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General Updates / Reasons Why Poor People Are Poor by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 02 at 11:50am
In society of the world and in all economic environment, the ratio of rich to poor is usually on 2:8 out of every 10. This continues as case since civilization till the present day. What could be the cause or why is poor people poor, and why is the rate increasing exponentially.

I pondered on this question for long, as becoming rich is a goal for me, haven seen the 20% out of the 100% of the population leverage on the 80% resources (luxury, food, money, comfort etc) of the world while the poor 80% of the population leverage on the left 20% resources of the world. This is the case all around, centuries has seen this and it's still persisting. Many poor people now see being rich as a bad thing, they now see this trend as an order but dear there is no boundary between rich and poor if there be it is thin as one can easily migrate from rich to poor and from poor to rich with just a single act, its simple and easy so I see it not as an order but just as a zone that one can decide the zone to remain. If a billionaire can go from billions to kobo, and invariably to no money overnight then I don’t see any reason one can't go from zero to billions overnight.

Research into this subject shows the reasons why people remain poor, bring poor or rich is not an order for any, it not of luck but of deliberate consistent act/character of one toward money.

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What we are to take home from this study
What is really being poor Being poor is the easiest (the easiest lover are likely poor)Being poor is not a condition, it’s a mind-set. Being poor is a choice Reasons why poor people are poor being poor is the easiest thing

Have you viewed the popular TV show (who wants to be a millionaire) or have you seen a lotto or luck win promo, where a poor person having just enough to apply for the show or promo to sky rock to a billionaire (winning billions of Naira or dollar). Have you also saw the rate at which the billion reduce to the same amount he registered with, growing up I attribute it to the use of unseen powers by the promo company but understanding made me see that it's not that but its indiscipline and the following of the easiest way on the side of the winner. After winning such money they are often asked “what will you don with this money” we usually hear wonderful plan and goals but which sound good and only as it sounds, they are never achieved cause they are never worked on nor followed because they realize it's harder than said, and so they follow the easiest way-being poor.

Being poor is not a condition it’s a mind-state
Still using the illustration above you tend to find out that being poor it's not a condition it's not that condition or situation where you don’t have money, it's neither not because there is no job or employment, it’s a state of mind one is poor right from his mind. The mind detects the product on the physical. Being rich it starts from the mind. What you think you attract, what you preset in your mind you precede you.

Being poor is a choice
Now I know some would want to throw yup on this, why would I say being poor is a choice but yes it is. We all make choice, and if your poor it's your choice, lets face it. I have seen people all they want in life is to get just enough to keep their world running.

Reasons why poor people are poor: the fail to educate them self.
Educate yourself! Referring not to the formal education for it formal education why are some graduates even the accountants are poor? Educate yourself, I mean in area of finance, financial education is a must, it’s a necessity for all that want riches, poor people fail to educate themselves financially, making money is an art, and to make money and become rich you have skills in the craft. Knowing about money, knowing how to handle money, how to save, how to spend how to invest.

From the above sketch, it’s visibly a typical act of most poor people, they earn to spend, through financial education one discovers just like the chart below.

You don’t have to save after spending, you spend after saving.

Reasons why poor people are poor: dependence on paychecks
This is the number one proof of a poor person, one who can't survive without a paycheck, one who can't live nor survive without a paycheck. One who can't live if the government refuses to pay, if they downsized from their job(s)to be rich one have to be independent on paycheck, poor people depends so much that before the paycheck comes the money is far spent and will look forward to the next paycheck, no matter how handsome they pay defense on paycheck produces poor people.

More reasons why poor people are poor
Reasons why poor people are poor: failure to develop their intellectuals
Reasons why poor people are poor: Failure to save, plan and invest.

Startup Tips / Factors That Favour Starting Up Lucrative Businesses by ikoiikenna: on Mon 02 at 08:40am
I have revived number and number of calls, emails, and messages from people requesting to know the best lucrative business. It is actually disturbing for one searching for a perfect business to start for no one wants to invest without hope of a better return on investment on a short run. So I consider this question thus serious and important so have decided to share it with you “ factors that favor starting up a lucrative business”

Permit me to start by stating the fact that all business is lucrative and profit-yielding never the less there is no such thing as a perfect or most lucrative business, all business is lucrative and profit-yielding if not would be called a business.
Factors that favor starting up a lucrative business helps you consider the challenges of man and also helps you provide solutions to them. Every business is as a result of man's problem and the quest of a business idea man to solve those problems that have made way for earnings. So a business is lucrative if highly patronized, and a business is not patronized if they don't provide high solutions to man's problems.
In starting up a business one must consider the factors that favor starting up a lucrative business:

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This is the fact to consider prior starting up a business as they determine the lucrative of a business. Th geographical location, availability of raw materials, demand rate, and nearness to customers determines lucrativeness
Lucrative is either = high demand with low or equal supply or = high supply with low or no demand
In either way, the form factors are the determinants.

Business Ideas / Small Business Ideas For Stay At Home Dads by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 02 at 05:08am
The world is not new to the idea of stay at home mums, with the rise in the trend of mothers staying back to ensure the growth of the household and development of their kids, but with the way the current economic recession is causing a lot of companies to lay off their workers, the world has been introduced to the idea of stay at home dads also.

Being a stay at home dad isn’t the end of the world and while you are still looking for employment, you could do well to support the expenses of the home also with these 7+ business opportunities that we would be suggesting.

1. Consultancy
If you were holding a professional position from the company where you were laid off from, you could pick up consultancy services for another company in the same industry and even though you wouldn’t be employed full scale, the contract salary is better than having nothing at all.

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2. Remote Controlsmputer Engineering
With the internet, we don’t need to establish much physical contact before we get work done. If you are well versed in the language of computer and its repairs, you could provide easy fixes and solutions to people online and if you have a way of structuring the program well, you would be making big and getting a name for yourself too.

3. Freelancing
There are a lot of careers to pick up in the world of freelancing. If you have a skill as a writer, graphics designer, software engineer and the likes, why not embrace a full time or part time freelance career till you get yourself back on track again? Read Also: How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

4. Affiliate Marketing
Since you’ll be having a lot of time on your hands from time to time, going online and setting up an affiliate marketing platform wouldn’t hurt. Get reputable online business stores that offer close to everything and get affiliated to them. Market some wares to your online followers and promote your link too. You would get paid by commission on every purchase and the more the purchases, the more you make. See The Affiliate Marketing category to get started.

5. Sports Prediction and Betting
While this should not be taken as a full time job, it is one of the perfect ways for you to spend your time and have fun at it too. Place bets with certain betting organisations and predict the out comes of matches to win. There are various prediction methods online so don’t worry about always losing. Get rewarded for your passion. Read Also: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease

6. Accounting
From the comfort of your own house, you could start up an accounting service for individuals, businesses, offer consultations, draw up quotations, assist with payroll and even tax services. All these does not even need an office to be rented out. Your living room or a spare room would be all you need.

7. Transcription Services
Some documents and writings are already in audio and people would love to convert them to text. If you know that you can offer these kind of services, look for transcription companies or individuals that need this kind of service and offer it to them. Transcription is hotcake, and you could even go into it full time if you so much love it. Read Also: Get Paid To Write Reviews

8. Event Planning
Last but not the least is event planning. You could stat by planning events for your friends and neighbors for free and slowly but steadily, increasing your client base through referrals and networks from those you have worked for. By the time the economy picks up again ad you get your job back, you could have even had an event planning start up on the side. Read Also: How To Become A Successful Wedding Planner

Real Estate / Ways To Save Money On House Rent by ikoiikenna: on Sun 01 at 09:31pm
Maybe last year didn't end as planned, maybe last year wasn't so good for you financially or maybe it was your best financial year? Whichever it is for you-you might want to maintain that good financial condition again in 2016 or you might want to make a change in your financial condition this year 2016 and the best way to do it is cutting down on expense and maximizing earnings. but obviously the expense that is so hard to cut down for as many that are still leaving in a rented apartment is our rent, living in urban centers automatically place a price tag on your rent, but with this article you will not withstand where you live or how much you may learn how to Save money on house rent.

Majority of individuals in urban Areas live I live on flats that are leased. As more individuals are coming into these cities for occupations etc. the interest in rental flats are drastically improving in these cities That is shoving on rental rates to amounts that are almost excessive.
There's an also an issue of the mindset limit of resource &. When individuals should make an effort to get their home, they have been pleased living on let flats that are more affordable.
The difference between rent and EMI is not too low. It's just clear that someone will probably be enticed to delay house purchase. So those who are living on flats that are leased have to be constantly conscious of the difference.

A study shows that Indians living on property that is leased spends almost 15-20% of their monthly take-home wages on rent. After loan EMI, likely 'rent' is another greatest expense for a typical Indian. We are going to share some quick suggestions which will help lessen rental expense above a time period.

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More Deal Interval
In India, it's normal to get rental agreement legal for just 11 months. Additionally, it is a regular practice to improve rent @10% after ending of arrangement interval. Here renters have the chance to spend less on rent. Rather than preparing a deal for just 11 months, attempt to set up a rental agreement. More will be the interval, more likely the owner is planning to decrease the increment rate of 10%.

Strong Credit History
Today landlords are mainly investors who keep purchasing properties. Rent is among their cost resources of income. Thus they look for people that tend to be prone to cover rent without default option. If your renter can present oneself well, the landlord may consent for rent that is lower. This may occur? Only 10% per annum as high as 36% per annum and a few cost. Why there's this difference in rates? The more guaranteed is the loan lesser is going to function as the interest charged (like a mortgage). Likewise, renters that tend to be less false could be exempted from higher rents. Tennant with credit ratings that were higher is believed more trustworthy. The strategy the landlord along with credit history & your brief biodata. He can consent for lower rents. Though tendency isn't common in India, this will be considered by premium property owners before finalizing house rent.

Higher Down Payment
By consenting to pay a higher security deposit, one can likewise spend less on house rent. In return, he'll undoubtedly decrease the monthly rent. Some landlords also require down payments that are high but consent to pay back the down payment with interest.
Don't switch houses overly often

Once a long history is developed by a renter having a landlord, he'll certainly permit privileges to the renter. One manner of privileged that is such is a lower speed of rent increase after the expiry of arrangement interval. Though it also is dependent upon the connection between tenant and the landlord, however, a happy landlord will like to retain the exact same renter even if he's bringing in somewhat lower rents monthly.

Keep your security deposit shielded
Renters concentrate on spending less on house rent & they blow off security deposit too much. When landlords maintain the house had not been well kept, an element of security deposit looses. Modest damages there can cost the security deposit. Renters must keep fixing their inflicted damages and must share the pictures together with the landlord as evidence. This task may not seem useful in the end although initially, they will certainly ensure the security deposit.

The amounts that I supplied in this post is extremely significant. For buying a property, go. Dwelling in a home that one possesses can save additional money that you can envision. As it develops asset in long term this can be an investment. Had paid-rent is a cash that is lost eternally. It'll never return to the renter.

Services / How To Start A Profitable Laundry Business Form Home by Ikoiikenna: on Sun 01 at 03:27pm

Laundry is the process of washing clothes and linens. Laundry process is often done in a room that is kept for that purpose and this room is referred to as laundry room or utility room.

Laundry business can also be referred to as dry cleaning business, it is a easy and convenient business to start. This business does not require huge capital, you can always begin the business from the comfort of your home and as time goes on, you become well established.

You will agree with me that a lot of people have tight schedules and don't have the time to wash their own clothes, this is one of the major reason laundry business became another lucrative and profitable venture.

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Let me give me some tips to take into consideration before starting your own laundry business at home.....

1. Write a business plan:
Writing a good business plan is always advisable when embarking on a new business. It enable you to see how you want your new business to be run, in terms of quality services, competitions and target customers. Also a good business plan will give you a well detailed cost analysis, that is total cost of starting and managing a laundry business and help you set a realistic goal. Read Also: Step-by- Step Guide: How To Write A Business Plan

2. Learn the tricks of the business:
You must have observed there's a difference with the way an average person does his/her own laundry from that of a professional laundry service, the difference is always in the way fabrics is washed, dried,cleaned,ironed,fold,packaged,timing, the whole total packages. So it's advisable you go learn from someone who is already in the business before you and get all the special skills.

3. Register your business:
If you hope to expand your business from home in the nearest future, then need to get that business registered. Go to the closest corporate affairs commission office with the relevant papers and register your business. Read Also: How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

Starting this business from home first has already helped reduced cost for you. You need not worry for now about getting huge capital to buy the necessary industrial machines or renting a good space, all you have to concern yourself with are the basis washing materials like, buckets, basins, starch, stain remover chemical, soaps, hangers, pressing irons, tables, packaging nylons and generator set. And maybe hire one or two persons to assist if you like. Read Also: How To Get Capital To Start A Small Business

5. Advertise your laundry business:
In this type of business your, the way you treat your customers and their clothes is everything, it will ensure you get your own fair share of good patronage from customers. So how do you go about getting more patronage for your business? You can start by offering special promo like, free delivery service, discounts on five clothes for the price of three.

You can also visit offices, corporate organization and tell them about your business, hand them flyers so they can easily contact you when they need your service or you can even do house to house call and tell your neighbors to also tell their friends about the kind of specialized services/perks your offer in your laundry business. Also the social media sites is there for you to take advantage of and advertise your business/services. All these will surely increase patronage and in no time your business will start experiencing massive growth.

Lastly, I want to add that if you pay attention to details and there is enough dedication you are sure of running a smooth laundry business with less challenges. So wait no longer, get started on that laundry business.

Advertising/ Marketing / What Is Inbound Marketing And Its Benefit To Your Business by Ikoiikenna: on Sun 01 at 12:40pm

Inbound marketing has become viral, all thanks to the internet. business owners no longer have to wait for Tvs, magazines, newspaper mills to get their brand and product across and also customers the web has empowered them, they now have less need for this too as the can research new product the can buy and search for new brand and product through the internet thus Inbound marketing.

before going further, what is inbound marketing?
Inbound marketing is a process a company or product is advertised through web based marketing. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.

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Mediums for inbound marketing
* social media
* blogs
* videos
* eBooks
* e newsletter
*white papers
* social marketing
* all content marketing.

Inbound marketing is winning is because it costs less than traditional marketing. Why try to buy your way in when consumers aren't even paying attention?

Inbound marketing focuses on earning, not buying, a person's attention, which is done through social media and engaging content, such as blogs, podcast and white papers. This content is interesting, informative and adds value, creating a positive connection in the eyes of the consumer, thus making him more likely to engage your brand and buy the product.

Take Away
as customers and prospective customers flood the internet for news, products and brand, internet marketing has evolved and continues to evolve.consider switching over to inbound marketing as its a two way medium that have more to gain in the lost of efficacy of traditional marketing mediums.inbound marketing helps you provide value for customers and in-turn increase put off by intrusive marketing strategies.

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Over To You
now tell us what we missed, or just tell us your own view on the topic. there are hundreds of readers waiting to hear you.

Blogging / 5 Easiest Ways To Get Blog Followers by Ikoiikenna: on Sun 01 at 08:23am
Blogging is one of the online business any one could venture into. It is a business that calls for intelligence, capability and extreme method to make money. On like any bloggers, they always have the sole aim of writing, posting and most importantly market the content to make the most crushing cash of the season.

It is a cool idea to start a blog but one of the frustrating aspect of blogging in Nigeria is the ability of not getting followers.

These followers are part of what they call traffic. Now as a bloggers, you've gone into days of thinking about what to write, after writing, you edited, you proofread it, you strive to click the post button, perfectly set, those posts keep flourishing on your blog only to discover that there isn't anyone to read those content talk less of commenting, feeding back, digesting and sharing such valuable content to their friends who haven't enjoy what they've just read probably on Facebook, twitter, Google plus and lots of others.

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As a blogger, who keep facing this hell, you don't need to rack your feeble brain to sort it out, you don't need to close down such blog and reopen another. Do you know the funniest thing? If you close this, you are going to close that too, if you fail to use the easiest ways and method to work out your blog followers based in Nigeria. Solution is here in front of you, grab your attention on this, don't let anything distract you as you learn the step by step, five(5) easiest way to get blog followers in Nigeria.

1. Invest in using backlinks
Have you being trying this and it isn't working? Maybe you are not doing it rightly. As a blogger, have you ever notice that you would be on or you would meet yourself on or by clicking only a post topic. Don't panic, it is call backlinks. Backlinks is a kind of suggestion topics that connects two or more blogs together.

As a blogger, if you really want to get blog followers, the first thing you must not put aside is investing in backlinks. This is very simple, you only need to contact the owner of other blogs, tell them your mission, some will take it for free, some may ask for token. But don't forget that it is only popular blogs that you are advice to practice this else, you will only be wasting your time on local and unknown blogs like yours.

2. Have a unique content
There is nothing deadly as having the same post of last month on your blog this month. If it would be, it must be a trending one. Don't allow the fear of getting blog followers affect your motive of renewing your content atleast, thrice a week. As a blogger, copy and paste contents also drive away your followers, even if you are going to sort for informations for your own post, let the copying be minimal. At least three sentence per five hundred words. But wait! Why will you copy, plagiarism is an offence, restructure those content and you will surely get blog followers in Nigeria. Read Also: How To Write Seo Friendly Content For Your Blog

3. Easy clickable buttons
Sometimes, some bloggers are to knowledgeable to forget that, they are writing for many people, the old, the young and the new born baby! Why not making your juicy content have a collaboration with clickable and matching buttons. Most time, you have low followers because they were unable to click the most valuable content they would love to read, all you need to do is to make a good extract of every buttons on your blog. Ensure it is approachable, in such a way that, the most and less important content and links are approachable and clickable. Always make those button easy to locate and easy to click and that is an easy way to get blog followers in Nigeria.

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4. Simple subscribing process
This is one of the important aspect which most bloggers fail to do, take for instance, they want followers to subscribe to their email account, probably to enjoy more of the content which they just read and yet they kept the subscribing process as hard as possible. Even some went ahead to do it in such a way that, if followers or visitors don't subscribe first, they won't have access to the content in the blog, paving way for quick quitting of followers i.e they would ignore such site and click on others. Readjust this, it is deadly for your blog, if truly you want to get blog followers, then the best thing you need to do is to make the subscribing process simple and less frustrating.

5. Sell unique e-books
One of the best and easiest way to get blog followers in Nigeria is to sell the most unique and helpful e-books. E-books is an acronym for Electronic books meaning, books on electronic gadgets i.e not on hard copy(paper). If you can provide valuable and unique e-books for visitors, they would definitely turn to your followers. Strive to change your styles now, not tomorrow! I hope it does help!

Manufacturing/ Production / Serviette Production: Business Opportunity by Ikoiikenna: on Sun 01 at 05:26am
A hygienic item used all over either to wipe hands or mouth before or after eating are serviettes - A small rectangular soft sheet of paper used as an absorbent used daily on eating tables. Serviette exists in varieties of different colours and designs but the basic and widely available is the white embossed serviette.

Following the ban by the federal government on the importation of serviette thus creating opportunities for local investors, and the extensive just concluded market research has proven positive in serviette production as are everyday consumer necessity, patronized generally by everyone, not dependant on economic cycles not restricted to religion nor does it suffer tribal crisis. Serviette production business provides a great opportunity for investors to tap into and start earning handsomely.

With the high number of hotels, restaurants food joints mama pot and other eateries outlets which are also increasing on daily basis, numerous events and occasion held always such as wedding, traditional marriage, traditional marriage etc makes the demand for serviette high and increasing exponentially.

Serviette Production
Market for serviette is global, with populations running in millions in countries, with high growth rates, supply is yet a dream to half the demand as serviette is consumed on daily basis by all irrespective of age, social class, religion nor tribe and with the expected growth on its market also is the income to be generated for investors.
Production process for serviette contrary to your though is not one that requires much capital nor skills, raw materials for production are
Tissue paper
Paper carton
Polyethylene firm
And some other packaging materials

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The good news is that all this materials are readily available and can be sourced locally. Just like tissue production business (please click here to view) paper rolls are fed into machine which print and cut to size individual serviette which viola are ready for packaging and sales.
Do you want to become your own Ceo and employ others; do you want to leave this year a more financially secured individual? Then this is your opportunity.

Cash on nit now and call phone: 08130525154 or 08180081665.
To See other production business ideas Click Here

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by ikoiikenna: on Sun 01 at 02:09am
Pls am into sports betting too.. But haven gone through your write ups. Am convinced the light has come.. I need the ebook. Thanks

Surely this is light. we have started recieving testimonials on this and yours will add to the number. check your email address we have forwarded the ebook to you.

But more importantly, we would want you to tirelessy share out this forum. invite people to join , share this on your social media handles please. thanks.

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by paddy2017: on Sat 30 at 10:34pm
ikoiikenna:Am sure you might have heard someone talk about football betting, you might have even seen somebody turn millionaire instantly. Well, that’s the power of football betting business. If you have ever wondered how to make money betting games in Nigeria or anywhere in the world then be grateful as you have come to the right place at the right time.

I haves seen people complain of losses that gain in Football betting, I have seen people talk only of lose too. Well, it's time you know the truth, the truth that can start making you money from today, the truth that has been kept away from you for a very long time. It’s not magic its knowledge and information.

Well, I am not going to bombard you here with unnecessary information. I will introduce you to the professional football trading secrets. I have made my cool cash from the Internet via football matches’ results prediction from notable betting sites across Nigeria and around the world for years now.

If you have ever been in football betting, you would agree that placing bets on football matches and winning is a great experience, how good then will the experience be if I assure you can make betting and winning a hobby following and implementing the strategies I shall teach in here. Do not get me wrong.

Now am not a trained of professional football analyst nor fanatic I have just an average ideas of clubs and teams all over the world. I don’t personally have to leave my businesses and sit to watch football, I go about my business normally yet I make a good income from placing bets on clubs. You don’t necessary need to study all clubs to make money from football betting business, you don’t need to watch all match either (which you can’t evenJ) all you need is just a basic idea and the steps I will outline below. You will soon find out…

Haven been in the sports betting business for years now I will show you proven ways you can earn extra #50,000 to #100,000 monthly from football betting without a sweat.

Interestingly, you don’t equally need to start with a million Naira nor pay huge amounts to buy football bet. Actually, I will show to you a website where I get leads on clubs to bet on and how to bet on them.

The difference between the rich and the poor is not Money its Knowledge of money. The reason why you haven’t made much in sports betting business is a lack of the vital information on it. This information is what we are providing for you free of charge. Yes, free of charge.

All you need to start and carry out these strategies is just a betting account and a token (initial bet, which can be N200), so you don’t have to complain of no startup capital.

To get this information, I have packaged them in an eBook format which will be sent to your mail, to get them, please reply to this thread, tell us if you have been into sports betting and your experience and then include your email address we will send it to you free of charge. Note however that this knowledge that we are about to give out was gotten for a fee. But its West Entrepreneur, we make all available so all can benefit.

With that said let us dive in…………….

Let you replies start coming in.
Pls am into sports betting too.. But haven gone through your write ups. Am convinced the light has come.. I need the ebook. Thanks


Business Advice/Tips / Five Habits Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs by Ikoiikenna: on Sat 30 at 08:54pm

People don’t just wake up and be successful, and they sure as well do not pop out of their mothers at infancy and carry a placard that dictates that they would be successful. Regardless of what you might have been told, being successful takes a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment, zeal, passion and every other strong word in the book that you can throw out there.

You need to have a programme that you can stick to and follow it through religiously, through thick and thin, and you can make little changes to it along the line. What are the habits that highly successful people use in their day to day lives that we might not know of?

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5. Always have a schedule
Whenever you get to work in the morning or as at the time you wake up, make sure you set a schedule for the day. You know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and that makes you the best person to set your own schedule and know what you can handle. A day without a schedule is not a planned day and you might end up under working, underachieving or even forgetting important things. Start scheduling today for a change.

4. Ask yourself this question
As a businessman, before you go to bed at night, there is a question that you should ask yourself. The first is ‘what have I achieved today?”. Be honest with yourself and see how you have made use of your 24 hours. Don’t lie to yourself and then evaluate your own answer. Are you happy with what you have achieved or not? If you are, kudos, strive to do more the next day. If you aren’t, that is a wake up call for you to reach standards.

3. Set three goals- weekly, monthly and yearly
Long term and short term goal are the best way to personally chastise and inspire yourself. Set three goals for your business and yourself every week. Set some for every month also to keep you busy in the short term and align them with your yearly goals. Thing is, you might even surprise yourself and achieve these goals before the time frame, meaning you are highly developed and need to challenge yourself again. Think goals, think growth!

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2. Create lists
Even for the simplest tasks that you would be doing in the office, as soon as you are in your own office or cubicle or what it is that you use, create a list for it. this way, you would have your ideas already outlined and in the case that you feel you might have made a management error somewhere, your lists would always be there to bail you out.

1. clear your head
Business is challenging and it is tasking as well, we know, so one of the best things to do every week is clear your head. Find something that interests you - sports, hiking, walking, going to the movies, anything at all – and make sure you treat yourself to it every week. You could do this either on the first day of the week or on the last day so that you will return to business then next time full of energy and brimming with freshness.

Successful Entrepreneur / Linda Ikeji Biography And Net Worth by Ikoiikenna: on Sat 30 at 03:16pm
Haven introduce Successful Entrepreneur, in which we agreed to from time to time discuss the biography of successful entrepreneurs to help motivates us for if they can do it you too can. here we will learn about the biography of Linda Ikeji, owner and editor of , a great name as far as Blogging is concerned in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Born on September 19, 1980, Linda Ikeji was born very far from what you would call a silver spoon and if she had any spoon in her mouth at all, it would have been a wooden one. The young Linda was the second child in a family of seven and she started out as a Christian in the catholic denomination. From her formative years, around the age of 10, Linda discovered her love for writing and literature and began to put down some children fiction which was read and praised by all and sundry.

This is what inspired her to write more and as she began to grow, she realised that she had the love and passion for news writing too so instead of following the ways of her peers to party, play and club, she took time to stay back home and watch the news, studying how it was always being reported.

When it was time for university, Linda chose the university of Lagos and put in to study mass communications but much to her dismay, was given the English language course instead.

Not letting this small problem set her back, she set to work and decided to make the best of her course. To further support herself due to the humble background she had, Linda took up a job as a waitress, usher, bartender and even, part time model, to make ends meet. None of these business ventures were money makers back then and in the end, she had to bring the curtains on her modelling career in 2005. She picked up a little experience in bogging while holding a column for a celebrity magazine which packed up along the way also.

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Despite all of these, Linda failed to give up.
After her university education, Linda Ikeji had still not given up on the journalism dream despite all of the side attractions and launched a business brand called the Black Dove entertainment (inspired by Silverbird) but at this, she failed again. She even meant for the business to be a kind of modelling agency on the side but the plan never did take off.

Instead of getting discouraged, this spurred Linda on to try her hands in new parts of the industry. She tried her hands at the magazine industry, launching FM & B but after just two editions, the costs of production caught up with her and she could no longer fund the project. At this point, any ordinary entrepreneur would have resigned to fate but Linda was not ordinary.

In 2006, Linda started her blog and when Bella Naija featured her on their own blog once, a new wave of opportunities started to crawl out towards her. By 2007, she had left her other gigs to fully focus on the blogging business and today, she owns one of the most visited blog in the world, the adjudged number one news blog in Nigeria and the most visited blog in Nigeria.

The influence of the Linda Ikeji Blog does not only stay within the shores of this country with other African and world countries too catching some of the frenzy.

From the blogging business, the former model has now made enough money to sustain her for a very long time, recently acquiring a #500 million mansion and having an impressive garage to go with that. She has risen above all their setbacks, defied all odds and braved all storms to become one of Nigeria’s finest online entrepreneurs.

Forex Trading / How To Start An Online Stock Trading Business by Ikoiikenna: on Sat 30 at 01:08pm
Starting an online stock trading business presents tons of personal gain to the investors, it provides financial gain and independent lifestyle. Also, starting an online stock trading business offers lifestyle flexibility, you get to be your own boss, choose working hours and can easily work from home.

Stock trading business therefore relies on one's ability to trade on variety of securities of such are stocks, stock options, bonds, warrants etc. With the emergence of online brokerage with accompanying software and stock trading tools, online stock trading has been made even more simple and easier for new investors.

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However, online stock trading comes with substantial financial risks thus the need for any investor especially the newbie’s to properly establish themselves with the right resources, tools and mindset. Like any other business, preparation and business planning is a necessity, so also it is in Online stock trading business especially when you're trading for your livelihood because any decline in investment will lead to a negative impact on your income thus the need to consider the below steps on how to successfully start an online stock trading business :-

Step 1:- Acquaint yourself with the stock market business
Like all businesses the stock trading market operates on the system of demand and supply. First step to successful online stock trading business is to acquaint yourself with the market, learn all you can, know all there is to know that way you will know the trending demand and what to supply.

Step 2:- Research and choose Stick
Stock trading business comes with some financial risk of which can be reduced to the minimal with the right choice of stock. To choose stocks, research and know details such as the company’s financial report, public statement, income statements, quarterly and yearly earning etc. READ ALSO: 5 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Forex Broker

Step 3: - Get your trading capital
Like any other business, accumulate the capital to start investing. Capital can be from personal savings, from previous business or from loan from friends, family or financial institution; either way gather the needed capital.

Step 4:- Choose a personal stock trading service
Haven accumulated the capital needed, the next step before buying and selling stocks is to decide which online trading service is best suitable. This step is crucial as its affect the bottom line of your trading business. To choose a stock trading service compare pricing, service, research resources, investment choices and security measures. Either Conduct personal research at this step or hire a professional but by all means avoid instincts nor advise from friends.

Step 5:- Create a trading strategy and start trading accordingly
Choose your own trading strategies, you can choose from the many trading strategies available in the market, either way it should contain the parameters on how to choose stocks, the best time to make purchase and the best time to sell your stocks. According to this trading strategies start buying and selling stocks. Note however, not to deviate from your strategy irrespective of the ups and downs you might experience, be discipline with your trading budget and strategy.

To the experts, online trading is as easy as taking a walk but can be daunting and so challenging for the newbie. But with the right mindset, foundation and with gradual investment a lucrative return is guaranteed.
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But as a starter-
- Avoid investing money you cannot afford to loose
-Try diversifying your investment
- Only trade after research
- Make plans and work accordingly.
-Source opportunities to buy- don’t buy high
-Overcome fear.

Stock trading business is a good and lucrative business but reading this article or any other article on the web does not qualify you to start trading stocks online. Learn and practice over a long period before investing your money. Enroll for stock trading courses to learn all about stock trading.

Business Ideas / How To Start A Successful Bakery Business In Kenya by Ikoiikenna: on Sat 30 at 09:22am
Bakery is one the leading thousands of business one can venture in any city of Kenya. It consist of the ability to convert the treasures of your bakery intelligence into something lucrative and absolutely reliable in the market.

Most people believe that, bread production is the most lucrative one in the bakery market, though it might seemed true but you must be exposed to the fact that there are tens of business you can actually venture in the field of bakery business in Kenya.Bread, cakes, snacks and lots more are part of the lucrative business you could love to do in alignment with the oven power!
Do you have an idea to convert into a more lucrative bakery business? Then this is the best article you've been searching for, here is it, savour!

Taking a linking steps between your passion and your business, here is how to start a lucrative bakery business in Kenya. For More Profitable business ideas to start in Kenya Read: 70+ Best Business Ideas To Start In Kenya

Like any other business ideas, anyone might want to start, you need to have a well defined source of capital. The kenyan shilling is the first thing you need to source for and thereafter all other thing shall be set in place.
While sourcing for money in starting this business. Here are cool ways you could step on; Small loan grants: You could actually seek from a co-operative or a micro-finance banks who can borrow you at least Ksh300,0000- Ksh400,000.

You will definitely see one by presenting a reputable collateral, so as to make do with. From your local boss: Basically, some boss won't while some will, you can borrow some certain amount of money from your employer while stating the real use of the money if he doesn't, don't panic others will, it's only a suggestion. From few months of cleaning works: surely if you are part of the determined type, you can go millions of mile to start a business that makes you happy, doing menial cleaning works for offices, companies and homes should be another option to make your way out of the disgracing issues of begging for alms and striving for financial freedom under an inconsiderate boss.

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I wouldn't call it a shop or a stall because it seemed limiting. If you've definitely source for the capital to run your bakery business, congrats! All you need to do next is to rent a space, be it a shop, corridors, rooms and lot of others in a marketable and approachable environment. It cost about ksh10,000 to rent a good location. Make sure what you are paying for is the best kind of area where you will be free to make your sales and spacious to process your products.Don't locate in a swampy or dirty street, it tarnish the image of your business as well as the hygiene of your food. So seek for the best place!

At this point, after you have made the most tireless effort to rent a space, the next is to buy your needed equipment.Yes! It is one thing to have the money and location and it is the most toughest point to buy the best equipment while setting up your bakery business. Now! What equipment do you need? First, you need an oven, yes! For bread and cake making you need to buy a durable and good oven from a trusted clients- seller. Good ovens could be bought in DK engineering, off airport north road in Embakasi. Ranging from ksh150,000 to ksh2000,000 for durable, medium and long-lasting type but you can also get that of ksh50,000-ksh100,000 depending on its quality. After that, Proof boxes is suggested with capacity of 20pans of ksh70,000 should be bought from a tested and trusted seller.

After this you need to buy your uniform- Apron and head gear from any supermarket. It cost about ksh5000 for two packs or one. Just be sure it is of good quality. There are also other small equipment like dough mixers, sinks, display counter, working table, slicers, weighing scale, decorating tools, trays, baking utensils and packaging paper are example of products you can buy with an estimation of Ksh80,000 Don't forget the quality of these products are very important so that you can use them for the duration of years before replacing them.

Have you done a tremendous work in achieving the afore-mentioned ways then this is easy. While licensing your bakery business in Kenya. All you must be conscious of is registering and receiving the necessary document for your product, so as to escape the threat and illegal closure of your company.

After registering, then you have started good all you need to do now is to provide the best quality of your products to people. If it's bread, you could print a label for as low as ksh2000 and you are quite good to go in making the your invested money in return. Don't forget buying a durable and quality raw materials like flour and others is very important if you are going to make the best customer. Also, diligence to your work is good, wake as early as 6am to prepare your goods for sale, so that you could rake in more customers as well as much income.

General Updates / Awesome Life Hack For Entrepreneurs by Ikoiikenna: on Sat 30 at 05:45am
Life is not a bed of roses, and even if it was, are we forgetting that even roses have thorns too? This is why living life is a delicate process and one which we can never fully learn about, but we can try. Life won’t always be full of ups and neither would it be full of downs but as an entrepreneur and someone looking for personal development, the best processes to adopt so that you don’t always get let down by the bad times or go overboard because of the good times are summarized in this life hack below.

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1. Be independent
If you live your life thinking that when the going gets tough, you can always rely on friends, then let us be the first to break it to you that you are treading a very dangerous path. It is not bad to have friends. In fact, it is one of the best things to happen in thelife of man but like you, they are also humanand they can disappoint. Pick up a few skills to better equip yourself in the days you are let down so you’ll be able to cope better alone

2. Pursue your passion
Never let life dictate the path you would take, rather, dictate the path of your own life. Everyone has a job, everyone has a career and everyone also has a hobby and passion. If your passion happens to be your job, congratulations, and if your passion happens to be something outside of your job description, who said you shouldn’t take some time out to satisfy this passion of yours. The days when you are low, memories like these would keep you going

3. Accept challenges
To be a better personal round – emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially and the likes – you need to be able to constantly accept challenges and follow through. This way, you are sending your inner man to the gym where it would get stronger and better

4. Socialise
There is a difference between being alone and being lonely and it is good for you to not confuse these and comfort yourself in an unhealthy relationship with yourself. You need to know that alone is a physical state while lonely is emotional. Socialise and make sure that you are never lonely but when you need to think, you can choose to be alone. again, be alone, not lonely.

5. Lower the bar
I have noticed that many of the people that experience a lot of disappointment are those that have set their bars high, maybe even too high, in the first place. Learn to lower your expectations of people and things so that when they do not turn up, you don’t get hurt much and when they do, your joy knows no bound. More happiness, less sadness.

6. Praise yourself
You know that saying where they ask you not to blow your own trumpet? Well, many other people are busy cleaning their own trumpets and buying new ones to care about blowing yours, so sometimes you just need to give yourself a treat and congratulate yourself for a job well done. Make yourself feel good from time to time and this reward mentality would make you look forward to achieving the next goal, so that you can get rewarded again.

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