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Manufacturing/ Production / How To Start A Successful Shaving Cream Production Business by Ikoiikenna: on Sun 29 at 08:18pm

Shaving cream is a substance that is applied to the skin to help with the removal of hair. Shaving cream can be used in any part of the body that grows hair due to its soft and moisturizing texture which leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and fresh.

Shaving cream have so many advantages when compare to using soap or oil to shave, it allows one to get a closer, effortless and comfortable shaving experience.

The home-made shaving cream has a huge market because a lot of people are now realizing the harmful chemical effects that usually come from the other industrial made shaving creams out there in the market, worst thing is, a lot do claimed to be healthy and natural but quite the opposite is the case.

So the aim of this article is to not only show you how to make your own shaving cream but to also show how to turn it into a lucrative business. Below are the following steps to take....

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Let me just quickly give you a rough estimation of my findings on the required amount to start this business especially if you intend to start small.
Purchase of ingredients/materials --#6,000
Registration of the business --#10,500
Purchase of small can plastic containers-#2,100
and prints
In total you will be needing about #20,000 naira that is $67 to kick start your business.

To get your business registered does not take too much of one's time depending on the state or country that you are in. So make sure you go to the closest office of the corporate affairs commission and register your business. There's a possibility you might be thinking you do not need to register your business to get started, yes I know but I guarantee that you will surely need it later, so play safe and save yourself the stress now and get it done on time.

One of the best thing about making your own shaving cream is that you can easily purchase the raw ingredients in the market or any superstore nearby. So get this ingredients:
i, small plastic jar containers
ii, coconut oil, apricot oil
iii, honey, water
iv, bowl or pan
v, baking soda
vi Shea butter or coco butter

Now it's time to break out the ingredients and start making your shaving cream. You will need; i, take 11/2 cup of Shea butter and put in a bowl or pan ii, melt11/2cup of coconut oil and apricot oil briefly then iii, add oils to the shea butter slowly and whip iv,add the baking soda and the honey v, add water to lighten the mixtures and continue whipping Your shaving cream is ready, transfer to the small jar containers.

Never pass out the opportunity to advertise your business/product through any cost effective channel like, the facebook ad's, instagram, handing of fliers, verbal persuasion and many others. You can also advertise and take your product to offices, supermarkets, malls, wholesalers and retailers, ensure to grant incentives and discounts from time to time to customers so as to encourage, motivate and keep them. Also, try and get a shop in a strategic position in town where you can easily get to target buyers, ensure you are consistent in your style of advertising and in no time the patronage level of your business will start increasing significantly and of course you will be smiling to the bank.

Read Also: How To Start Soap Production And Sale Business

Now that you have gotten all you need to know to start this business, feel free to express your views and drop your reasonable comments below. You will get the right answer and support where is necessary and don't forget to tell your friends about this awesome business/entrepreneurial blog site that has changed the lives of so many people so far. Thanks for reading.

Europe / Home Business Ideas For Mom And Housewives In Netherlands by Ikoiikenna: on Sun 29 at 04:33pm

To have a lovely mother is different and to have an hardworking one is another deal. While thinking about home businesses for mom and housewives in Netherlands, there are hundred of them but to a lazy mother, she would keep saying there isn't the best business for her to do while under their roof.

A mother who keep working daily to make money from her white collar job and never omit that of her own entrepreneurship world is indeed a mom. Are you looking for business ideas which you can start as an housewives in Netherlands? Do you want to earn extra income apart from your white collar job as a mom in Netherlands?

READ ALSO: Small Business Ideas For Stay At Home Dads

Grab your diary and hook one under your armpit as you start giant in that proposed business. You can pick any of these 7 home based business ideas for mom and housewives in Netherlands.

1. Mini Daycare
Many call it baby sitter, you can start this business in Netherland with absolutely nothing since it is a mini kind. Just make a notice at your gate, create a room for accommodating children.

This business is solely for females like you, but you need to know how to train and cuddle small children else you will end up frustrating yourself when they keep injecting your ears with extreme noise and cries.

2. Sewing business
This is one of the lucrative business in Netherlands for mom and housewives because, fashion and clothing business dwells in large scale. If you have the idea and skill about sewing, you can start this business and if you don't, you only need weeks of training for starting this. Get a small and durable sewing machine and you can start immediately.

Your friends, families, relations and neighbours could be your immediate customers before hundreds will be coming from outside. Don't forget it is absolutely home-based.

3. Freelance Writing
Do you have passion for writing as an housewife? Do you have a perfect niche? Then, you can start a freelance work for couple of bloggers, website owners, micro-bloggers and lots of others. All you need is a smart phone or a laptop to start sending credible and unique content which could not be compare with others. Look for reliable clients. Clients are those that will feed you with topics and what do you expect? Money.

4. Airtime Sales
since the advent of telecommunication, it has pave way for business persons to earn as high as their imaginations could capture.You can get a token to purchase all networks of airtime, place a notice outside your gate and you will surely see customers knocking at your door to buy. The profit within is what you will enjoy your day with as a momma!

5. Hand Craft Sales
Are you good in bead making? Are you good in knitting hats? Then that is a cool skill for you to make your money. You own the skill, so that you can make money from it, not to waste your time gossiping or gisting all around.
Transform that skill into your daily business which could help you rake in money as much as possible. Some of the craft you could be good at to make money includes; bead making, hand fan making, clothing accessories, knitting of hat and caps. They are all what you can invest in to rake in money as mom or housewife in Netherlands.

6. Home Tutoring
As a mother who can't just keep her lips to watch things going wrong. You can start home tutoring, though formal education is essential. But while you keep teaching your children, neighbours' children and teenagers you are going to set right your feet. Don't forget, you are not doing it alone for fame or name but to get something cool into your purse, I guess you know it's money! Start out now.

7. Small Bakery
Sometimes, I cannot just seat and watch my mom baking and frying those doughs, I always feel like doing it too but I can't. She told me it's never for playing alone but to get income from it. If I don't have the same vision, I will only be wasting my time.

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Home baked foods must be your concern, while you start to market that at your corridor. Don't you see that that could be a cool way to drive the sales, make your money on time with this business. For Mom and housewives, it is what you can do to make money! Don't sleep while you ought to think deep to make the cool money

No procrastination! Starting now is the key to escape begging for alms or hanging and dangling as a liability to your hubby. Real women stand to change the world, they don't hide behind a finger. Join your hand together to make Netherlands great investors. You are what we need, start out now!

Blogging / Re: How To Add A Direct Download Link To A Blog by Kingsolomon: on Sun 29 at 09:27am
Did you mean you want a link that will not show you domain for download if yes. i can help you

General Updates / Prepare For Jumia Black Friday 2017 Deals In Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana by ikoiikenna: on Sat 28 at 11:18am

Jumia will be offering amazing Black Friday deals to consumers across Africa. For 31 days Jumia will spoil consumers in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and many other African countries with juicy Black Friday deals.

Black Friday Sales for 2017 will start on Monday, November 13 in multiple countries around Africa, through Black Friday, November 24, 2017 and continue till December 13, 2017.

The Number one African online shopping mall Jumia is preparing to give Nigerians and Africans at large something new and different, a 30 days Black Friday Festival designed to give their customers the opportunity to buy from numerous jumia product at a discounted rate like never before.

According to Jumia, this Black Friday festival will be one of Jumia's biggest yearly campaign that will enable customers to enjoy discounts not just in a day but over an entire month, which means that this Black Friday Festival will run completely one month which will enable you to shop the way you want, how you want and when you want.

What to expect in Jumia Black Friday festival

In Jumia Black Friday festival you should expect to see between 10% - 50% discount in all Jumia product and services and if you are not yet prepared for the shopping time then start getting ready now because you will surely buy things cheaper than normal days.

Jumia Black Friday Kickoff time

Jumia understands how important it is to use your money wisely at this particular period when we need more with the limited available resources that we have but they decided to schedule this Black Friday festival just when you really need it.

Jumia Black Friday Festival starts from November 13th to December 13th, 2017 which is 30 days of Awuf.

Visit Jumia Black Friday Festival Page to be part of this Black Friday 30 days campaign.

What you can buy on Jumia Black Friday Festival

As I said earlier Jumia is prepared to shock you with amazing discounts like never before in all of their products such as Shoes, Cloths, Smartphones, Computers, Tablets, Electronics, Kitchen Appliances and so much more.

Why You need to be part of Jumia Black Friday Festival

Many of us have already started thinking about Christmas and am sure you might have one or two things you need to buy, that is why jumia decided to help you when you need it most and 30 days will be more than enough for you Xmass shopping.

To Start Shopping Click the image above or follow the link above.

Kenya / How To Finance A Small And Medium Scale Business In Kenya by ikoiikenna: on Sat 28 at 09:14am
Are you a businessman or businesswoman thinking of how to finance your business? Are you afraid of getting indebted? Are you in need of a way solvent enough to finance your business? you have just got yourself one. One of the major problem facing businesses these days is finance i.e getting enough funds to finance a business. It might seem difficult but here are some ways in which you can finance your business.

This method is widely known by people, you as a businessman or businesswoman can finance your business through getting loans from your bank. This is simple, walk up to the bank you are banking with, ask for the loan manager, make sure you understand all terms and conditions stated in the loan before you would agree after applying for the loan. You submit collateral for the loan and the loan is given to you with interest and duration in which you are to pay back. With a loan, you can increase your productivity. Read Also: Beyond Bank Loan: 6 Source Of Fund For Your Business

Most people do not take this serious, some people think it is a local way but I can tell you that this is one of the best ways to raise funds to finance your business. A cooperative is an autonomous association of people united voluntarily to meet they're common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled business.

The first step here is to make findings to get a legal and financially stable cooperative society, after this join and become a member. Make contributions at each meeting (you can be making contributions with the profit made from the business) after like eight or twelve months in which you have joined the cooperative, you can collect double folds of money you have contributed to financing your business. The benefit here is that there is little or no interest on it, no need of collateral, just that you need to pay within the stipulated time.

This might seems local but this is a simple and easy to keep financing your small and medium business. Here it is what you do that you get back, instead of spending all the profit you are making daily or weekly you can start contributing thrifts. There is no interest on it, there is no need of collateral, just make contributions. Look for a reliable and trustworthy thrifts collector; if you are a type that makes a daily profit, make a daily contribution from your profit but if you do not make a daily profit, you can make weekly contributions. If it is a three-month thrift after the three months you would your three months contribution.

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With these three ways, I believe your business should be financial free debts. Try any of these three and increase your sales and productivity. Do not wait until you get indebted before looking for a solution. Without enough funds, no business will survive.

Blogging / How To Start Sports Blog In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Sat 28 at 08:19am
If you'd been searching on thousand sites to unlock the button of starting sports blog in Nigeria and you're yet to be comfortable with the content you've viewed. Stop racking your brain because this is the right place for you as I'm going to uncover the secret and tactics that are involved while starting sports blog in Nigeria. All you need to do is to get your PC or mobile set ready as you will embark on a journey with eyes and mind.

Sports blogs had rocked the world in the recent century of online content creation with over a thousand blogs and website representing their images and emotions while making out their ways in sports blogging.

Do you have a passion for sports and its updates? Do you have the information to share and thought it could be better confined through blogging? If yes then you need to make yourself comfortable while I will share it in details..............

While starting out your motivation as an entrepreneur and you want to start sports blogging in Nigeria then the first thing you need to do is to;

Sports lovers all over the world are tirelessly looking for new content and new update every day and every hour about their sports celebrities, and it's someone like you that can provide that. The first thing that is paramount you do is to choose a blog platform, your domain name, and host.

Basically, I've seen bloggers whom they can't create a blog for themselves but they have the ability to run it. They'll meet a web designer to open the lid for them but if you wish to try that yourself, here are the clue;

Make sure you choose a domain name that soothes your mind and taste( an easy to pronounce and reminding ones) for readers and visitors. Look for a reliable host like Bluehost, Dreamhost and the likes that can soothe your wallet and satisfy your want. Basically, Blueprints offers free openings of a domain name and allow you to choose a different host but if you make them host, they will collect $2.95 as the token fee monthly which is lesser compared to many hosts. Read Also: 5 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid While Starting A Blog

Design Your Blog
Designing your blog is like painting your mansion which gives it the re-touching and eye captivating evidence.Making use of themes that is greatly appealing to the eyes must be your first target as it is what calls in people into your blog.
The appearance of your blog must be higher than Everest and beautiful than rose flowers. Be consistent to the core- don't withdraw until it pleases you. Because anything that appeals your eyes might captivate readers too.
Frameworks and child theme are the best kind of simple themes you could use as they will manipulate the ugliness of your blog, so go for gold.

Modify your Sport Blog
Making use of technical and acceptable modification can set your blog part and unique. By doing every possible means to set your blog; make sure the logo is on the correct side that soothe your eyes, the domain name and all other key functions and button on your blog. To perfect these, I'll recommend you to use Feedburner and Google analytics to survey and modify your hot blog which is on the fire and ready for consumption. Taking this step, the next shoe you'll wear is;

Select the Best Plugins Which Annex Your Blog
As sports fans love to tell others about their new source and reliable fact, you must not lag in the aspect of creating the durable and exclusive referer like social networks and online media so as to opportune people- readers to visit more and more as they are happy for the recent one shared. Social networks like Twitter, Google+, Facebook and the likes are the best you can choose so as to promote and endorse your online business which you are about to set. Then after this; you must come to the real work that you've signed, which is;

Create Valuable Contents Always
Many blogs have capsized and shut down because the owners or bloggers failed to provide the needed and corresponding content which negates the domain name, niche, and purpose. So if you're going to succeed in your new sports blog in Nigeria you need to provide the necessary sports news. Sports updates in different games and corresponding photographs as it speaks 60 percent of the content.

Read Also: How To Start A Successful Music Blog In 10 Minutes

Be Current and Trending
As a sports bloggers, no one needs stale information rather, a recent, hot and captivating ones. So, be current, have a nose for sports information and update as that is the first thing that will make your sports blog a successful one.

Avoid Plagiarism
Absolutely! This is the right time for me to tell you, you must not copy and paste other people's or blog's content. Be realistic, be artistic and most especially, share new and unique content frequently because it is what you need to survive your sports blog in Nigeria. Google search engine optimization wouldn't recognize your sports blog if the contents contain therein ain't original.

I had spoken with many entrepreneurs both online and offline and that broadened my knowledge in the field of researching unique contents. Do that too, on social media and platforms to offline one on one conversation. New sports referees and sports lovers must also be your friends, they will have more to tell you and also, be original in doing all these, be patient, don't be too desperate as they will yield the best result thereafter. If treated with pure-mind and extreme dedication.

By now you must be satisfied with the steps involved in starting a sports blog in Nigeria. See you at the zenith of the world known and as a successful sports bloggers.

Funding / How To Get Proper Funding For Your Agribusiness by ikoiikenna: on Fri 27 at 09:35pm
Unlike the yesteryears, our new economy has now become one that is crazed by the oil and oil politics and little is even left behind for agriculture.
Gone are the days when agriculture used to be the main and major driver of the Nigerian economy and the green white green really did stand for something. Today, the Nigerian agricultural sector is a shadow of its old self but that does not mean it is still not thriving and now is the time to, more than ever, delve into the agricultural business because the forecasts on oil aren’t promising at all.
Having said that, a lot of entrepreneur’s would agree with me that capital is one of the major problems faced by start-up and even, established agribusinesses these days.

What is then the best way to get proper funding for your agricultural projects?
Today, we are going to be suggesting some of the best routes that you can go through to get funding to successfully kick-start your project.

Read Also: Beyond Bank Loan: 6 Source Of Fund For Your Business

1. Personal Savings
To get any funding for your project, your personal savings should be the first place you should look at. A dedicated entrepreneur who has a business future planned for themselves would have seen this as their obligation in the first place and started saving. This is why it is always good to have a savings plan and account on the ground that you can easily and swiftly access. Before the main business kicks off, your savings can help to offset a lot of initial costs.

2. Bank of Agriculture
If you had no idea that this existed, well then, welcome to the club of the newly inducted. Yearly, the Central bank of Nigeria in conjunction with other banks release funds that are always in excess of 200 billion Naira to the Bank of Agriculture which would then be given out in loans to various farmers who need it.
As with other financial institutions, you must have had an account dated at least 6 months with the BOA and must have at least 20% of the amount you wish to borrow in savings. Their interest rates are also favorable to you

3. Co-operative societies
Co-operative societies are like the agricultural insurance plan and if you are an active member, you could always fall back on them whenever you need help. Also, being part of a bigger organization like these societies would make it easy for you to gain access to grants that have been released to them. The more active you are as a member, the more of these grants would land in your laps.

4. Youth Business Initiatives
Youth Business initiatives are mainly for start-ups. This is because rather than give you the money that you need, they would be glad to provide you with input needed for your farm so that you start faster

5. Commercial Banks.
Now, before you take out a loan from any commercial bank, you need to be sure that they are farmer friendly in the first place.
Banks such as UBA and FirstBank have special loan plans for farmers and these are advised overtaking normal business loans. The interest rates are lower and the payment structure is even more friendly.

Read Also: Top 10 Microfinance Banks That Offers Loan Without Collateral

So, friend, you have all the funding sources already. It is time to go green!

Over to you, tell us what you think using the comment box below

Web Design / Re: [free Download] Bug Free Nairaland Clone Script by ikoiikenna: on Fri 27 at 08:25pm

I have seen it but it says the file is not supported the there term and service
Here is the image
Bro pls send it on WhatsApp for me pls

Sent to your mail. Check your mail and please remember to show appreciation by sharing this post out to friends and invite more people to join.
Note, however, due to the restriction by G-mail in sending a zip file, you will be receiving the file as a .txt extension. After download rename to .zip extension. Reply if you don't understand or you don't know how to do it.

Web Design / Re: [free Download] Bug Free Nairaland Clone Script by ikoiikenna: on Fri 27 at 08:19pm
jaldesa:kindly send the script

Sent. Check your mail and please remember to show appreciation by sharing this post out to friends and invite more people to join.
Note, however, due to the restriction by G-mail in sending a zip file, you will be receiving the file as a .txt extension. After download rename to .zip extension. Reply if you don't understand or you don't know how to do it.

Web Design / Re: Help With Blogger Template/ Theme Design by Kingsolomon: on Thu 26 at 02:19pm
kingsolomon:i just download a template from
and install it on my blog but it viewing like this on mobile

i want it to view like this on mobile how to i go about it pls

Web Design / Re: [free Download] Bug Free Nairaland Clone Script by jaldesa: on Thu 26 at 02:08pm
kindly send the script

Web Design / Help With Blogger Template/ Theme Design by kingsolomon: on Thu 26 at 01:30pm
I just download a template from premium blogger templates
and install it on my blog but it viewing like this on mobile

I want it to view like this on mobile how do I go about it pls

Real Estate / How To Become A Real Estate Agent by ikoiikenna: on Tue 24 at 07:32am
So you have heard real estate business is one of the most lucrative business sectors, and you want to dive in and get a cut too through becoming a Real Estate Agent? right, well I have come to help. below are the steps to become a successful real estate agent. Read on

Make up your mind to be an agent
First, you'd need to determine if this career is best for you. Secondly, you need to do it for the proper reason. Your objective must be to wind up as a real-estate entrepreneur; running your own real estate agency or brokerage company. Most folks hold the assumption that to be a successful real estate agent, you simply need to be great in convincing individuals to buy houses and properties. Great communication and persuasion skills are essential to be successful as an estate agent but that's not all. In addition, you need to know about the intricacies of the real estate industry.

Go to the great real-estate class or training
One of the responsibilities of a real estate agent will be to ensure that the purchasing clients locate their dream homes, while the sellers get their property's worth. Exactly like in almost any occupation, carrying out this responsibility certainly demands skill and mastery; that's before you begin, why you need instruction and sufficient training. There are various institutions offering courses and training for people who would like to venture into the property business. Typically, some states demand that the aspiring agent, broker or salesperson should spend at least 30 acquiring the required instruction.

Obtain a permit as a property agent
Before becoming a recognized real estate agent, you'd need a license to operate. You will need to take your state's property exam, to acquire a property license. Many schools and universities offer nighttime or evening classes that can enable you to prepare for this particular exam. Also, it is important you know the Professional Licensing Commission in your state offers a list of reputable educational institutions where you could take your lessons. You can also ask the Real Estate Association within your neighborhood for recommended associations.

After composing and passing the license examination, you'll be issued a license. Another critical point to notice is that continuous learning is required by operating in the real estate sector, and that means you'd also have to attend seminars if you are licensed.

Read Also: How To Successfully Start A Real Estate Business In Nigeria

Hone your own skills and gain experience under an established real estate business
After your property courses have been taken by you and gotten educated, you are now great to go but you will still lack experience. So it is advisable that you simply work for a real estate business or a mentor for about 2 to FIVE years to achieve experience. It is more like an apprenticeship. Your apprenticeship is going to teach you the complex aspects of property brokering; these are real-life knowledge and skills which you can not pick up in school.

So I'll recommend so that you can make an income while learning the company that you just pick an established real estate brokerage firm with abundant listings. After going through all these procedures, now you can begin thinking about setting up an individual practice. At this time, you're now a fully fledged agent or broker.
How helpful? please leave a comment. we love your comments.
if you need more information and you need to get the ebook Guide on How To Become A Real Estate Agent feel free to contact us

Business Advice/Tips / How Best To Manage Your Business In A Recession by ikoiikenna: on Mon 23 at 09:37pm
The country is in recession, gentlemen, and sadly, there is very little or nothing that we can do about it till those in power opt to give us at least some time off from all of this madness that they have put us in. We won’t lie to you and try to mask the truth by telling you that times are the same because frankly, this is affecting businesses a lot and we don’t like that. That’s why we are back here today not to share tips on what business to invest in this time around, but how to manage the ones that you have on the ground.

When the issue of recession kicked in, a lot of businesses folded up and if you are part of this that has held the fort and refused to give in to the tough demands of the economy, we say a big congratulation to you as that is what true entrepreneur would do. To further ease things on you, we have put together this small, non-exhaustive list of things that you could look to put in place to get you through.

1. Plan Your Expenses Wisely
One of the things that this recession has brought is the fact that there is very little money running around in the economy, and yet, the prices of things are going up daily. This defies the law of economics which would have required a large volume of money in circulation for an inflation to occur. On this basis, it is advisable that you, as an office, estimate the cost of running your business every month and try to slim fit it as much as possible so that you get only the essentials and cut off the luxury

2. Take Credits Wisely
There is no doubt that you want what is best for your business and that would tempt you into taking loans, more loans, and even more loans. While we are not against you spending to improve your business, money doesn’t really have much value now and you would end up getting big amounts of money to cater to very small plans. It wouldn’t cause a headache now till the economy picks up again and you end up having to service the huge debts with money that has now gained value. Sorry, that’s just how the economy works

3. Have a Good Tax Plan?
Having good tax officer manage your taxes might actually be a good option this time around. Before now, taxes were a nightmare and now that we have found ourselves in this kind of situation, with the tax rate even increased further despite the state of the economy, a tax agent could help you review your business and even show you where you are eligible for a rebate from the government. Read Also: Biggest Financial Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make

4. Look to Break Even more Markets
The fact that businesses are closing up right now should inform you that you even have more chances it makes it big when the economy picks up again. Start with a lot of low key feasibility studies now and look for where businesses have opened up due to the various closures in the market. after we leave this stage, you would be surprised at how much you would be able to catch the market by surprise and make even more.

5. Keep Your Workers/ Yourself Happy
Read our Previous article on How To Get The Best Out Of Your Employees Salaries are late everywhere, and money is slow in coming in. these and much more are enough to make sure that you or you and the workers are unhappy, and this is where your creative strength as an entrepreneur comes in. Create a better and fun scenario for your employees and yourself to work under while also not forgetting that you need to generate optimum results. Only when you are happy, and your workers are truly happy, can you do anything meaningful in the first place.

Google Adsense / Google Adsense Approve by Kingsolomon: on Mon 23 at 03:26pm
I sign up for google ads for over a week now but no approve get
And later sign up for admob for my app
Is not even more than 2 days they approve me
Why na
And am also selling it for just 8,000 naira
With 3.22 usd on it for now
My no 09021279689

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