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Successful Entrepreneur / Orji Uzor Kalu Biography And Networth by Ikoiikenna: on Wed 11 at 05:03pm

There are numerous numbers of billionaires who drop out from school and today they are being celebrated. One of them which I shall discussed with you today is a business mogul, a former state governor and one time Nigerian presidential candidate. He is no other person than Orji Uzor Kalu himself.

Are you so curious on how he attained these status? If really you are so worried on how he reached the climax then, keep reading to the very end and if properly followed, you stand a chance to emulate his actions. Probably surpass him!

Orji Uzor Kalu: A college drop out and a Nigerian Billionaire.
His eminent Orji Uzor Kalu is from Abia state Nigeria and was born on the 21st of April 1960. Some months to Nigeria independent, how amazing! He attended Christ the King School in Aba before he moved to the Government College, Umuahia. He also attended Barewa College, Zaria and not long he switched to the University of Maiduguri for a degree in political science. During his stayed as a student in University of Maiduguri, the billionaire himself, Orji Uzor Kalu joined the student activist and was among the “Ali Must Go” students riot. As a result of this, the school authority decided to rusticate the participant of the deadly violence which Orji Uzor Kalu wasn't an exceptional. Some of the students who led the riot dragged the school authority to court while some maintained there silence, of which Orji Uzor Kalu was one of the latter. He opted into business instead of staying at home.

Since, every business required at least a little capital, Kalu raised #5,000 and ventured into palm oil trade, of which he was being supplied from the eastern part of the country and resells them to the northern part of Nigeria. Thanks to his tour to the north, he realised that imported furniture was a thing of luxury in the north and he sensed real quick and enlarged his coast to furniture which he had a supplier at Aba and got them sold in Maiduguri. What a sharp entrepreneur he really was then! Not quite long, he abandoned palm oil trading when breakthrough came his way; instead, he dedicated all his time on the new furniture trading.
As the furniture business progressed, Uzor Kalu fully ventured into the manufacturing of the furniture himself.

Congratulations to Kalu as he was granted pardon not long after he started the furniture production and the suspension at school was
lifted by the management. But the wannabe entrepreneur, Uzor Kalu was on his successful business radar and rejected the amnesty on grounds for the sole reason that not all the student
activists involved were granted pardon. Orji Uzor kalu quoted that:

“All of us in the students’ union
leadership collectively agreed to embark on the demonstration against the university authorities. When the crises went out of control, the university senate decided to rusticate all of us. Some students went to court to contest the rustication, but I preferred to start trading while waiting for general reprieve for everybody. But in a classical divide-and-rule tactics, the authorities decided to pardon some of us who didn’t go to court and left out some of the others. This was unacceptable to me because it smacked of betrayal of the colleagues in the students’ leadership if I accepted the offer. So, I rejected the pardon on

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What a true, unique, excellent and humble beginning he had as a qualified leader- seriously this worth emulating! In recognition of his unique and many a outstanding achievements, business tycoon,
leadership skills and positive ambition, Kalu has been adorned with different awards. By the time he clocked 26, he became the youngest Nigerian to be adorn with a National Merit Award by the then President, president Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida in 1986. Added to his accolade was a Nigeria Chamber of Commerce industrialist of the year, an Humanitarian Award by the Humanitarian Club of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; a Volunteer Award presented by the
International Association of Volunteers; and a National Merit Award. Other accolades include: The Youngest Bank Chairman Award, A Special Award given by the European Union in Brussels, Belgium; the prestigious Leon Sullivan Award by the World Bank and host of others. What an amazings accolades he had placed around his wall; even without a degree certificate. Wow!

The multi award winner expanded his business empire and became a conglomerate. His company, Slok Group comprise of:
Ojialex Furniture Company;
Slok United Kingdom Limited;
Slok Nigeria limited;
Adamawa Publishers Limited;
Slok Paper Factory, Aba;
Slok United States Incorporated
Slok Ghana, Cotonou, Guinea, Togo, SouthAfrica, Botswana, Liberia;
Slok Korea Supreme Oil Limited;
Sun publishing limited;
Slok Airlines;
Slok vegetable oil, Aba;
The First International Bank Limited, Banjul,
The Gambia and host of others.

Kalu’s success as an entrepreneur has been attached to his ability to recognized and seized business opportunities around him.
In an interview he granted, Uzor Kalu said:

“A good businessman must have nose for business the same way a journalist has nose for news. Once your eyes, ears, nose, heart and brain are trained on business, you sniff business opportunities everywhere. In places where people see a lot of obstacles, I
see a lot of opportunities. At times, there is something instinctive in me that tells me a business opportunity exist even at a place where others see nothing. That is what makes me different, maybe unique. A good businessman sees where others don’t see. What I see, you may not see. You cannot see because that is the secret of the business… the entire world is a big market waiting for anybody who knows the rules of the game.” – Orji Uzor Kalu

Informatively, He was one time Executive Governor of Abia state, Nigeria and also the country presidential aspirant. To
further eradicate his critics who tagged him as an illiterate, he bagged a degree from the Abia
State University. He has a Certificate in Business Administration from the Harvard
University, USA cum an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Abia State university and his then university, the University of Maiduguri.

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Scholarly viewed, the life, business and ethics of the multi award winner, Orji Uzor Kalu is something really worth understudying. He is a man driven by several ambition and drive to maximize the available opportunities. I repeat, Kalu is an entrepreneurial / business model worth emulating. If only this world of ours filled with selfishness and egocentric can be filled instead with men who see opportunities instead of problems, it will be really a better place to live.

Advertising/ Marketing / How To Interest People With Your Business by Ikoiikenna: on Wed 11 at 08:41am
Its one thing to start a business even lucrative business but is another to attracts people interests. below we shall discuss this as it has been a problem to small business owners and is one of the major factor that leads to death of many business.

1. Talk in terms of other man's interest.
It seems to be just a world but brave enterprenuers will actually testify to this as the have always wanted their business voice to be herad not minding the voice/mind of their customers.

" The royal road to a man's heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most"

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2. Make people feel important and do it sincerely.
The laws of human conducts have it that always make the other person feel important.

Zoroaster taught to his fire worshippers in persia three thousand years ago.
Concius preached it in China twenty four centuries ago.

Laotse, founder of Taoism, taught it to his disciples in the valley of the han.
Buddha preached it on the banks of holy Ganges five hundred years ago.

The sacred book of Hinduism taught it thousand years before that
Jesus taught among the stony hills of Judea nineteen centuries ago.
" Do unto others as you would have others do to you. "

to every man you meet feels himself superior to you in some way, and a sure way to his heart is to let him realize in some way that you recognize his importance in his little world, and recognize it sincerely.

"Man proud! dressed in a little brief authority, plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven as make the angels weep" shakespare.
one celebrated Bigamist said
All you have to do was to talk to a woman about herself.


please i sincerely beg of you to leave a foot print on this blog. leave a comment as your importance in this blog cant be neglected.

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by Ikoiikenna: on Wed 11 at 07:05am
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Manufacturing/ Production / How To Start Soap Production And Sale Business by Ikoiikenna: on Wed 11 at 06:54am
This is a business that requires neither introduction nor long talk even on its profit potential for if you can answer the following questions then you’re sure to get much on this business. Knowing that Soap is used for washing clothes, scrubbing of floor, bathing, and lubrication of machines for washing and for other cleaning purpose

· What is hygiene?
· What role do soaps play in hygiene?
· To what percent do you depend on soap?
· Can you skip through a day without it?
· Can you pay to get it?
· How many persons feel the same way?
· Can they skip a day without it?
· Can they pay to get it?
· How many organization and establishments feel the same way?
· Can they skip through a day without it
· Can they pay to get it?

This are basic questions that self explains the potential profit in soap production and sales business. The science of health and health promotions and preservations entails getting rid of dirt which at times come from excreta (e.g. sweet), dust, oil substance, infected water etc. owing to consciousness of man to healthy living getting of this dirt is composulory and to ensure the smooth removal soaps is an essential commodity.

A commodity which human existence solely depends on for healthy life promotion, consumed daily as man can’t skip a day without using it either once or twice per day. It have been calculated that the average consumption of bathing soap tablet to be over a thousand million annually, having a population of 6.5 million. The consumption of soap daily is high and increasing, you can capitalize now.

Types of soap
1. Toilet soap
2. Laundry soap
3. Medicated soap
4. Antiseptic soap
Forms of soap
1. Powdered
2. Liquid soap
3. Solid soap

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Method of production

There are two main method of production

1. Hot method system, this process where chemicals are subjected to heat or fire.
Its major advantage of this method is that the quantity of the soap increases up to double compared to those product under cold system.
However the hot method system has a number of disadvantages. The soap dissolves easily, the production shrink and develops white hairy particles within a period of time.

2. Cold water system, this process involves production without passing through fire.
The major disadvantage of this method is that the volume does not increase like that of the previous method. Its advantage is that the soap does not shrink, remain the same even under harmattan and does not grow hairs even for years.

All this forms of soap are daily patronize by individual, organization, public places, hospitals, schools, laundry e.t.c it’s a product that if was illegal every body will guilty for its found in every home, office, workshop, banks, hotels, e.t.c the list goes on and on and you can start production and supply to any of the above mentioned establishement. With no much capital needed, no such as chemical expertise, no training, no sitting I will be providing the list of chemicals, the feasibility report, production procedures, packaging, and marketing and more in any type of soap from the list above. You can start in your home, and sell to the readily available markets and make huge profit.

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The year is fast coming to an end we are in the first month of the second quarter (its not yet late) you can achieve your goals for this year and be financially stable.

To start now (no time) call 08130525154 or 08180081665. Email :
We are ever ready!

Foods / How To Start A Profitable Cold Room Business by Ikoiikenna: on Tue 10 at 01:39pm
Cold room business happens to be one of the most multi-billion naira business in Nigeria. A good business that one can easily invest in and it will yearn massive profits in return. There are so many multi-millionaires in the country today who have made their money from cold room business.

Cold room involves the selling of preserved food items, when one talk about cold room business, what comes to mind is frozen food such as; chicken, fish, turkey, shrimps, prawns and other sea food. There are other products one can still sell in their cold room business and this includes; ice-cream, ice block, yoghurt, and other food items that can be refrigerated.

Let’s now look at the basic requirements to start a cold room business.

Decide On The Scale To Operate
First of all, before making that decision to start a cold room business, you need to decide on what scale you would like to your startup to be. You can decide if you want to start on a large-scale, where you would package or import your own products or you could start on a small-scale level , out-source your supplies and sell to customers.

Decide On Products To Sell And Outsource For Your Supplies

Once you have determined on the scale you want to operate, the next step should be the type of frozen products you want to package, import and sell. It is advisable that you do a proper market survey to determine what item sells the most. Let me tell you for free that frozen chicken, turkey and fish are the fastest-selling products out there.

Here is a little secret, although there are strong competitors in this business, you are bound to gain a competitive edge if you add other products to your list – like, sea food for instance, a lot of cold room business don’t really sell those, they might have it on their product list but they do not sell it. So if you can import or get a supplier to supply you good sea food, guarantee you will create a name for yourself, because a lot of people crave and love buying sea food.

Now How Do You Source For Your Supplies?
You have decided on the products to sell, the next line of action is determining how/where to get your goods from. This is essential to the success of your business, so careful planning and decision making is crucial. Let’s say you want to package your own products (like, frozen turkey, fish or chicken), you could either start a poultry farm where you will raise the live stocks, slaughtered and packaged them yourself or you could out-source by importing the live stocks and other sea food.

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Get a Good Location
Location is everything in business and a good location contributes hugely to the success of a business. You have to look for a good ware-house or a store that is In a strategic position in town, spacious enough to take in your cold room facilities, and ensure that the place have access to ventilation so as to properly preserved your products.

Access to Electricity
Steady access to electricity is one of the criteria of this business. In Nigeria, it is a known fact that you cannot rely on the supply of electricity from the government agency in charge. In order words, you have to provide your own electricity, that’s, get yourself a good stand-by generator to provide constant access to light and to always keep your products in good condition.

Register the Business
It is important that you register your business with the appropriate government agency in charge of consumable food items. One of such agency in Nigeria is the NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control).

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Beauty Care / Re: How To Start Weavon And Hair Extension Business In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Tue 10 at 12:57pm
chiyaiyke:I like the business idea and would like to go into it.
My mail

Noted. We will send you further details. In the mean time if you have any question or for enquiries, you can ask here.

Reviews / Easy Ways To Make Money With by Ikoiikenna: on Tue 10 at 02:09am
Do you know you can Earn €50 - €3000 By Publishing Articles On your Blog and Websites and Also Posting On Social Medias Like Facebook, Twitter and Many More.

Every moment is growing the market of companies that are dedicated to build a network of merchants interested in spreading their products, brands and services, their launches, marketing plans, campaigns and discounts.

We have “Coobis”, who came to stay. Coobis requires content writers to pay you for your publications about your customers and messages on social networks, and you can also mount advertising on the website or blog approved by the merchants for their campaigns.

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Also, companies in Coobis can generate content for their Brand, spread them on blogs, portals and other relevant media in their category and amplify them in the social networks of influencers.

But what is Coobis ?, I explain: Coobis is a platform created so that Media of all topics can generate income by writing and publishing content, as well as by disseminating them on social networks.

Wanna Know More About Coobis?? Then Read Below.......

Do you manage a portal, blog or social profile? This is something you might be interested in!

1.- What is Coobis?

Coobis is a great way to complement your current advertising offer. By participating in our marketplace you will make your services available to some of the top brands worldwide. Coobis does not require exclusivity nor does it require you to accept any of our advertisers’ offers: you choose what brands you want to work with and when. When registering in Coobis, a Tab will be created and all your information (vertical, influence, traffic, reputation, seo authority) will be included for free in our marketplace.

All publisher's relevant details will be shown on this tab so that advertisers can book a variety of services such as content writing, sponsored posts, mentions on social profiles, etc…

2.- Which services do publishers offer in Coobis?

Publishers registered in Coobis offer advertisers’ a variety of services aimed at boosting reputation, traffic and influence.
All these services can be grouped into three categories of “actions”:

This category embraces content generation services for advertisers to use on their own channels.

Writing a short article (500 words)
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Writing a white paper

This category embraces all content publishing services in those publishers that are registered in Coobis.

Publish an article written by the advertiser
Publish an article written by the copywriter

This category embraces the services through which influencers registered in Coobis publish brand content.

Mentions on Twitter
Posts on Facebook
Special actions on other networks

3.- How does a Publisher generate and withdraw income on Coobis?

The Coobis operating model is very simple and totally transparent.
Coobis bases its relationship with publishers on three basic factors which represent the three main benefits for Publishers in Coobis.

Full transparency

Revenues are distributed between the Publisher (70%) and Coobis (30%) based in a model of full transparency. We only win, if you win.

Without obligation

To have a presence in Coobis, it is not necessary to assume any fixed cost and there is no minimum time or exclusivity commitments.

No minimums

To cash out balance, publishers on Coobis should not reach any minimum amount or expect any term. Your balance is always 100% available

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Reference: Bulletin

Import/ Export / How To Start A Profitable Kola Nut Export Business by Ikoiikenna: on Tue 10 at 01:13am
Kolanut comes in two types in Nigeria, the cola nitida and cola acuminate. Kolanut is a plant that grows in hot tropical lowland forest, with a rainfall extending over a period of eight months or thereabouts and a temperature between 230c and 250c.

It is an evergreen plant that grows to a height of about 5 to 18 metres or more. The plant usually needs deep and well drained soil to grow and it thrives in sheltered valleys on the fringes of forest relics, where the soils are rich in humus.
About 88 percent of the world’s cola nitida crop is produced in Nigeria, and 90 percent of the product is consumed in the country especially in the kola chewing areas of the northern Nigeria. It is eaten raw for more stimulating effects, while 10 percent only is exported outside the shores.

There's a large export market for it because it has a lot of users. Moreover, kolanut can be processed into other products such as, beverages, kola powder, varieties of drugs and body creams. Let's quickly go through the requirements on how to start Kolanut export business.

Kolanut is typically spread from seeds plants at stake inside seed boxes. Kolanut generally starts bearing fruits from the fourth year of field planting.

Kola nitida is harvested between November and December yearly, while kola acuminate is harvested between May and June. An average kolanut tree can produce up to 200 nuts in a year, a nut of Kola nitida sells on the average of ₦10-₦20, while kola acuminata sells on the average ₦50 per nut. You can curtivate on the average, 400 stands of kolanut in one hectare of land.

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So in this regard, one hectare of kola nitida can get you about ₦800,000 per annum, while kola acuminate can fetch you about ₦4 million per hectare on a yearly basis. Kolanut is commonly grown in the western part of Nigeria, other parts of the country where it's also grown is Edo and Kwara states.

Curing and Preservation
The most essential factors in preparation of the kola for processing after harvesting and shelling is skinning of the nuts, while they are in fresh state. To achieve this, the nuts are placed in a basket or left on bare floor, but water from time to time, for about four to five days, or buried in ground.
The cured kolanuts are stored in large baskets, lined and covered with a thick layer of semi dried plantain leaves from which the midrib has been removed and used. Kolanuts can be preserved for about a year or more with this method.

How To Source For Kolanuts in Nigeria
As stated earlier, kola nuts are mostly grown in the western part of Nigeria, in states such as; Ekiti, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Edo and Kwara. The major towns kola nuts can be found in large quantities are Shasha and Oje markets in Ibadañ, Ondo, Sabo and Atakunmosa markets, Ogbese in Ondo State, Owena in Osun State, Ikirun in Osun State, Owo in Ondo State, Ado Ekiti, Aramoko Ekiti, Efon Alaye, Ikole Ekiti, Ilawe, Faforiji in Osun State, Garage Olode in Ife East in Osun State, Ore in Ondo State, Benin, Auchi in Edo State, Ikirun in Osun State, Ijebu Jesse in Osun, Esa Oke in Osun State.

To source for the kolanut, potential buyers go to market days of the above towns and villages and make purchase at the kolanut section and buy the quantity and quality they need. The average price for a kilogramme of cola nitida is ₦700, while that of cola acuminate is ₦3,000.

The major markets for kolanut are in India and China, where they are usually processed into other products, like the body cream for example. Oil can also be extracted from kolanut, which also has a lot of uses.

Export cost for cola nitida is about $20 per kilogramme, that is about ₦7,000 per kilogramme with current exchange rate. So, you see one can actually make a lot of profits from exporting Kolanuts.

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Web Design / Re: Forum Like Nairaland by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 09 at 08:29pm

What your whatsapp no

Sorry, 08130525154

Manufacturing/ Production / Start Earning Big With Stove Thread Production Business by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 09 at 09:21am
Are you looking for a business to go into or are you’re a graduate you’re looking for where to start? Then I must say congratulation for deciding to go into your own business and have realized unlike many that employment is a liability.
Look around, the influential men in society, the millionaires and billionaires and thus the richest people in history has always been business men in other words there has never been a billionaire from employment, even if you work from 6am- 9pm you will just be busy enriching others. Why don’t you utilize that same opportunity and have others work for you.

Consider starting up the above title business- “producing stove threads for money”. This product needs no introduction as Owning a stove yourself or have seen one puts you in a better position, stove thread aren’t a new thing since the invention of the cooking stove but the high profit in this business financially is yet to be known to many.

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Are you aware that there are 100,000,000 families and 50,000,000 restaurants/ caterers, and cookery business that cook their daily meals with kerosene stove and in such uses stove thread which serves as a conduction of the kerosene. Haven lived in Nigeria am sure you know how kerosene is rated and how even on high or low cost people still stand on queue just to get it, often we concentrate on the profit in kerosene business and forgetting that as the kerosene is in high demand for cooking also there is high demand of stove threads as even though having a kerosene one cant still cook without stove threads (i.e stove wicks) you now have a clue of the huge profit derivable from the production of this thread.

The production of this thread is a lucrative but easy as it’s the combination of cotton and polyester yarns which are available in different sizes and thickness and are readily available locally. Why still look for a business to start when you have a business already, wicks are wicks and will forever be in need, it is a product that so far oil still exist in Nigeria, and people still cook will always be in high demand.

Consider the number of families around you now, are they starving? If not am sure they have cooked what they ate, and as in such must have spent for it. They of cause spend in buying the food they cooked kerosene and also stove thread (wick). Imagine those entire household paying for their stove threads directly to you, now imagine the entire kitchen in your state paying directly to you for their stove threads (wicks) again imagine the entire kitchen in Nigeria paying directly to you for their stove threads.


Unlike other production business, stove thread production requires no special skills, education, huge capital or any other form factor of production. The machine for this product is readily available and can be sourced locally and cheaply affordable; it needs no initial employment of workers/operators (small scale) as it can be effectively operated by one person. The machine comes mainly in 2 categories based on the production capacity.

· 100-200 dozen per day( 24 hours) price: 70,000
· 200 and above dozens of threads per day(24 hours) price: 90,000

· This above mentioned machine requires little space
· No generator/power supply needed but with
· High quality output.

The demand of stove thread in Nigeria and Africa has always surpassed its supply for not knowing the huge profit of this business has made many a novice to this high profit yielding business in Nigeria. The demand cut across tribes, religion and across Nigeria as it’s demanded in Niger republic, Chad and other West African countries.
This is a business suitable for graduates, retirees, house wives, retailers and as many that is looking for alternative source of income.

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With West Entrepreneur, start up has always been easy; contact us via mobile 08130525154 or 08180081665
Or via mail as we will provide you with all you need to start up this business.

West Entrepreneur will provide you with the

· business plan/feasibility report on the said business
· supply the law materials
· supply the machine
· sourcing
· marketing
· practical sections
· etc.

But we will advice you start by getting the background knowledge on this business, know your prospective customers your Profit range and the return on investment by getting our concise eBook on this business


· low start up capital
· no generator
· less labor
· less space
· readily available market
· Availability of machine and raw material.

Utilize this opportunity contact us now. Remember time waits for no one, don’t actually say later for you are not the same you are yesterday, time brings changes and in such take a control of the future now.
+234 (0)8180081665 +234 (0)8130525154

See Other Manufacturing / Production Business Idea Below.

Web Design / Re: [free Download] Bug Free Nairaland Clone Script by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 09 at 08:06am
Kingsolomon:Here is my email
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Web Design / Re: Forum Like Nairaland by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 09 at 08:04am
Kingsolomon:Pls webmaster i have a nairaland script and the database structure i have uploaded it and when i click it says error what next should i do pls after uploading the script and importing the database
Pls answer me
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Chat me up on what's app, I will do the install for you, its obvious you are doing something wrong.

Transportation / How To Set Up A Taxi Company And Profit Hugely by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 09 at 07:59am
A standout amongst the most lucrative organizations in presence today is the transportation business. Indeed, even in this innovative propelled world, where individuals can execute billions of dollars worth of business essentially, there is still need to move persons or merchandise from one piece of a nation to the next.

Transportation business has numerous features. There is air transportation, water transportation, rail and street transportation. we in the course of this article concentrate on one of the commonest part of street transportation -Taxi. Now and again they are alluded to as taxicabs; most times they are called taxis. Whatever you decided to call it, any method for transporting an individual or a little gathering of people from a piece of a city to another is the thing that this article is harping on.

In the event that you are keen on doing this business, you have picked enthusiasm for the right business, regardless of the nation you are quickly, taxi business have been around for scores of years and it is not prepared to go. Places that used to be towns have get to be real urban areas. Populace blast has made swarmed urban areas to end up more congested. Notwithstanding when a few countries case to be encountering financial hardships, organizations still blast, more speculators are pulled in, more individuals are utilized, numerous more move from one section to the nation to the next.

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A large number of taxis are waved down the world over regularly, subsequently producing a great many dollars in salary for the individuals who own the taxi organizations. It is not very late to tap your own particular millions as you put resources into this business. What would you be able to do? By what means would you be able to go about setting up a taxi or taxi organization? It would be ideal if you read on.

The amount Money Can You Make From Taxi?

You choose the amount of cash you need to make from your taxi business, the better you are in overseeing it, the cash you make. Normal taxi in the significant urban areas makes about $150 (N25,000) day by day. From this you will settle the costs, for example, powering and others. You get the opportunity to keep whatever the remaining on the off chance that you are driving it yourself.

Since you are working as a taxi organization, charge rate of charges for the privilege to drive the taxicab from every driver. On the off chance that its new taxis and your organization is enrolled and affirmed by the Government, the rate you charge is about $70 (N14,000) every day level rate while the driver deals with powering and keep the rest. You reproduce that to what number of taxis you have.

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Healthcare & Medical / How To Start Gym And Fitness Business In Nigeria by Ikoiikenna: on Sat 07 at 02:09pm
Health they say is wealth; the need for health is the need of all both young and old, both for the rich and the poor alike. One of the best and often recommended ways to keep a health and maintain fitness is through exercising. Due to the awareness of the need to exercise consistently the need for an a gym and fitness center is on the growth; there by creating an opportunity for smart investors to invest and make money consistently. Statistics indicates a strong business growth in this sector and its time you invest and leverage on this business.

Every day millions of people, old and young use the services of a gym/fitness centers, opposed to the usual street exercising. Many Nigeria go to the gym either for workouts, weight loss and rehabilitation or for total maintenance of health of the body and fitness. This is a rising advantageous business for investors as there is rise in awareness of Nigerians to keep fit and health. Therefore, you can make a huge amount of money daily, weekly, or monthly by providing gym/fitness services.

A gym/ fitness business is a business targeted at providing personal training, fitness instructions with or without the use of fitness equipment to the general public interested in their healthy state and general fitness. Nigerians are aware of the benefits of exercising of their body like – easy breathing, enhanced heat beat, easy flow of blood in veins etc. so many now opt in to exercise daily, weekly or monthly depending on their free time as opposed to the early believe that gym(ing) is meant for the obsessed or over fat people. This awareness and obedience of many creates steady income flow for investors willing to provide this service. Are you thinking of a business to invest in, it will not be a waste of time nor a regret for you to invest in gym fitness business.

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Follow the below steps
1. Get a business name- this is the first step as it will be your first impression, and the only thing that goes home with your customers. Chose a business name and in choosing one make it simple, short, creative and above all easy to pronounce and remember.

2. Get a business plan- This is a business that in day to day activities deals with customers, like most of other business will require a road map which is the business plan. The business plan will outline all the details needed to start and mange efficiently. We have written and packaged a business plan and feasibility report in this business and you can other for it. Our written business plan discusses topics on:

3. Goals- to start up this business you must first understand the goal behind every successful gym business. You must define your goals and work in line with it; it’s your set objective to accomplish.

4. Marketing strategy- it’s of a truth that this is a successful business for anyone to invest into but its also worthy of note that you’re not the only one planning to start, many have started and more are planning to start so in other to be successful in this business one must have a good and compelling marketing strategy that will keep you above the all. We will in this business plan relay to you the most active strategy to employ in this business to attract customers and keep them satisfied. This section of our business plan helps you target your desired market( customers) and help you reach your desired client base, it will what to offer them and how to offer it to draw them to your center.

5. Pricing- You will believe me that this necessitate your earning, but still over pricing can be discouraging factor to customers and prospective customers. We will in the course of the eBook show you how to price having your earning interest at heart and at the same time keeping your customers. You will see how much to charge based on the service they opt in, based on frequency of training etc

6. Cost- I know this is what you might be skimming for, how much will it take to start? Many will ask how much, some might have stated I don’t have that capital. But the goodness is that in setting up this business you don’t have to empty your bank account(s), you don’t need a large capital all you need is a good guide on how to start and that is why you will be needing our business plan and feasibility report on this said business as it will provide already outlined step and cost and totality of it. Well the capital needed for this business depends on the level you would want to operate but to start successfully you will need a minimum of 150,000.

7. Location- Getting a good location will help boost the business. It’s advisable and advantageous to locate your gym close to the road, parks, streets, or places where people can easily access it. A good apartment or ware house is ideal.

8. Equipment- The type of equipment needed will depend on the kind of gym you plan to set up in the eBook the major type of gym offered in Nigeria and the most profitable was discussed. Eg weight loosing, a yoga, rehabilitation, women- only, multi-sport complex, general fitness etc.
If you decide to render all the gym/fitness services, here are some equipment you could start with.
• Triceps rope –used for training triceps and shoulder.
• Body-solid bicep bomber
• Advanced fitness manta ray used for the neck to improve posture during squats
• Fat grips used to build up muscles and size of arms.
• Pushups/press up handle
• Trigger point ball used to reduce fatigues and pains
• Dual exercise Ab wheel used to train both upper and lower abdomen
• Speed rope used for cardio fitness
• Slip short hip circle used for hip and glute activation and strength support.
• Prosource stackable resistance bands etc
The list continues in the eBook with their cost and of course where to get them near you.

[b]9. A gym attendant-
employ a qualified and experience gym attendance and instructor if you can handle your customers efficiently.

10. Web presence- An email address and a website is very important for advertisement, information, complaints and contributions from customers/ intending customers. Also for payment acceptance for sometimes the customer might want to pay or register with you online therefore, a good manual and online register/record is needed.

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To get started order for this ebook and get detailed analysis, feasibility report market survey and detail income expense calculation and range of return on investment. It’s a business that will make you a boss of your own, be an employee and above all you will be financially OK helping thousand of Nigeria maintain health.

To order call 08130525154 or 08180081665. Act now. It's FREE
You can ask your question if any or using the comment box or just Leave a comment.

Beauty Care / How To Start Weavon And Hair Extension Business In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Fri 06 at 08:38pm
Weavons and hair extensions are essentially the most sought out product in the complete female world considering “The hair on a woman is the beauty, without the hair am not sure ladies can also be entirely attractive, so ladies hair is a one in every of their pride, a girl has to make her hair,” to look presentable and because of the popular selection for an extended, straight hair as opposed to the short and kinky nature of the African woman’s hair, hair extension and wigs are unarguably probably the most wanted hair products.

Weavons are extensions used by females to complement their looks and considering that looking good is good business; ladies believe that a lady’s hair speaks volumes about her persona and style so many ladies spend some huge cash on their weaves. Averagely ladies maintain a weave for 2 to 3 weeks so there may be at all times demand for weavons.

Have you ever considered venturing into the weavon business?
Do you love making people look good? If you have answered sure to those questions and have been looking for a way to start the weavon business? Then this is for you.

Alternatively, in case you are effectively looking for a business to invest into, you may also do not forget the weavon business.
One business which is particularly beneficial and which you could with a minimal sum of money is the weapon business. The weavon trade isn't gendered specific it may be done by both the female and male gender, so guys don't say that is for only women.

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As the countdown for the tip of the 12 months season starts and the Christmas mood sets in, hair product is bound to be in excessive demand and which you can leverage on this as hair sale shops is sure to be filled with flurry of exercise as buyers search to switch their appears with new hairstyles and wigs. So if you wish to start, this is the time ( I really think it’s time we start investing in natural or artificial(synthetic) hairs as well and watch the cash flood in)……..Carrying on with this reading. Listed below are instructions for starting a weavon and hair extension trade.

[]How to: [/b]
To start you ought to recognize what style of weapon you want to sell and which is fashionable and is in demand, with no demand you can’t make a profit in this business. There are two varieties of hair extension, Human hair, and synthetic hair. Human hair (because the identity implies is the real human hair) It is gotten from all over the world usually Indian, Brazilian and Peruvian. This type of hair is in excessive demand because of its smooth texture and durability.

Human hair may also be curled, straightened, colored etc. It's basically human hair. Due to its versatile nature, this human hair is extra costly than the substitute hair.
The fee depends on the size. Weapons most of the time are available in exclusive colors and lengths, so it would be excellent to make certain you have got many colors and lengths for customers to choose from.
Additionally, You are to ought to :

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• Do a normal market survey for the prices and dimension of your market.
• look for a supply with good price.
• You may also buy online from online E-stores
• how to buy in bulks because when you buy in bulk, you get good deals.
• Import your goods into the nation and do the vital clearing.
• find a retailer or warehouse, strategically placed, where you resell to wholesale distributors,
• outlets and end users at a good profit margin.
• No person gets to learn about a business that isn't promoted. So, utilize various marketing procedures as a way to sell your hair selling a business.

To help you start we have packaged all this information and every other information you will need to start up this business in an ebook format which you can order.
It’s a contains the business plan, cost analysis market, contact and address where to get goods at cheap price, how to import this product and from where to import from, how to start and how much it will cost to start etc. to start order for this business plan to order
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