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General Updates / Top 5 Largest Farms In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Thu 02 at 08:56pm
There is a lot of things that are currently wrong with our present economy as it is now and most of this is because of the large dependence that the economy placed on oil and oil products. The oversaturated oil sector is not like it was before anymore and instead of giving those huge returns, has now started to dilapidate.

However, it is even more painful that people don’t look to agriculture anymore as a very great money maker also asides oil. After all, agriculture drove and successfully ran our economy effectively before these oil magnates and companies came to play. To further show you the extent of agriculture’s success, we would be giving you an insight into some of the biggest farms that the country has, to see for yourself.

1. Obasanjo Farms
Chief Olusegun Obasanjo didn’t gain his big acclaim from just serving in the military alone or serving as a head of state, but also because of his large farm establishment. The Obasanjo farms are one of the biggest, if not the biggest, a farm in Nigeria and West Africa and he got there by having a very big vision for his agricultural prospects, some of which he even tried to implement in the country during his tenure as president. Today, it is estimated that the Ota Farms alone makes the former president in the area of #34 million profits daily. That is no small money
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2. Maizube Farms
Most people would know the retired Gen. Abdul salami Abubakar for his role in ushering in the first democratically elected republic but his works transcend the military and political scene, holding one of the biggest farming establishments in the country. His farm runs on a land of 500 hectares today, his farm products bring in a very big pot of income, giving him the best retirement he could have ever wished for.

3. Sebore Farms
Also owned by a former army personnel, the Murtala Nyako run Sebore farms is the biggest single mango farm in Nigeria and that earned him the nickname of Baba Mai Mangoro (BMM). To explain the extent of his mango trees’ largesse, in the year 1993 alone, he had more than 50,000 mango trees in his plantation. More than 20 years after then, the farm is still running and one can only guess how much the mango trees would have multiplied since then. If it wasn’t profitable, he would have quit too.

4. Anadariya Farms
The farm was established by Usman Dantata himself but after a while ran into a roadblock. The son of the Dantatadynasty lord, Usman Dantata Jr, however, saw the viability in the business and took over and today, with a production capacity of a whopping 3000 broilers on a daily basis, is a force to be reckoned with in the poultry and livestock industry
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5. Nagari Integrated Dairy Farm
Owned by Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu. The Nagari integrated dairy farm is known for its large expanse of land solely for the purpose of raising dairy. The farm has an extended stretch of 1200 hectares and already, it holds nothing less than 7000 cattle, one of the biggest single holding establishment of such in the world. The farm has also excelled in the areas of cattle raising, research, and development.

These people have made it big from Agric and they started somewhere. Dear entrepreneur, where would you start from?

Arts & Crafts / How To Start A Thrift Store With No Money by ikoiikenna: on Thu 02 at 03:31pm
Salary earners sometimes find their jobs rather frustrating than refreshing, especially if you work in a poor condition and when salaries are not paid on time.
If you are considering being an entrepreneur and you do not have the faintest idea on what to start and how to go about it, you may want to consider starting a thrift store.
The opening thrift store will be a simple and easy way for you to make cool cash.
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For those wondering what a thrift store is, it is a store that has to do with the selling of used materials at profitable prices, the business is not really capital intensive but you must have a great business plan and marketing strategy to make a huge success of this venture.

You might probably think this is not the business for you because you have to sell used stuff which prices are automatically reduced because it's used, you are wrong because a large percentage of people run after used products in good condition, so all you do is to sell at discounted prices and make your profit. You might even have an edge on stores selling new products doing this.

If you are to start this business, you need to follow these steps to successfully starting a thrift store.

Make Inquiries About Thrift Stores
Your best bet to getting the information you require is the internet, it would make no sense for you to start the business without having any idea of how to start, run and manage the business. You can also go as far as reading literature based on the thrift store business if you find any.

Register your Business
Decide on what you want to name your business then proceed to get a permit from the appropriate authority. Registration of your business is very necessary so as to get access to purchasing used merchandise from the corporate world.

Secure Space
If you are not buoyant enough to get a space, you can start from your place of residence then expand as time goes on. When looking for space, you have to consider the size of the apartment and make sure your thrift store is located in a busy area.

Choose Merchandise
Thrift store generally sells all sort of products starting from baby clothing, electronics and pieces of furniture, you can decide to specialize in one type of product like used furniture or more.

Source for Merchandise
There are diverse ways through which you can source for merchandise, you can get merchandise through garage sales, donations, and auction sales. You can decide to adopt one or more of the methods above that guarantees you tangible profit. Learn not to overprice your products so as to draw people's attention to your store.

Advertise Your Business
Advertising is a big deal for you if you own a thrift store. Make use of every means through which you can successfully advertise your business.One of the best ways to do this is through the social media, create a twitter, facebook and if possible Instagram accounts for your business. You can also paysites with high traffic to put up advert posters of your business on their site.
Now I am sure you'll agree with me that starting a thrift store is easy and profitable.Follow these sure tips and see your business blossom in no time.
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For Business Plan and feasibility report contact us.

For questions and inquiries please use the comment box below.

Foods / How To Start A Bread Bakery Business by ikoiikenna: on Thu 02 at 10:48am
Everybody eats bread. Bread contends with rice and cassava (gari) as the most prevalent nourishment and staple around the world. It has remained a generally acknowledged nourishment on account of its advantageous and ready-to-eat nature. It is a typical food item in numerous families and up to 70 percent of breakfast around the world contain bread. The extent of the bread business sector is worth billions of dollars consistently and almost all the bread we eat is produced and delivered locally. Bread is the third most mainstream sustenance staple in many parts of the world. It is generally expended over the continent by all natives, ethnics, and religious groups.

Everybody prefers the smell and taste of bread, particularly when it is freshly baked(newly heated). It is one of the speediest and least expensive nourishment to get your hands on in time of craving. It is a steady sustenance in the nation today. It is consumed by one and all, the old, youthful, the poor and even rich consume bread on a consistent schedule. A bread pastry kitchen business is anything but difficult to startup and can be kept running from a home kitchen or a bread processing plant. In light of these, we can securely infer that starting a bread pastry shop business anyplace on the planet will be a reasonable business.How about we take a jump into this fascinating thought and investigate the open doors for African business people in the bread shop business…

As per a recent study, the demand for bread is required to explode in the impending years(coming years). South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya are as of now the biggest and largest bread markets in Africa. The key drivers of this demand are Africa's quickly developing populace, a growing working class which has more cash to spend, an augmenting work drive, and expanding rates of movement to African urban areas and towns. Africa now has more than 50 urban communities possessed by more than one million individuals. By 2020, more than 500 million Africans are anticipated to live in urban regions and urban areas. Insights uncover that urban inhabitants and city individuals eat more bread than individuals in the provincial regions. Given the fast development of African city populaces, bread is certain to remain an exceedingly sought-after food item by African families.

More than 80 percent of all imported and mainly created wheat flour in Africa is utilized by bakeries (pastry kitchens) to produce & deliver bread. The rest is utilized by nourishment processors to make bread rolls, cakes, biscuits, and pasta. In the course of the most recent decade, more bread has been consumed in Africa than maize and rice. Why? It's essentially on the grounds that bread is more moderate (expenses a great deal not as much as rice, yam, and maize).Bread additionally speaks to the comfort and way of life of the vast majority – its a moment dinner that obliges no further planning, and makes an awesome quick nibble (other than its notoriety as a breakfast thing). Large portions of us may not know this: bread gives a greater number of supplements than some other single sustenance source and is especially imperative as a rich wellspring of carbs, proteins, and vitamins B and E!

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As at 2006, the number of inhabitants in Nigeria was put at 140 million by the Nigeria Population Commission. As toward the end of 2012, the population figure was assessed at around 160 million. The increment in population brings about more increment in demand for bread.

With the quick increment in the population of Nigeria and relocation to the urban regions from the country zones, there is need to increase the number of bread production and delivering firms in the country. Notwithstanding the increment in the costs of bread, the demand for bread continues rising. Notwithstanding the increment in flour and other raw materials for bread making, investment into the business is still extremely lucrative.

As indicated by the publication made by the Nigeria bakers association, costs of bread-a noteworthy stable sustenance have risen in the most recent three years by about 25 percent from between N80 and N120 per family size loaf to between N120 and N150 in the midst of an increase in the costs of bakery materials.

In January 2011, the costs of all sizes of bread were increased by 10 % for each. Despite the fact that the increment in the costs of bread as connected with sundry baking materials, for example, sugar, butter, flour and fat, customers are willing to pay any add up to get the vital commodity for the family upkeep.

In 2012, the costs rose again by around 10% now bread sales between N200 and N250. One good thing in this investment is that the prices increase in proportion to increase in raw materials input and cost of production at large. With the increment in costs of the bread, the demand for bread is steady. The supply of bread is still very low in comparison to demand. There is consequently required for more investors to come into the business to increase the production base of the bread.

Benefit in Bread Production Business
It cost about N80.00 ($0.50) to deliver standard cut bread in Nigeria. The bread cook offers at N130 to suppliers and makes N50 per bread. The suppliers offer to retailers at the expense of N170 and make N50 pick up per roll of bread they supply while the retailers offer between N200 to N220 to the last shoppers. In this way, N50 is the average gain made by each of the parties involved at each stage from production to the last supply.

A common standard bakery/pastry kitchen with great supply system produces and sell 50,000 loaves of bread week by week overall. Presently reproduce 50 by 50,000 and what you get is the benefit for the week after week production and supply - N2,500,000.

Since the expense of production has been dealt with by the N80. You simply need to subtract the running expenses to get your last benefit. How about we say you spend the entire N500,000 for the running expense

1. Expense of filling your diesel generator for the week = N50,000

2. Expense of powering and keeping up the supply vehicle = N100,000

3. Expense of work and staffs welfare amid the week = N100,000

4. Harms and different various costs = N50,000

When you subtract all these from the N2.5 million, you will have N2.2 million left as your take home for the week. Will you now see why bread pastry shop business is viewed as a standout amongst the most beneficial business in its class?

Since a great many people WILL eat bread more often than not, the bread business can be an extremely remunerating endeavor if business people can locate a huge business sector with a couple of contenders. With some innovativeness and higher quality, another pastry kitchen can without much of a stretch win shoppers over from a built-up bread shop. At the point when legitimately arranged and worked, bread shops can turn into a rich wellspring of enduring wage.

How would you begin planning? It's basic, recall the expression He who neglects to plan, plan to come up short. As to arrange well you have to request for the BUSINESS PLAN AND FEASIBILITY REPORT (Strategy for success/ Achievability) which gives details account of pastry shop generation business which traces the accompanying

• How to Setup Your Bread Pastry shop

• Bakery Types of gear You Have to Secure and where to get them

• Raw materials required

• Get NAFDAC Regard

• Risks Include in Bread Pastry shop Business and how to evade them and so forth.

It's not about knowing how lucrative a business is, however, it's about how to make it lucrative for you and with our eBook you're certain to achieve accomplishment in this said business. To request call

08130525154, or email

You have to have a marketing strategy that will direct you and that we will provide you if you will just call or mail us with contact above.

Advertising/ Marketing / Learn How To Get Active Instagram Followers For Business by ikoiikenna: on Thu 02 at 09:34am

In my previous post, I have given out 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List to enable you to reach a large audience for free.

Instagram has become a major online marketplace. many people are Amking thousand just from selling on their Instagram pages.

You too can start making money too from selling on the Instagram page. you can sell any item, hair, rings, eyelash, sunglasses, cosmetics etc. however the number of sales you make or will make depends directly on the number of followers you have. More precisely the number of active followers you have.

Today am willing to teach you how to get Active Instagram followers for just 1,000 Naira.
Mind you people pay 5,000 and above to get followers which might end up unfollowing them later. Besides what is the need of Having 10000 followers and they are all from counties other than your target country, say the USA but the product you sell is intended for Nigerians?

Learn how to get active Instagram followers that will buy from you. It's not any software, it's not using any hashtag, you will do it yourself and will attest to it. it's very easy, you can get 100-500 followers a day depending on how active you are on the Instagram page.

With no further talk. Add me on WhatsApp 08130525154 to get started

You might wonder of what use is it for you if you don't have anything to sell on the page. well, Brother and sister, you can make money from Advertising for companies on your page too, and you can as well sell your page out.

You are sure to make past N1,000 am collecting to teach you this. so hurry now.

Whats app 08130525154 or email

Agriculture / How To Start And Make Profit From Sugarcane Plantation by ikoiikenna: on Thu 02 at 07:10am
Sugarcane is seen as a tropical plant with a long duration. It can weather any season, be it rainy or dry. Sugarcane is widely grown in the northern part of Nigeria, although it is seen also in other parts of the country.
If you are looking for a business to go into and you have a good space of land with limited resources then this might be the ideal business for you.

To start a sugarcane plantation you need to plan and to carefully analyze how to begin. You need to go out there and gather all the necessary information and skills needed for this kind of business. You also need to set goals and project how to achieve them. Start by determining the equipment you might need, the number of persons who will work for you and how to get to the right market.

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Here are Some few Beginners Tips:

1. Multipurpose: sugarcane can be used for different purpose. SUGAR, as you know, is gotten from sugarcane. Candy sweets, cakes, and other flavored products are also gotten from sugarcane. With this knowledge, you can be assured that there will always be a market for sugarcane.

2. You need to learn and know how to dig the soil. As humans, we are born to farm. You can start as a helper in another farm or from someone who's already into this kind of farming, ask all the necessary questions in anything you aren't familiar with. That's the only way you will acquire the skills on how to manage your own farm, even though you might end up hiring workers to farm for you it is good you experience the job of a farmer first.

3. Now you have gotten the experience and skills and ready to manage your own sugarcane plantation, the next step is to go out and seek out individual, groups or manufacturing companies that are interested in buying your sugarcane. Discuss and negotiate a price with them and also your terms of negotiation. Ensure that you are familiar with the probable demand in the kind of market you are taking your product to because you do not want to expose yourself to anything that will be unfavorable to your business. In other words, you have to ensure that you seek the right companies/ direct sales dealers who need your sugarcane for their production.

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Due to humans increasingly demand anything sugary, companies who are into the processing of sugarcane and who produces sugar is coming up every day looking for who will meet their high demand for sugarcane to help boost their production.

So make good use of that space/acre of land that has just been sitting there wasting away and start providing for one of the most basic commodities in the market for human consumption. And that's SUGARCANE.

North America / 5 Top Business Opportunities To Start In Dominican Republic by ikoiikenna: on Wed 01 at 07:06pm
For those that do not know what the Dominican Republic is, it is one of the best locations for anyone that is looking to start a business. It is one of the regions in the Caribbean and as it stands, they have the largest and most progressive economy in the region. To make things easier for you for decision-making, the GDP per capita is about 14,770USD and monthly, the country records an average personal income of 392USD. With all of these numbers and increasing growth in key economic sectors, why not try to see what we can make money from in this region too?

1. Coffee farming
The coffee industry all over the world is worth many billions of dollars, and the growth is even helped by the fact that the price of coffee keeps growing with each year. There is also a number of a variety of the crop and the one grown in the Dominican Republic is one that is in top demand from a lot of coffee makers from all over the world. This can be duly taken advantage of by establishing a reputable coffee plantation and selling your produce, even in the export market.
The regulatory agencies in the country want to see you grow in this regard, and they’ve set up some measures to ensure that you get seedlings, better farming methods, and the likes.

2. Sugar Cane Farming
Yet another cash crop, sugar cane is one of the plants that are in high demand everywhere in the world. They find numerous applications in the generation of sugars, sweeteners and other of such products. The Dominican Republic has sustained itself on the revenue being generated from the sugarcane farming business for a while now and the land is a very suitable one for the cultivation of the crop. Currently, there are some reforms that are going on in the agricultural sector of the region to ensure that even more can be gotten out of the agricultural produce.
To enhance your harvest and proper machination of your farm, you can take advantage of the barrage of public and private grants that are up for grabs.

3. Rice Farming
Rice has to be the most staple food in the world, behind bread, and it has found a wide acceptance in a lot of countries. A number of cultures all over the world have also fabricated special recipes for the food crop, which ensures that it is in high demand all year round. The arable lands of the Dominican Republic support rice farming a lot and since this is a local delicacy in the country too, you have your primary market that way already. While you would need to inform yourself with both the old and modern ways of operating a rice farming business, it is also important that you source machinery for the smooth running of your business.

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4. Tourism Agency
The Caribbean cannot be mistaken for any other region in the world, and this is largely due to the kind of beautiful landscape and scenery that nature has provided them with. The Dominican Republic also falls into this category of Caribbean countries that have very great sights for tourists, as well as a lot of rich historical centers. Set up a tourism agency in the country and create nice packages for tourists that want to register with you. Make sure you help the visitors make the best out of their tome. Signing up with a is not a bad idea as they could be your first point of recommendation.

5. Financial Consulting Services
With a very extensive tourism agency, you should infer that not only those who seek leisure come to the country but those that are looking to invest their money too. With a good knowledge of the financial laws of the country, the businesses set up in there and the relevant statistical data that can help any business grow, you can set up a financial consulting agency that would provide expert advice to visitor and expatriates.

You would need to have a good eye for the identification of booming business and future potentials if you would be able to advise your clients well. Your members of staff would not only be seasoned in their field of expertise but would need to have years of experience under their belt. While the international market could be where the major bucks roll in, don’t forget to serve the local market too.

In all your getting, get a certification from proper agencies before you go into business.

Make Money Online / Re: Get Paid To Write Reviews by ikoiikenna: on Wed 01 at 09:49am
Segiade 20:What an awesome post.

Thanks for the comment. you can find other Interesting posts on Freelance and write HERE

Business Advice/Tips / How To Handle A Difficult Client/customer by ikoiikenna: on Wed 01 at 09:15am
As a business owner, every now and then you are likely to come in contact with a difficult client. A client so impossible to the point of frustration.
Difficult customers are seen in every business and sometimes you just have this urge to want to throw them off, but you know it is better to keep them if you can especially if they are good paying customers.
So how do you handle difficult Clients without really hurting your business and still keep your sanity?

Truth be told, some clients can really be rude and their words not comforting one bit. In situation where you come across a client who complains about a poor product or service and he or she uses some not so fine words to drive home their message, in such case it is best to approach the client in a polite and less confrontational way that will get he or she to calm down and listen so that the complaint will be handled with zero conflict. Polite approach always wins, it tells the client that you understand their needs and want to help solve it. READ ALSO: 3 Best Ways To Sell Without Being Pushy

Sometimes, difficult clients just love to vent even to the littlest things. When you encounter clients who rather than just state the problem at hand, choose to make broad statements like "you never finish on time" or "you are always fond of doing this" especially if it is a first time complainer, your best bet here is to ask them to specify what the problem is then offered solution to the problem. Ask them bluntly "if I solve this problem, does it fix the situation?" Make sure to let them see how wrong it is to generalize and how it is much better and simpler to state the problem as it is so as to get it fix easily.

While it is good to acknowledge and identify the problem a client has, it is also not advisable to agree on point blank to the cause as this may add salt to injury. What you need to do is, identify with their stand but also steer the conversation towards a solution --with that you have succeeded in avoiding conflict.

You need to always keep your focus on the wants and needs of your customers. Ignore other petty things and work towards end results. It is all about customer satisfaction at the end of the day.

As a business owner, you will definitely run into a situation where you just cannot make a headway with a particular client and he or she is a client you do not want to lose. So when encountering such client, it is advisable to assign he or she to one of your worker to work with -- that way they still get attended to.

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This is the last method I will advise to apply when handling difficult clients. When you must have exhausted all your emotions and tactics trying to appease them and it is just not working --then it may be wise to drop them, cut your losses and move ahead. That way you get to channel your energy on a better and more productive client.
In conclusion, I hope you do not get to the last method or have reason to use it. I am hopeful that one of the other methods will help you handle any of your difficult client's situation. Good luck with it.

North America / Profitable Business Ideas And Opportunities In Antigua And Barbuda by ikoiikenna: on Wed 01 at 07:05am
There is also a lot of information on Antigua and Barbuda online so we would not look to wastes your time by giving you an iteration of all of these. What we would, however, like to do is give you a sure list of booming business options in the area, and we think you would find the piece of information gold. Let’s take you by the hand while we walk you through the integrating list of things that could make you money in the aforementioned regions. We have to start from somewhere, so here goes.

1. Agriculture
A little research on the basic stats as concerns the regions of Antigua and Barbuda would show you that of the combined 442 square meters that they have, more than 30 percent of the land is suitable for agricultural purposes and till date, about 18% is the only amount that has been exploited. This gives room for more agricultural development in the land and of this is worth anything, we should let you know that the soil is like the very best for the cultivation of pineapple – a food crop and as well, a cash crop.

2. IT-based business
There has been a vigorous push in the aforementioned region in the past, and all of these have been in a bid to make sure the economy is information-driven. This move has yielded so many fruits that the Antigua and Barbuda region can be easily spotted as the most connected telephone nation in the region of East Caribbean. In the same vein, a number of slots were opened up for investors in the IT business and in a quest to complete the coverage of the entire land by 2025, why not take your business there now and be part of the revolution as well as early investors?

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3. Agricultural Processing Companies
The government has already created a good atmosphere for agriculture by putting in place some policies to boost the production of food with the region, and this would favor you as an investor should you, for example, decide to start up a food processing firm in the country. You could start from the always readily available pineapple and start making its juice for the entire populace while exporting the rest too. In little time, the expansion would begin to creep upon your business too.

4. Tourism Business
With prime locations like Fort James, St. John’s Harbour, Deep Bay, Mountain Obama National Park and the Galleon Beach to mention but a few, Antigua and Barbuda gets its own fair share of yearly visitors and tourists. To be frank, these tourists do not have the faintest idea of how good time they and have while on their vacation and it is left to you to show them around, and let them see the beauty of the whole place for what it really is.
Organize fun trips, create great packages that would be able to serve all classes and age ranges and make your services pocket-friendly too. If possible, get in touch with a travel agency and get affiliated with them to advertise your packages to travelers. Tourists never stop trooping in, and money would never be an issue for you likewise.

5. Cotton Farming
Most of the wear that comes out of Japan, and many other major textile manufacturing and handling counties, are made with the use of Sea-island cotton. Why we are giving you this information is because Antigua happens to be one of the chief growers of this kind of cotton, and cloth manufacturers can just never get enough of it. There are many acres of land that has already been set aside by the government for this reason, so that should not be a problem for you. All you would need to do is get the personnel and equipment needed for the farming of this kind of crop and the government would be ready to allocate a free unit of land to you.

To make sure that you are not stranded with the product during the harvest season, the government already has a board in place to buy off the produce from you. You have everything set up and put in place for your success, and we don’t see how you can go wrong here.

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Antigua and Barbuda are two of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and if there is ever one good time to get into business in these places, trust us, it is now.

Manufacturing/ Production / Drinking Straw Production Business How Lucrative? by ikoiikenna: on Tue 31 at 07:26pm
Understanding business and following the footsteps of the successful business guru’s one will be fascinated to realize that all these gurus have one thing in common- they are always there to satisfy the desire of others and doing so they constantly rake money into their pockets.

Understanding Nigeria as a country one will prove me right in the high demand and desires of all Nigerians for plastic products, being less expensive, with less work done and its beneficial life improvement. Plastic products are a daily use product and among the products that Nigerian manufactures/producers are yet to reach or provide half supply to the demand thus the reason why we still import most of them.

One of these plastic products is that of drinking straw. It’s a tube-like light plastic product used mainly in the consumption of beverages and most generally liquid foods either for transferring liquids from one point to another or from the container to the mouth of the drinker. With 6.5 million individuals having 40% of children and rest adults that use and are bound to patronize this product, drinking straw is a product that is in constant demand that Nigerians producer are yet to cover the market neither reach 20% of the demand thus the importation of straw from other countries like China and India.

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The lucrativeness of this business is that above measurement as it’s a product that has only one time application/usage- that is drinking straw is a product that is used once, no one uses a particular straw twice neither do two individuals share a straw thus it’s a USE AND DEMAND PRODUCT (UDP) making demand high.

Okay! I believe you’ve got it for am not here to neither lecture nor disturb you with this bulky details rather am here rather for you to understand and profit from this business so please read on.
As though this high demand, yet investment in this business is low but with high-profit margins? This is a result of default, inadequate or no proper updated information on this business. For my research shows that unlike most business it’s not capital intensive, not religion or career-related for an average individual, co-operate bodies or companies can start up this business earn handsomely. Nigeria being an oil blessed nation, raw material (polypropylene) is easily available and sourced locally. Production involves just a few steps using masterbatch after melting, extrusion, shaping, cooling, pulling to produce drinking straw of one’s choice, color, and length.

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Also with a production capacity of 35,000 – 45,000 pieces per hour of straws with a diameter ranging from 1mm – 14mm and lengths of 3mm – 1000mm, one can from this easily recognize the profit margin of this proposed business. Consumption/usage of drinking straw is high and still grows exponentially with the population growth.

Straw production business is one that has a high return on investment within a short period of time. Guided with multiple types of research we will be providing you with all information in an eBook format about this proposed business, you will be equipped with the entire do and do not of this business.

REMEMBER wisdom is the rightful application of knowledge to acquire desired results, apply the information now and contact us to get all you need to start up this business and achieve your result of financial security and wealth; you could be the best and highest manufacturer in Nigeria and beyond.
CALL: 08168710034 0r 08180081665

Advertising/ Marketing / Market Research - Your Means To Success by ikoiikenna: on Tue 31 at 04:54am
There are endless possibilities of business ideas that range from products to services. However, prospective entrepreneurs often forget an essential component of their future businesses. They neglect to check if their ideas are feasible to attract a large and sustainable market by conducting marketing research. As a result, promising businesses often crash due to the entrepreneurs’ lack of business panache.
According to ehow contributors, Mrs. Mary White, marketing research is the process of gathering data that can be used to make wise decisions about what products and services to offer, who to market them to, and how to best promote them.
Conducting research allows companies to create products that meet consumer needs effectively, increasing the likelihood of successful product launches and increased profitability.

Market research helps companies to identify consumer needs, create products and services that meet them and improve existing offerings. Additionally, market research allows those tasked with marketing to make wise product packaging and promotional decisions and to develop effective marketing messages. It also allows businesses to identify their market share, as well as that of their competitors.

Importance of Market Research
Market research is a very important part of a business activity, starting from the time when the company has not even come into existence. Market research is, therefore, imperative for the success of a new business.

According to business experts, researching your market prior to entering is a sound decision for any business owner. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked and ignored. The results can be a loss of revenue and a slow start.

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All small businesses need to be aware of their market niche and the strengths they bring to the market. Research helps an entrepreneur to be conversant with the operations of the intended business.

Creating a Market Plan
The Internet is a veritable tool for conducting marketing research. There are sites that provide detailed information on how to conduct researches and even offer research software. Books and business journals are also worth checking out. Local business groups and organizations also offer seminars, talks, and workshops for future entrepreneurs. Always remember that there is no easy way to success, and that effort is necessary to see something to fruition.

Firms that are successful in marketing invariably start with a marketing plan. While large companies have plans with hundreds of pages, small companies can get by with half-dozen sheets. Experts say it’s better to put your marketing plan in a three-ring binder. Refer to it at least quarterly, but better yet monthly. Leave a tab for putting in monthly reports on sales and manufacturing; this will allow you to track performance as you follow the plan.

The plan should cover one year. For small companies, this is often the best way to think about marketing. Things change, people leave, markets evolve, customers come and go. Later on, we suggest creating a section of your plan that addresses the medium-term future–two to four years down the road. But the bulk of your plan should focus on the coming year.

According to them, you should allow yourself a couple of months to write the plan, even if it’s only a few pages long. Executing the plan has its challenges, deciding what to do and how to do it is marketing’s greatest challenge, according to the experts. Most marketing plans kick off with the first of the year or with the opening of your fiscal year if it’s different.

You can’t do a marketing plan without getting many people involved. No matter what your size, get feedback from all parts of your company- finance, manufacturing, personnel, supply and so on — in addition to marketing itself. This is especially important because it will take all aspects of your company to make your marketing plan work. Your key people can provide realistic input on what’s achievable and how your goals can be reached, and they can share any insights they have on any potential, as-yet-unrealised marketing opportunities, adding another dimension to your plan. If you’re essentially a one-person management operation, you’ll have to wear all your hats at one time — but at least the meetings will be short.

Types of Market Research
The two major types of marketing research are quantitative research and qualitative research, according to experts.
Quantitative research is designed to discover statistical data, such as how many people in certain demographic groups are likely to purchase a particular product or what percentage of current customers are first-time clients. Multiple choice questionnaires and analysis of sales data are examples of quantitative research techniques.
Qualitative research, on the other hand, is designed to provide information about why consumers view products, services, or marketing messages the way they do. Open-ended survey questions and focus groups are examples of qualitative market research.

Benefits of market research
Your marketing plan gives your troops something to rally behind. You want them to feel confident that the captain of the vessel has the charts in order, knows how to run the ship, and has a port of destination in mind. Companies often undervalue the impact of a marketing plan on their own people, who want to feel part of a team engaged in an exciting and complicated joint endeavor.

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Business experts say if you want your employees to feel committed to your company, it’s important to share with them your vision of where the company is headed in the years to come. People don’t always understand financial projections, but they can get excited about a well-written and well-thought-out marketing plan. You should consider releasing your marketing plan–perhaps in an abridged version–companywide. Do it with some fanfare and generate some excitement for the adventures to come. Your workers will appreciate being involved.

Review your market research
Ideally, after writing marketing plans for a few years, you can sit back and review a series of them, year after year, and check the progress of your company. Of course, sometimes this is hard to make time for but it can provide an unparalleled objective view of what you’ve been doing with your business life over a number of years.
please leave a comment below.

Import/ Export / How To Start Laptop And Phone Importation Business In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Mon 30 at 08:28pm
Intercontinental trade is one of the newest millennium's promising business. Though it's old. Recall Polo. Recall the scriptural age with their cargoes of silks and spices' fantastic caravans. Recall further back again to ancient male dealing seashells and sodium with tribes that are distant. The industry exists since one party or region includes a supply of several item or items that are in-demand by another. And as the entire world becomes more and more technologically-advanced, as we transfer in subtle and not, therefore, delicate techniques toward one- processes of imagining, a business that is worldwide becoming a growing number of gratifying, both when it comes to personal and profit pleasure.

Importation of laptops and mobile Phones are actually a scorching business in Nigeria marketplace. The need for a laptop is growing in Nigeria. Individuals are not unwilling to spend N80,000 -N100,000 as the cost of a laptop. You will find market out-there where you could get a laptop that is cheaper and renovated for N30,000-N50,000.

A lot of youngsters in Nigeria are creating thousands from importing and selling laptop computers. Subsequently companies emerge who when you buy from them they will process your laptop orders and ship them to you, all you have to accomplish to tap into this scorching market would be to get laptop from online retailers like Alixxxxxxx, eBay yet others sell these ( note I will provide you with online retailers where you can securely buy laptops and phones). For example, if you purchase a laptop from an internet shop, for N60,000 and sell it for N70, 000 or 80,000 then you have made a profit of N10,000 to 20,000. But before you start this business, you'll need set several points into consideration.

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Before you start importing laptop, you'll need certainly to outsource several dependable stores where you are able to obtain laptops from
if You'll desire a US supplier, You'll need certainly to choose the way the laptop is likely to be transported to you personally. You'll determine what brands of laptop you intend to be working with. As an example, fresh or refurbished laptops.

Getting only a little capital will aid in this type of business, after considering the above information. One which just begins the importation of laptops in Nigeria, you must have up at least N30,000- 50,000. Having that amount, which can get you at least a laptop, as a starting point. depending on the type of suppliers you want to buy from. with this specific business, you may be pocketing even more 000's regularly according to your commitment.

You have to generally try to find superior and trusted merchants on-line; you need to likewise take advantage of savings and ads. Before anyone venture into eCommerce, conduct an extensive research ( i have conducted one my self and can provide it for you if you indicate interest). After buying any laptop, you will need certainly to look at the price in the “shipping cost” market value” before you choose your price tag.

Finally, I'll like to share how many importers get their laptops.most internet vendors ship free to Nigeria straight. In case you get yourself an online merchant that sells laptop at cheaper rates and after discovers that you can’t dispatch the laptop to Nigeria, RELAX, there are many tactics by which you can get your laptops within Nigeria even though your goods can’t be delivered directly to Nigeria.

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However, the easiest way it may be performed is through mail sending services. With email forwarding services, you will possess a digital people handle you will utilize to get your things, and after, the goods will soon be ship to Nigeria. One of the finest websites that offer this type of services is MyUS. You will have to pick the delivery selection that suite your design in order to use MyUS solutions, after that you will be granted the US handle where you could direct your product from the shop and afterward reship it to your tackle in Nigeria through – Communicate shipping via DHL, UPS or FedEx Express. Economy shipping via USPS or Economy. Products shipment via FedEx Products.

do you understand all discussed in this text, do you need more details? if yes then call email me, I will provide you with detail A-Z of importation Business in Nigeria. the eBook will teach you all that is necessary to import anything from shoes, jewelry, etc down to cars to Nigeria. email me or or via phone 08180081665 or 08130525154.

Manufacturing/ Production / How To Start A Successful Shaving Cream Production Business by Ikoiikenna: on Sun 29 at 08:18pm

Shaving cream is a substance that is applied to the skin to help with the removal of hair. Shaving cream can be used in any part of the body that grows hair due to its soft and moisturizing texture which leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and fresh.

Shaving cream have so many advantages when compare to using soap or oil to shave, it allows one to get a closer, effortless and comfortable shaving experience.

The home-made shaving cream has a huge market because a lot of people are now realizing the harmful chemical effects that usually come from the other industrial made shaving creams out there in the market, worst thing is, a lot do claimed to be healthy and natural but quite the opposite is the case.

So the aim of this article is to not only show you how to make your own shaving cream but to also show how to turn it into a lucrative business. Below are the following steps to take....

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Let me just quickly give you a rough estimation of my findings on the required amount to start this business especially if you intend to start small.
Purchase of ingredients/materials --#6,000
Registration of the business --#10,500
Purchase of small can plastic containers-#2,100
and prints
In total you will be needing about #20,000 naira that is $67 to kick start your business.

To get your business registered does not take too much of one's time depending on the state or country that you are in. So make sure you go to the closest office of the corporate affairs commission and register your business. There's a possibility you might be thinking you do not need to register your business to get started, yes I know but I guarantee that you will surely need it later, so play safe and save yourself the stress now and get it done on time.

One of the best thing about making your own shaving cream is that you can easily purchase the raw ingredients in the market or any superstore nearby. So get this ingredients:
i, small plastic jar containers
ii, coconut oil, apricot oil
iii, honey, water
iv, bowl or pan
v, baking soda
vi Shea butter or coco butter

Now it's time to break out the ingredients and start making your shaving cream. You will need; i, take 11/2 cup of Shea butter and put in a bowl or pan ii, melt11/2cup of coconut oil and apricot oil briefly then iii, add oils to the shea butter slowly and whip iv,add the baking soda and the honey v, add water to lighten the mixtures and continue whipping Your shaving cream is ready, transfer to the small jar containers.

Never pass out the opportunity to advertise your business/product through any cost effective channel like, the facebook ad's, instagram, handing of fliers, verbal persuasion and many others. You can also advertise and take your product to offices, supermarkets, malls, wholesalers and retailers, ensure to grant incentives and discounts from time to time to customers so as to encourage, motivate and keep them. Also, try and get a shop in a strategic position in town where you can easily get to target buyers, ensure you are consistent in your style of advertising and in no time the patronage level of your business will start increasing significantly and of course you will be smiling to the bank.

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Now that you have gotten all you need to know to start this business, feel free to express your views and drop your reasonable comments below. You will get the right answer and support where is necessary and don't forget to tell your friends about this awesome business/entrepreneurial blog site that has changed the lives of so many people so far. Thanks for reading.

Europe / Home Business Ideas For Mom And Housewives In Netherlands by Ikoiikenna: on Sun 29 at 04:33pm

To have a lovely mother is different and to have an hardworking one is another deal. While thinking about home businesses for mom and housewives in Netherlands, there are hundred of them but to a lazy mother, she would keep saying there isn't the best business for her to do while under their roof.

A mother who keep working daily to make money from her white collar job and never omit that of her own entrepreneurship world is indeed a mom. Are you looking for business ideas which you can start as an housewives in Netherlands? Do you want to earn extra income apart from your white collar job as a mom in Netherlands?

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Grab your diary and hook one under your armpit as you start giant in that proposed business. You can pick any of these 7 home based business ideas for mom and housewives in Netherlands.

1. Mini Daycare
Many call it baby sitter, you can start this business in Netherland with absolutely nothing since it is a mini kind. Just make a notice at your gate, create a room for accommodating children.

This business is solely for females like you, but you need to know how to train and cuddle small children else you will end up frustrating yourself when they keep injecting your ears with extreme noise and cries.

2. Sewing business
This is one of the lucrative business in Netherlands for mom and housewives because, fashion and clothing business dwells in large scale. If you have the idea and skill about sewing, you can start this business and if you don't, you only need weeks of training for starting this. Get a small and durable sewing machine and you can start immediately.

Your friends, families, relations and neighbours could be your immediate customers before hundreds will be coming from outside. Don't forget it is absolutely home-based.

3. Freelance Writing
Do you have passion for writing as an housewife? Do you have a perfect niche? Then, you can start a freelance work for couple of bloggers, website owners, micro-bloggers and lots of others. All you need is a smart phone or a laptop to start sending credible and unique content which could not be compare with others. Look for reliable clients. Clients are those that will feed you with topics and what do you expect? Money.

4. Airtime Sales
since the advent of telecommunication, it has pave way for business persons to earn as high as their imaginations could capture.You can get a token to purchase all networks of airtime, place a notice outside your gate and you will surely see customers knocking at your door to buy. The profit within is what you will enjoy your day with as a momma!

5. Hand Craft Sales
Are you good in bead making? Are you good in knitting hats? Then that is a cool skill for you to make your money. You own the skill, so that you can make money from it, not to waste your time gossiping or gisting all around.
Transform that skill into your daily business which could help you rake in money as much as possible. Some of the craft you could be good at to make money includes; bead making, hand fan making, clothing accessories, knitting of hat and caps. They are all what you can invest in to rake in money as mom or housewife in Netherlands.

6. Home Tutoring
As a mother who can't just keep her lips to watch things going wrong. You can start home tutoring, though formal education is essential. But while you keep teaching your children, neighbours' children and teenagers you are going to set right your feet. Don't forget, you are not doing it alone for fame or name but to get something cool into your purse, I guess you know it's money! Start out now.

7. Small Bakery
Sometimes, I cannot just seat and watch my mom baking and frying those doughs, I always feel like doing it too but I can't. She told me it's never for playing alone but to get income from it. If I don't have the same vision, I will only be wasting my time.

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Home baked foods must be your concern, while you start to market that at your corridor. Don't you see that that could be a cool way to drive the sales, make your money on time with this business. For Mom and housewives, it is what you can do to make money! Don't sleep while you ought to think deep to make the cool money

No procrastination! Starting now is the key to escape begging for alms or hanging and dangling as a liability to your hubby. Real women stand to change the world, they don't hide behind a finger. Join your hand together to make Netherlands great investors. You are what we need, start out now!

General Updates / Prepare For Jumia Black Friday 2017 Deals In Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana by ikoiikenna: on Sat 28 at 11:18am

Jumia will be offering amazing Black Friday deals to consumers across Africa. For 31 days Jumia will spoil consumers in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and many other African countries with juicy Black Friday deals.

Black Friday Sales for 2017 will start on Monday, November 13 in multiple countries around Africa, through Black Friday, November 24, 2017 and continue till December 13, 2017.

The Number one African online shopping mall Jumia is preparing to give Nigerians and Africans at large something new and different, a 30 days Black Friday Festival designed to give their customers the opportunity to buy from numerous jumia product at a discounted rate like never before.

According to Jumia, this Black Friday festival will be one of Jumia's biggest yearly campaign that will enable customers to enjoy discounts not just in a day but over an entire month, which means that this Black Friday Festival will run completely one month which will enable you to shop the way you want, how you want and when you want.

What to expect in Jumia Black Friday festival

In Jumia Black Friday festival you should expect to see between 10% - 50% discount in all Jumia product and services and if you are not yet prepared for the shopping time then start getting ready now because you will surely buy things cheaper than normal days.

Jumia Black Friday Kickoff time

Jumia understands how important it is to use your money wisely at this particular period when we need more with the limited available resources that we have but they decided to schedule this Black Friday festival just when you really need it.

Jumia Black Friday Festival starts from November 13th to December 13th, 2017 which is 30 days of Awuf.

Visit Jumia Black Friday Festival Page to be part of this Black Friday 30 days campaign.

What you can buy on Jumia Black Friday Festival

As I said earlier Jumia is prepared to shock you with amazing discounts like never before in all of their products such as Shoes, Cloths, Smartphones, Computers, Tablets, Electronics, Kitchen Appliances and so much more.

Why You need to be part of Jumia Black Friday Festival

Many of us have already started thinking about Christmas and am sure you might have one or two things you need to buy, that is why jumia decided to help you when you need it most and 30 days will be more than enough for you Xmass shopping.

To Start Shopping Click the image above or follow the link above.

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