product or service and care less what you actually need.

No one likes to deal with such individuals I can tell you, and whatever you're selling, the thought of appearing as such person scares you. The thing is, selling is hard. I mean real hard work.

So in order not to be seen as pushy, you have to find the right balance between making your point known and not pushing your potential customer back to the wall.

I'm going to show you some of the best ways to sell and the skills to employ to get sales. So below are list of powerful methods to sell and enhance your sales process. Check them out.

Reduce The Pressure (Don't be in a Hurry)
Read carefully, this is the most important part of the list. So you want to build a successful business, to get this done, you need customers right? And not only that, there's this high chance of your business being your primary source of income. With this on ground, it can easily put you on a whole lot of pressure to get potential customers to patronize you. It can also make you go straight to your sales rather than taking the time to get familiar with your potential customer.
More so, it's crucial to know that been under pressure can cause you to become a pushy and annoying salesperson, and this can make you lose your prospect. Keep in mind, that it's more beneficial to manoeuvre your sales process with a prospect which will then ensure that you close the sales at just the right time.

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2. Don't Rush Your Sales (Take Your Time)
The best way to sell and not appear pushy, it's to take your sweet time. The biggest mistake you can make is to rush straight to your sales pitch soon as you're with a prospect. Don't come off as someone who's desperate to sell, it's a big turn-off. Rather, try to get to know your prospect and make he/she feels comfortable to talk to you.

3. Listen To Your Prospect (Know Their Needs)
This is another very important tip to follow. Try to listen to your prospect, give them the opportunity to tell you what they want and need. This will make your sales process a whole lot easier and better. By so doing, there will be no way you will appear pushy.
Encourage your prospect to do the talking, it help you to understand them more and it gives you the chance to win more sales.

How Do You Get Your Prospect To Talk?
The best way is to ask them simple open-minded questions, find out what their problems are and find ways to solve them. You want to be seen as a partner, not just a individual trying to sell them something they probably don't need.

When you imbibe this in your sales techniques, prospect will feel the need to open up to you. When they feel comfortable talking to you, you have earn their trust and the more comfortable they are, the better chances you have of earning their patronage.
This method might take more time to perfect, but guarantee it will be very effective in the long run.

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Beauty Care / How To Start A Lucrative Spa Business by Ikoiikenna: on Tue at 01:34pm
There is a boom in the beauty industry and if you know you have the ability to make someone feel or look like a million bucks, then owning a beauty spa saloon is the right business for you.
Spa saloon offers a wide variety of beauty and therapeutic services such as , manicure, pedicure, massages and baths, facials, waxing, etc. If you are able to offer and provide these services in a clean and conducive environment couple with a superb customer care service, you are sure to have a repeat clientele on a regular basis.

Spa saloon is a business that requires huge startup capital. You will need to have a reasonable startup cost for very important necessities such as p, your training, rental agreement , marketing, furniture, business license and permits, insurance, equipment, staff and other logistics.
Start-up cost for your spa resorts may amount to #5million Naira which is about $15,000 in dollars.
Most new business can only qualify for business loans if they have a detailed business plan so that investors can see the prospective income of the business in clear terms.

Writing a business plan for your spa business will no doubt increase your chances of getting funds for your business. So ensure that you draft or develop a clearly defined business plan that will identify crucial areas of the business. Like, your capital, target audiences, competitions, potential income, challenges, short-term goals and long-term goals.

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First of all, you need to determine whether it will be beneficial to just simply hire experienced beauticians in different fields or go get trained by an expert before starting your spa saloon. Whatever you decide, it will be more beneficial to get trained because for one, you need the experience as a business owner and secondly, your customers might want to have a feel of your touch and you should be willing to oblige their wants and needs.

First, choose a business name, something sweet and alluring that when people hear the name, they will want to give your spa saloon a try. For example, "sweet sensation beauty spa" or "swamsparkles spa palace" sound like the ideal name for a spa saloon.
Once you have settled on a name, apply for a beauty spa license from your city cosmetology association and a business permit from your state cooperate affairs commission office and obtain your tax ID number too. You will also need an insurance policy that will protect your business from unforeseen events like, fire, robbery, damages, and so on.

Location matters a lot in a business and spa business is no exception. Before opening your spa saloon, you should first consider the area to see if it will be ideal and suitable for your kind of business. Also, ensure the area where your spa saloon will be is in a upscale and secure environment with the right foot traffic. When you lease a property, make sure it have enough space to cater for your equipment, beauty rooms, supplies, and staff.

There are so many ways you can get people to notice your spa business. Start by advertising on television, radio, print flyers and distribute at events especially at weddings, birthday parties and the other events.

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Promote your spa saloon by offering special discounts to brides-to-be , groomsmen, and bridesmaids. Ensure that your contact information and business location are accessible.

Advertise your services on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and popular wedding blogs and fashion sites. Display pictures of your equipment, products and services rendered and also customers testimonials about the wonderful pampering packages gotten from your spa.

Foods / How To Start A Frozen Food Business by ikoiikenna: on Sun at 06:23pm
The world is moving at a very fast rate now and people no longer have the time for what they used to before. Now, it is hard to find the time to kill your own chicken when you are hungry or find the time to go all the way to a meat vendor when you’re hungry.
From this, people are left with a need of how to fill up this void of meat that they have and that’s where your business can come in – as a frozen food businessman.
Frozen food businesses is a great one to start and offer you a good return rate on every investment you make but first, you have to get it right and put the right factors in focus. What then are the things you need to start a great frozen food business?

1. Draw a business plan
This is the first and foremost thing to do when you are just starting out with any business. A business plan would contain things such as the factors of production, how you mean to get them, your present finances, your prospects, the mission and vision of the business and the likes. A good business plan would open the door to better loans from investors and financial institutions also because they would be able to see the ideas that you have and check their viability themselves.

2. Capital
Knowing the amount of money, you have at hand would better help you place yourself on a scale of investment so you don’t run into unnecessary snags. Consider your cash at hand and see if you would better start as a small or medium scale, and if you have enough, then large scale. Note that you would need to consider the cost of rent, purchasing the poultry products (live or already packaged ones), generator costs and fueling and weighing scales, among other things.
Add caption

3. Niche
You would have to choose the kind of food products that you want to start with. You can make a feasibility study of the area of investment to see what people buy most, chicken or turkey, and focus on that first before you delve into other parts. This would ensure maximum profits to quickly realize the capital before expansion

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4. Location
The location of your business can simply be one single factor that can go on to determine a lot, even the success of the business. The location you choose would determine how much you would sell them for (some locations sell more than others), a number of customers that would patronize you and the reach your business would have.

5. Storage
A good storage service is the bedrock of your investment. Without this, you’ll be left with your products being in bad condition and this might cause a lot of infections to your customers, causing them to stay away from you. Make sure that before starting at all, not after, you have a good and strong facility that can effectively store and preserve the freshness of your product.

6. Get an alternate power source.
It could be a generator, it could be an inverter, it could be anything, but make sure you have an alternate power source. The storage facility won’t work well if there’s no power supplied to it and due to the nature of electricity in the country, you need to be able to account for all situations.

For More on Food Business Ideas Click Foods

Beauty Care / How To Start A Nail Polish Production Company by Ikoiikenna: on Sun at 02:53am
Nail polish is a liquid substance used by females to beautify the nails on their hands and legs. Nail polish comes in variety of atttractive colours and some shimmer and glitters whiles other are just plain looking. As a female, your outfit is consider incomplete without the sign of colourful nails in sight.

Females usually change/adorn a different shade of nail polish like every week, this is what makes the nail polish a necessity in a woman's life. There is a very booming market both nation and world wide for the nail polish, you too can tap into this booming business and start your own nail polish production company.

Here is to show you the things/steps to take in otherto start producing your own nail polish, below are the steps to take:

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You need to first learn how the nail polish is made before starting this business, get trained and learn how to make nail polish from professionals or you can always go to to download and watch videos to see the making of nail polish or better yet, go for a training session with a big nail polish manufacturing company outside your jurisdiction/area and get equipped.

Get your capital ready, like money to rent a good spacious property, money to purchase chemicals, registration/advertising of the business and other miscellaneous expenses.
We are looking at about #350,000naira (for large scale production) that is also about $1,150, you can start small scale though.

Here, you need to make sure that you go out and get done the registration as well as to validate your business, this will enable you manage and operate a legal entity. It is already mandatory by the government, so ensure to get the right license from the authority in charge and start your production.

Try to get this raw materials ready for production:

Once you are able to get these materials, it is advisable to first work ona sample to see how good your production turns out. You can get people to test your sample like, saloon owners who offers pedicure and manicure services and cosmetic wholesalers and retailers.

It is expected that you should know how you want to run and manage your business cost, so then you can look at your budget and be able to decide on the number of workers you need to assist you in the production process and also in your sales and marketing.

Be creative, you need to package your new product in such a way that it will so easy for customer to identify it from others out there. Come up with a unique pattern of packaging that has not been seen before and ensure that it is done neatly and in a fashionable way.

Immediately you are done with your production and packaging, you need to start getting words out there about your quality nail polish product. You have to be involve in a lot of marketing, for instance, you can market your nail polish to well-established saloons, small pedicure and manicure shops both in town and in the market place, cosmetic shops owners and the rest.

Also you can market your product online by opening a website where you can easily showcase colourful pic of your nail polish, hands of females rocking your nail polish, you can still offer discounts so that potential customers are moved to make purchase both online and offline and you will be raking in sales.

All in all, the key is to be consistent in your marketing strategies, that is the only way you can stay aloof and generate more sales in your business.
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Agriculture / How To Start An Onions Farming Business by Ikoiikenna: on Sat at 05:22am
Have you ever, after the purchase of onions from your favourite mallam, thought of how those onions even came to be? Or have you even given much thought to the kind of income that those people get off of it? The funny thing is, we have so much associated the business of onions with our northerner friends and see it as a menial job so much that it has blinded us to the number of people that the onion business is keeping their mind, soul and body together and even helping them live choice lives.

Just go online or check the lives of those northerners well and you would be surprised at the number of them who have made it big and are living chiefly lives all because of this spice.

If you would be tempted to go into the business and follow in the path of the onion-made wealthier people, here are a few things you might want to know first.

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1. Types

Onions may look alike being that leafy vegetable with a red-like scaly cover all of the time but under these layers lie a variety of differences. Basically, there are two types of onions to be considered and these are the short day and long day growing onions. One of their many differences, among others, is the difference in their periods of growth. When looking to go into the business, look for those onions that are bulb-like and are perennial too. These ones grow faster and gives a greater yield than any other

2. Cultivation
If you want to get the bestyield, grow your onions via their seeds first in a nursey then transplant them to the field later. There is no harm in growing the straight to the field but then, you might have much moreproblems with spacing than you would have had if you had gone for the nursery option. For onion plants, best spacing is usually half an inch apart and three-eight inches deep while the rows stay apart with a length of 15 inches.

3. Maintenance
At the early stage of their lives, onion seeds would require a lot of water for survival thereforeyou should be on ground with artificial irrigation if the rainfall is not forthcoming. Water the plant frequently to ensure good retention but not too much to prevent leaching and other problems. Regular weeding is important to reduce the spread of diseases and help maximise the nutrients that would be available to your plant. Natural roots builders should also be added to the onion plants regularly for better formation

4. Harvesting
Onions are exceptionally fast growing plants, especially those that we have suggested for you above. Bulb onions would usually be ready for harvest after the first three months of planting and would begin to turn yellow around this time. If you would like to make the ripening faster, you can induce it by breaking off the top of the onion.Don’t wait for your onions to start flowering before you decide that it is time to harvest.

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Onion farming can be done at any time in the year provided there is a good plan for irrigation and there is a good flow of nutrients in the soil but it is advised to start cultivating around mid-October.

If you are not dedicated and hardworking, onion farming is not for you but if you are willing to go the whole nine yards, you’ll be smiling to the bank in no time.

Arts & Crafts / How To Start A Home Decor And Furniture Line Business by Ikoiikenna: on Sat at 03:28am
f you have a flair for beautifying things, especially in your surroundings then you might want to consider going into home furnishing and decor business. It doesn't matter if you do not have the means to make the products needed for the furniture and decor business yourself, you can still market your talent and from there you get to create a name for yourself.

However, you may not be a overnight success as the case may be, it might take some time to get your bearing but once you can get started and offer quality products and services at a reasonable price, you are sure to get your own fair share of the market.
Check out the following steps to get you started.

Draft a business plan. First , write a business plan or get one written for you by a business consultant if you are not sure on how to write one. The business plan should be able to state clearly how you want to operate your business both now and in the future.

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Draw up a furniture and decor designs. When you have your designs handy (that's build a portfolio), it gives you more time to prepare ahead for customers . Mind you, you don't necessarily have to be the creator of the items or products before you can showcase to clients, so long as you have an understanding and the contact of the producers then it is fine.

Choose a name or logo for your business. Consider picking a name that is original and easy to remember, something customers can relate with. For example, say your name is Samuel, "Sam & Sam Home Furnishings" sounds nice or "Home Delight Decor and Furnishings" is also not bad. Your business name should be able to tell what you are into, so try to keep it simple and original.

Obtain a business license. If you plan on selling and rendering your service directly to consumers, then you may need to register for a business license in your city or country's state corporate office in order to operate legally with no restrictions.

Lease a property or rent a storefront in a conducive environment where you can showcase and sell your items. Ensure that the place for the business have enough space to convert to office area and to accommodate your goods as well.

Market and advertise your furniture and home decor business. Start by creating a website where you can display some of your best work and products and designs. Don't forget to include your contact details also. Advertise on other social media platforms and sites and include links to your business website there.

Print brochures and distribute to people. Attend trade fair shows, get a space for your business and showcase some of your home decor. Ensure to have photos of the rest of you designs and products and let customers know that they are readily available on demand.

Entertainment / How To Start An Independent Record Label In Nigeria by Ikoiikenna: on Sat at 02:18am

Are you one of the many entrepreneurs that are music fans driven, do you love the music industry and would want to start your own independent record label company?

The Nigerian music industry has experienced a tremendous growth since the 90’s, seeing through many successful music artistes across the different genres of music. However, behind every successful artiste is a successful record label company. If you have always wanted to start your own independent record label and you’re wondering what the requirements are for one to start a successful record label without money in Nigeria then this is your answer.

Every seen success is a result of thorough research, hard work and planning- the music industry not left out. For all entrepreneurs that desire a successful record label company below are the requirement and necessary steps in stating a music label-

1. Business plan-
Every business requires a feasible business plan- this business plan in this context serves as a road map that simplify your concept. It helps determine the genres of music to deal on, startup cost, number of employees among other pertinent information to be found in your business plan thus serving as a blue print for financial management and building of your desired record label company.

2. Licensing/registration
For legitimacy and protection, a standard record label requires a license and proper registration with the right agencies. Licensing and registration of label name protects and provide authorization to run as a label, to purchase and distribute music you will be releasing with your signed artiste.

3. Record Studio-
A standard record label should have a studio or be able to control cost when there is recording need for signed artiste. Though, for a start you can choose to accept only finished products or simply create a rapport between your record label and already established record studios to help with the recording, mastering and finishing of tapes.

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4. Source for Artiste-
As earlier stated, the business plan helps dictate the kind of artiste to source for, the genres of music they should belong to. The choice of source depends on your capital, you can setup a concert or source semi- established artiste. It is advised to seek professional advice/guidance at this stages, it takes a good ear to discover good music and a good artiste to make a good record label.

5. Radio contacts/publicity-
It’s the job of the record label company to publicize their artiste(s) or their works. Create interviews, or record reviews. Also get radio stations to play your artiste studio works. To achieve this, Introduce yourself to major radio marketers, visit different radio stations as much as you can this helps a lot.

6. Distribution-
One major need of an artiste is a record label that can distribute their works to all corners of the world. To get your record sold outside the box of your state or country, you will need to use the service of distribution companies, organize sales campaign, use posters, flyers and advertise on billboards.

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Conclusively, originality makes the difference, irrespective of the genre of music or the type of record label company you have set out to achieve remain original to yourself and your plan, avoid being drowned in the crowd, and create a niche for yourself.

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