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Transportation / How To Set Up A Taxi Company And Profit Hugely by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 09 at 07:59am
A standout amongst the most lucrative organizations in presence today is the transportation business. Indeed, even in this innovative propelled world, where individuals can execute billions of dollars worth of business essentially, there is still need to move persons or merchandise from one piece of a nation to the next.

Transportation business has numerous features. There is air transportation, water transportation, rail and street transportation. we in the course of this article concentrate on one of the commonest part of street transportation -Taxi. Now and again they are alluded to as taxicabs; most times they are called taxis. Whatever you decided to call it, any method for transporting an individual or a little gathering of people from a piece of a city to another is the thing that this article is harping on.

In the event that you are keen on doing this business, you have picked enthusiasm for the right business, regardless of the nation you are quickly, taxi business have been around for scores of years and it is not prepared to go. Places that used to be towns have get to be real urban areas. Populace blast has made swarmed urban areas to end up more congested. Notwithstanding when a few countries case to be encountering financial hardships, organizations still blast, more speculators are pulled in, more individuals are utilized, numerous more move from one section to the nation to the next.

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A large number of taxis are waved down the world over regularly, subsequently producing a great many dollars in salary for the individuals who own the taxi organizations. It is not very late to tap your own particular millions as you put resources into this business. What would you be able to do? By what means would you be able to go about setting up a taxi or taxi organization? It would be ideal if you read on.

The amount Money Can You Make From Taxi?

You choose the amount of cash you need to make from your taxi business, the better you are in overseeing it, the cash you make. Normal taxi in the significant urban areas makes about $150 (N25,000) day by day. From this you will settle the costs, for example, powering and others. You get the opportunity to keep whatever the remaining on the off chance that you are driving it yourself.

Since you are working as a taxi organization, charge rate of charges for the privilege to drive the taxicab from every driver. On the off chance that its new taxis and your organization is enrolled and affirmed by the Government, the rate you charge is about $70 (N14,000) every day level rate while the driver deals with powering and keep the rest. You reproduce that to what number of taxis you have.

Reply to get the steps to get you started.

Web Design / Forum Like Nairaland by Kingsolomon: on Sun 08 at 09:42pm
Pls webmaster i have a nairaland script and the database structure i have uploaded it and when i click it says error what next should i do pls after uploading the script and importing the database
Pls answer me
Here is my whatsapp and email

Web Design / Re: [free Download] Bug Free Nairaland Clone Script by Kingsolomon: on Sun 08 at 09:35pm
Here is my email
Whatsapp 09021279689

Healthcare & Medical / How To Start Gym And Fitness Business In Nigeria by Ikoiikenna: on Sat 07 at 02:09pm
Health they say is wealth; the need for health is the need of all both young and old, both for the rich and the poor alike. One of the best and often recommended ways to keep a health and maintain fitness is through exercising. Due to the awareness of the need to exercise consistently the need for an a gym and fitness center is on the growth; there by creating an opportunity for smart investors to invest and make money consistently. Statistics indicates a strong business growth in this sector and its time you invest and leverage on this business.

Every day millions of people, old and young use the services of a gym/fitness centers, opposed to the usual street exercising. Many Nigeria go to the gym either for workouts, weight loss and rehabilitation or for total maintenance of health of the body and fitness. This is a rising advantageous business for investors as there is rise in awareness of Nigerians to keep fit and health. Therefore, you can make a huge amount of money daily, weekly, or monthly by providing gym/fitness services.

A gym/ fitness business is a business targeted at providing personal training, fitness instructions with or without the use of fitness equipment to the general public interested in their healthy state and general fitness. Nigerians are aware of the benefits of exercising of their body like – easy breathing, enhanced heat beat, easy flow of blood in veins etc. so many now opt in to exercise daily, weekly or monthly depending on their free time as opposed to the early believe that gym(ing) is meant for the obsessed or over fat people. This awareness and obedience of many creates steady income flow for investors willing to provide this service. Are you thinking of a business to invest in, it will not be a waste of time nor a regret for you to invest in gym fitness business.

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Follow the below steps
1. Get a business name- this is the first step as it will be your first impression, and the only thing that goes home with your customers. Chose a business name and in choosing one make it simple, short, creative and above all easy to pronounce and remember.

2. Get a business plan- This is a business that in day to day activities deals with customers, like most of other business will require a road map which is the business plan. The business plan will outline all the details needed to start and mange efficiently. We have written and packaged a business plan and feasibility report in this business and you can other for it. Our written business plan discusses topics on:

3. Goals- to start up this business you must first understand the goal behind every successful gym business. You must define your goals and work in line with it; it’s your set objective to accomplish.

4. Marketing strategy- it’s of a truth that this is a successful business for anyone to invest into but its also worthy of note that you’re not the only one planning to start, many have started and more are planning to start so in other to be successful in this business one must have a good and compelling marketing strategy that will keep you above the all. We will in this business plan relay to you the most active strategy to employ in this business to attract customers and keep them satisfied. This section of our business plan helps you target your desired market( customers) and help you reach your desired client base, it will what to offer them and how to offer it to draw them to your center.

5. Pricing- You will believe me that this necessitate your earning, but still over pricing can be discouraging factor to customers and prospective customers. We will in the course of the eBook show you how to price having your earning interest at heart and at the same time keeping your customers. You will see how much to charge based on the service they opt in, based on frequency of training etc

6. Cost- I know this is what you might be skimming for, how much will it take to start? Many will ask how much, some might have stated I don’t have that capital. But the goodness is that in setting up this business you don’t have to empty your bank account(s), you don’t need a large capital all you need is a good guide on how to start and that is why you will be needing our business plan and feasibility report on this said business as it will provide already outlined step and cost and totality of it. Well the capital needed for this business depends on the level you would want to operate but to start successfully you will need a minimum of 150,000.

7. Location- Getting a good location will help boost the business. It’s advisable and advantageous to locate your gym close to the road, parks, streets, or places where people can easily access it. A good apartment or ware house is ideal.

8. Equipment- The type of equipment needed will depend on the kind of gym you plan to set up in the eBook the major type of gym offered in Nigeria and the most profitable was discussed. Eg weight loosing, a yoga, rehabilitation, women- only, multi-sport complex, general fitness etc.
If you decide to render all the gym/fitness services, here are some equipment you could start with.
• Triceps rope –used for training triceps and shoulder.
• Body-solid bicep bomber
• Advanced fitness manta ray used for the neck to improve posture during squats
• Fat grips used to build up muscles and size of arms.
• Pushups/press up handle
• Trigger point ball used to reduce fatigues and pains
• Dual exercise Ab wheel used to train both upper and lower abdomen
• Speed rope used for cardio fitness
• Slip short hip circle used for hip and glute activation and strength support.
• Prosource stackable resistance bands etc
The list continues in the eBook with their cost and of course where to get them near you.

[b]9. A gym attendant-
employ a qualified and experience gym attendance and instructor if you can handle your customers efficiently.

10. Web presence- An email address and a website is very important for advertisement, information, complaints and contributions from customers/ intending customers. Also for payment acceptance for sometimes the customer might want to pay or register with you online therefore, a good manual and online register/record is needed.

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To get started order for this ebook and get detailed analysis, feasibility report market survey and detail income expense calculation and range of return on investment. It’s a business that will make you a boss of your own, be an employee and above all you will be financially OK helping thousand of Nigeria maintain health.

To order call 08130525154 or 08180081665. Act now. It's FREE
You can ask your question if any or using the comment box or just Leave a comment.

Successful Entrepreneur / Mike Adenuga Biography And Net Worth by Micheal: on Sat 07 at 06:00am
Anyone who doesn’t know the story of the now much renowned Michael Adenuga would feel that he is one of those kids that was born into tremendous wealth and just capitalized on it, not knowing that he had some troubles growing up too, had to face a series of challenges all by himself and what he is now is a product of decades spent fine tuning himself.

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Born into the family of Chief Mike Adenuga Sr (school teacher) and Madam Oyindamola Adenuga (trader) in the year 1953, Mike Adenuga is now one of the biggest moguls in Africa and with a net worth set at about $4.6 billion as at January of 2015, he is one of the biggest names in the telecommunications industry.

He had his primary school education at his hometown of Ibadan and went on to have his secondary education at the Ibadan Grammar School. After secondary school, Mike Adenuga travelled out of the country to the united states where he studied and got a degree in Business Administration from the North-western State University. While he was in the university, a lot of money was not forthcoming from his parents who were also low income earners and because of this, he had to take on a taxi job to make ends meet while he schooled at the same time. After his first degree, he went on to get a master’s degree on the same course but at the Pace University in New York.

Getting his drilling license in the year 1990, it took his company just a year before they discovered oil on the lands of Ondo state and his became the first nation-based company to find oil in such appreciable quantities. Branching off from the oil sector and going into telecoms, he got a license in the year 1999 but he faced a snag which had his license revoked. Luck was soon to smile on him again though as the government held an auction in 2003 which saw him get another one. This was the birth of Globacom, his telecoms company.

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With Globacom, Mike Adenuga has challenged the giants in the industry and with the competitiveness he has brought to the whole game, it can be said that he has challenged well. One of the biggest highlights of his company’s policies has to be the optic fibre cables which connects to most countries in Europe and every other part of the world, the first of such innovation in the region. Mike has also not forgotten where he was coming from as he keeps pushing his oil business to the forefront also. For example, Conoil – which happens to be his oil and gas sector investment – is one of the largest players in the industry.

He has holdings in the banking sector also, being the major holder in the Equatorial Trust Bank which met the standard #25 billion minimum deposit imposed by the CBN then, something that forced many out of the banking sector and caused others to merge.

Globacom now being the fastest growing network in Africa and the most innovative network in Nigeria, the business mogul is married to his second wife and has eight children from both marriages.

Beauty Care / How To Start Weavon And Hair Extension Business In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Fri 06 at 08:38pm
Weavons and hair extensions are essentially the most sought out product in the complete female world considering “The hair on a woman is the beauty, without the hair am not sure ladies can also be entirely attractive, so ladies hair is a one in every of their pride, a girl has to make her hair,” to look presentable and because of the popular selection for an extended, straight hair as opposed to the short and kinky nature of the African woman’s hair, hair extension and wigs are unarguably probably the most wanted hair products.

Weavons are extensions used by females to complement their looks and considering that looking good is good business; ladies believe that a lady’s hair speaks volumes about her persona and style so many ladies spend some huge cash on their weaves. Averagely ladies maintain a weave for 2 to 3 weeks so there may be at all times demand for weavons.

Have you ever considered venturing into the weavon business?
Do you love making people look good? If you have answered sure to those questions and have been looking for a way to start the weavon business? Then this is for you.

Alternatively, in case you are effectively looking for a business to invest into, you may also do not forget the weavon business.
One business which is particularly beneficial and which you could with a minimal sum of money is the weapon business. The weavon trade isn't gendered specific it may be done by both the female and male gender, so guys don't say that is for only women.

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As the countdown for the tip of the 12 months season starts and the Christmas mood sets in, hair product is bound to be in excessive demand and which you can leverage on this as hair sale shops is sure to be filled with flurry of exercise as buyers search to switch their appears with new hairstyles and wigs. So if you wish to start, this is the time ( I really think it’s time we start investing in natural or artificial(synthetic) hairs as well and watch the cash flood in)……..Carrying on with this reading. Listed below are instructions for starting a weavon and hair extension trade.

[]How to: [/b]
To start you ought to recognize what style of weapon you want to sell and which is fashionable and is in demand, with no demand you can’t make a profit in this business. There are two varieties of hair extension, Human hair, and synthetic hair. Human hair (because the identity implies is the real human hair) It is gotten from all over the world usually Indian, Brazilian and Peruvian. This type of hair is in excessive demand because of its smooth texture and durability.

Human hair may also be curled, straightened, colored etc. It's basically human hair. Due to its versatile nature, this human hair is extra costly than the substitute hair.
The fee depends on the size. Weapons most of the time are available in exclusive colors and lengths, so it would be excellent to make certain you have got many colors and lengths for customers to choose from.
Additionally, You are to ought to :

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• Do a normal market survey for the prices and dimension of your market.
• look for a supply with good price.
• You may also buy online from online E-stores
• how to buy in bulks because when you buy in bulk, you get good deals.
• Import your goods into the nation and do the vital clearing.
• find a retailer or warehouse, strategically placed, where you resell to wholesale distributors,
• outlets and end users at a good profit margin.
• No person gets to learn about a business that isn't promoted. So, utilize various marketing procedures as a way to sell your hair selling a business.

To help you start we have packaged all this information and every other information you will need to start up this business in an ebook format which you can order.
It’s a contains the business plan, cost analysis market, contact and address where to get goods at cheap price, how to import this product and from where to import from, how to start and how much it will cost to start etc. to start order for this business plan to order
reply to this post.

If you’re in this business or just want to start you can leave a comment.

Drop your comment below. Don’t leave without commenting.

Blogging / How To Enable Https For Your Blogger Blog by ikoiikenna: on Fri 06 at 07:36pm
Google has now decided to make the most of its services with SSL encryption. After implementing HTTPS to Google’s search engine, Gmail, Google Drive, and Adwords, now Google has enabled HTTPS to Blogger or BlogSpot, whatever you call it.

Google considers security as its top priority and has been enduring to put its efforts to make the global internet world secure, which is also a fight against rising cybercrime. As a result, Google always tries to secure its product and services with “HTTPS Everywhere”, which gives users a secure environment over the web.

Google’s Blogger platform has been present since 1999 and offers a free content management system to start an own blog. With HTTPS Everywhere concept, Bloggers and readers will get below advantages. if you are yet to create a blog, Read Also: Beginners Guide To Blogging - A Must Know Before Starting A Blog to learn all you need to start a blogger.

Advantages of HTTPS in Blogger:

Earlier, bloggers were facing an issue of ISP block, which will be averted with HTTPS and bloggers can write content without being interrupted by this issue.
Moreover, HTTPS will secure readers from stopping traffic from unauthorized redirection and malware injection.
It will secure users’ actions and communications.
How to Enable HTTPS in Blogger:

To enable HTTPS on your blog, you have to follow the simple steps shown below.

Frist, sign-in to your Blogger account.
Choose the blog to enable HTTPS support.
Browse “Settings > Basic” section where you will find “HTTPS settings”.
Click on the drop-down menu shown beside “HTTPS Availability” and select “Yes“.
HTTPS for Blogger Blogspot

Once you enable HTTPS feature for your blog, it will be accessed with the encrypted version such https:// yours. blogspot. com.

Solve Mixed Content Error in Blogger:

However, the HTTPS enabling feature is not available for third-party custom domain users. You may face “Mixed content” error due to Javascript content and HTML markup which originates from the template, gadget, page and post source. To fix this error, Google has presented a guideline with Google support.
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General Updates / Benefits Of Investing At A Young Age by ikoiikenna: on Fri 06 at 06:48pm
One of the essential things that you are able to do as an investor is to get an early start.
Investing is understood to be making an investment in order to make a profit, and bringing in that profit will probably not be much more difficult to do if you get an early beginning. The advantages are numerous and can not be missed, although investing at a young age isn't always difficult.


Time is on your side - Waiting to start saving can have a significant effect on your retirement. Yet this can be the most significant of them all, although it is the most straightforward of the benefits. Quite frankly if you start investing in a youthful age history tells us that you are likely to end up with far more than people who invest later in life. Having time on your side means having a longer time period of being in a position to save money to invest in being able to find investments that can grow in worth rather nicely, and also an extended time period. Usually, when it comes to investing, enterprises which are more explosive yield the greatest return on investment. Investors, who possess enough time to recover if something were to go wrong, have the liberty to make moves that are more high-risk.
Those who start to get in life are frequently inherently more cautious with how they invest their money.

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Benefits of Investing at a Young Age.

Compounding returns - Make money on your own cash" is the concept behind compounding. Compounding is when the money you get from your investments is reinvested for the chance to learn more.
By buying a retirement plan, the investor can get much more benefit in the energy of compounding with tax-deferral. The investor's account really has the capacity to grow faster because the amount of money can earn additional cash and you'll have paid in taxes on gains each year remains in the account.
Keep in mind, though, that while compounding can make an impact over several years, there could be periods wherever your money will not grow.
The earlier you start, the longer your money has got the chance to compound.
Compounding returns are extremely powerful in the long term, and the sooner you get started the greater your chance will be to make the most of this. Put more simply here is the power. Routine investments or a retirement account can lead to compounding gains that are huge.

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Expanding further, By continuously reinvesting your earnings, you're exponentially increasing your return on investment.
Knowledgeable investors understand the benefits of investing early and benefiting from the potential gains from compound interest. To help the investor realize how compound interest and time are related, here's an example: When you start the trail to investing early, you give a great edge to yourself that only time can provide.

Enhances spending customs - Investing early on definitely helps acquire positive spending habits, although many usually overlook this benefit. Individuals who invest early on are much less likely to possess issues with overstepping their bounds in spending over the long term. Investing teaches important lessons and the earlier you're able to learn those lessons the more you can profit. Investing early lets you develop disciplined spending habits by focusing on cutting expenses and your budget when needed. The aim here will be to earn money by saving cash.
This really is not possible with poor spending habits along with a life filled with impulse buying. Through investment that was early, the lessons learned when the investor have more capital will pay off in the future, particularly and restraint is required.

Ahead of the private finances match -
If you're a youthful investor you are putting yourself in the universe of personal finance in general. By growing your investments you may be able to manage matters that others can't. Your private finances are bound to get at times throughout your own life, and investing in a young age will help in those tight times. The early bird gets the worm is an idiom worth adhering to. The earlier you begin investing, the better your private finances will be down the line.
Compared to your own counterparts, who may have decided to invest later in life you will be able to manage matters that others can't.
Additionally, at some point, your finances may become shaky, but you will be ready to face such hardships, by investing early.

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Quality of life - The investor needs to be able to avoid having to make frantic moves near or during by investing in things like retirement accounts and Roth IRA's. Quality of life through your retirement years will soon not be much worse because there will be more of a nest egg to work with and fewer pressures.
It's important to be aware that saving cash to invest at a young age isn't easy, but the investor simply can not afford to wait to invest when it is not inconvenient. Do not shy away from investing because you just begin with making modest investments don't have enough and give them time. Investing when you are young is among the best choices one can make.
The Early investment will reduce the danger that you'll be forced to generate dangerous choices to secure a stable retirement.

please leave a comment, they are highly welcomed.

Technology / How To Start An Online Game Lounge Or Cafe by ikoiikenna: on Fri 06 at 09:59am

Starting a new business is definitely interesting, challenging and an exciting prospect. One gets a sense of rush as well as a great deal of satisfaction from preparation to directing, organizing and executing various facets of the direction of the business, from starting a business right.
And what better compared to the prospect of starting a business at which it's possible to convert an interest or a hobby right into a fully fledged business?

Starting an internet gaming business is a function of the rapid strides made in technology over the past few years. The rapid progress of the internet have actually opened up new views of business growth prospects right to the newest frontier in online amusement, that's, net gaming from maintenance, site creation, and internet cafes.
When Starting a gaming business you should take care of a couple features that are important to ensure business success. Some of those standards are as recorded below:

How To Start an Online Game Lounge or Cafe

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- Hardware: It is simply quite clear that a gaming business would need sufficient infrastructure in terms of game portals or high end, sleek personal computers or consoles with adequate memory configurations to support the gaming software. For example, optical mouse, largish monitors, Keypads and the like would be required to develop high-end experience and a high class for gambling customers.

- Applications: There are quite a several different gaming options available online nowadays. For instance, there are quite a couple of sports or combat games and casino as well as online poker. Many of these are accessible online and in some cases, you may need to procure and load the software locally. Regardless, there is an abundance of sites you are able to recommend to your customers for their greatest gaming delight. Additionally, you would have to do routine market research to get information on customer sentiments and latest gaming trends. This way you could have the newest games and cater to the ever-changing needs of people who choose to frequent your gambling cafe.

- Networking: when you have 8-10 or more PCs at your gambling cafe, server management systems that are proper would be required by you.

Place of a gaming cafe is of utmost importance as it determines the number of customer base and footfalls. Also, in the event the gaming area is near a school, the possibility of garnering business from teenagers go up. The reason being the typical target audience will include customers or students up to the age of 30s.

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Bringing customers is just another place that has to be taken care of. In case your gaming cafe is at a visible place that has enough footfalls half the battle is won. If not, you might need to boost your business through in-house competitions, distributing pamphlets in localities that are nearby to spread the word around and garner more business.
Another alternative you could consider is getting a franchise deal with online gaming corporation which is seeking to expand locally and nationally. This usually provides better reach, advertising, and technical support facilities.
Should you do decent preparation use your creativity and carry out strategies nicely, beginning an internet gaming business is quite an interesting and lucrative business venture.

How Helpful was this Article? use the Reply button.

Manufacturing/ Production / How To Start A Profitable Shoe Manufacturing Company by ikoiikenna: on Fri 06 at 07:34am
Shoes are an important accessory that complete and compliment an individual outfit. Everyone needs one form of shoe for their everyday activities, like to go to weddings, church, school, work and other formal and informal events.

Starting a shoe manufacturing company can be a tough one but it also has the potential of making you a lot of profits. The competition in this business is stiff but it is flexible and if you know what you are doing, you can actually break into this market, all you need is hard work and dedication.

Let’s go through the important processes on how to start a shoe manufacturing company:

When you want to start a shoe company, it is important to know the type of shoes that will appeal to customers, the brand competitors are selling and their prices and also what you intend to sell to your target market. It is also important to know if you want to start your business from home so as to checkmate expenses or decide if you just want to go ahead and establish. Having all this knowledge first hand will help enhance your marketing efforts.

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What this means is that you should get someone who is into designing of shoes and learn from him/her. You can go online to make your search easier and locate one, learn how to design trendy and fashionable shoes that can sell in today’s market. Note that, this will come at a price so be prepared.

This means selecting a name for your shoe company, getting a logo and obtaining vendor’s license and approval from your country or city administrative officer. This will enable you to run and manage your company as a legal entity.

Here, you have to get a space that will be able to accommodate your workers and your machinery and other equipment for the production of your shoe. Whatever location you secure to make sure it is in town and in the range of your budget.

In this stage, you will need to get in contact with as many suppliers and manufacturers as you can, so as to choose the one that offers you the lowest unit cost and design the type of shoes you want to your specifications.

To get this done, you need to first set the right price for your shoes both online and offline and then to obtain a business account through your bank to accept online payment through online orders. In all, make sure that the prices you decide on cover your production cost and that it is affordable for your target market.

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When you are done with your production, the next thing to do is to start marketing and creating awareness for your brand. You need to advertise your shoe in the local print newspaper and different trade publications, you can also place ads in men and women’s fashion magazines so that customers from both sexes can easily assess your product.

Get in touch with independent retailers in different locations and offer them a certain percentage of your profits if they assist in marketing your shoe to their buyers.

Online presence
Create a website for your shoe line or get a web designer to help you build a suitable site where you can upload pictures of your finished product and their prices. Also, contact several search engines like and Wikipedia and submit your website to them so that the name of your site will come up on the first or second pages of their search engine anytime customers searches for shoes.

And that’s all there is to it. The processes to get started and to create a successful shoe line.


Agriculture / How To Start Guava Farming Business In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Thu 05 at 06:31pm
Guava is a tropical fruit found mostly in West Africa and in Tropical America. In Tropical America, the guava fruit is yellow in color with pink inside. While in West Africa especially in Nigeria, there are two species - one has green skin with white inside, and the other pink inside.

A lot of people consume guava because of its nutritious taste and its medicinal benefits. The guava fruit is made up of vitamin C, rich in potassium, antioxidants pigments (polyphenols), iron, and calcium. All these health benefits are the major reasons guava fruit is largely source after.
So many people are getting into the guava farm business today due to the potential and profits one can easily get from this venture. And this can only happen if you are dedicated and have the passion to go all the way.
Please go through the following steps and see the things you need to put in place to start your own guava farm.

A good research is highly recommended in a business especially if it's a farm business. Once you carry out the research, you will be able to conclude on the area that best suits your farm business. You will also be able to know the number of years needed to cultivate and harvest the guava fruit, your capital, transportation cost and marketing analysis. All in all, if you feel it will be too much work to carry out research, you can always go online and purchase a feasibility study on guava farm business.

Before you start your guava farm, it is important to know the various categories in guava seeds. This will help you decide on the land to farm in and also help you focus on the specific type of guava seed that will be suitable for the soil of the land. You see, guava plant sometimes depend on weather conditions to grow well and that is one major factor to consider before getting your farmland.

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Once you are able to secure a suitable land for your guava farm, the next step is to source for the workforce. You need to ensure that you get workers who will be as dedicated as you to your farm business. The hire workers will help in clearing and prepare your land for farming, they will also help in the planting of seeds, cultivating and taking care of the trees as well as transporting and marketing the guava fruits to local markets.

As a startup farm business, you are expected to have conduct research and know the specific needs and choices of your target markets. Once you are done with harvesting, the next thing to do is to create awareness for your products and also find ways to transport this product to all the local markets around your town.

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Sometimes, during the process of creating awareness, major fruit dealers from local markets might come directly to your farm and make a purchase of all your guava fruits. Keep it in mind though, that there is always an ever-ready market for your guava fruits because practically everyone loves guava. It is used to make other products like cakes, sauce, ice-cream, puddings, butter, chutney, jam, relish, tropical drinks etc.

Education / How To Start A Vocational School In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Thu 05 at 08:09am
Recently, the federal government lay off a large number of employees. These have been the case in many countries, in many establishments (government and private owned) since the incident of the global meltdown. Following this layoff, many are now taking the choice of entrepreneurship and are opting in for vocational schools.

Nigeria is a country with over 170 million population of which higher percentage of it is unemployed. Irrespective of this fact many are still fired from their jobs on daily basis. Due to this trends, it has now dawned on many that there is no financial security in employment ( if you are lucky to get employed) besides how long will you search for a job when you can create jobs for yourself and others.
This among other reasons has increased the need for vocational schools in Nigeria.

Vocation is simply an occupation to which to which one is especially drawn, suited, trained and qualified for. Vocational school, on the other hand, refers to the institution of learning where students acquire special skills in other to start up a business of their own.
There is thousands of vocational school around the world which offers training of different business skills, many are government established, some are attached to non-profit/ charity organization.

However, some are privately owned and are there to make money. Considering the present demand for vocational skills in Nigeria and your ambition to start up a vocational school below is a step by step guide that will help you start up successfully.

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- Have a reason-
Before jumping into starting a vocational or skill acquisition center, have a reason, a driving force. Ask yourself some questions such as why do I want to start? What do I have to gain? Be sincere when answering this questions. Do you want to start a vocational school just to make a profit? Or do you want to save lives through imbibing vocational knowledge to Nigerians?

- Conduct research-
The next step to this business Is to do your homework. Conduct research- its indispensable, it helps you know more about the business and also help you make the decision if you really want to start. You can also attend a vocational school yourself to get the inner view of the business, learn about the challenges, how it is being run, how to teach, who to teach, and why is a vocational school set up in the first place.

- Draw a business plan
Step two above would have helped you decide if really you have what it takes to start a skill acquisition center, if yes then draw a comprehensive plan which will help bring the whole business to a better concise understanding. Business plans should entail, information about you and your partners, number of needed employees and their posts, location, cost of startup, desk and lab equipment needed, phone lines, advertisement budget etc.

- Registration/ licensing-
Vocational training institute is one that requires registration of business name through commissioned government regulatory body (C.A.C, in the case of Nigeria) and licenses to operate. Without these steps, your business is considered illegitimate and stands the chance of shutdown just like any other illegal school.

- Get a good location-
This is a crucial step towards the success of this business. The site or location of your vocational school determines the type and number of student to attend. Get a structured location near cities and a major road. Your vocational school structure should also be big and conducive for its purpose, properly furnished for comfort-ability of student and to contain the number of skill acquisition classes you have decided to offer.

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- Draw a program curriculum-
It’s not just enough to have a general plan in this business; there is need for a good program curriculum which will detail for every activity for every hour, every day and every week –
-The subject to teach
- Learning objective
- Mode of teaching ( practical or theoretical)
- required learning material
- How students are to be accessed
- Split between lecture and lab time
- Best order to teach all the topic etc
Program curriculum should have the answers to this and more in full details.

- Commence training-
Haven achieved success in all the above steps; you may commence training of students for different skills. Start registration into different programs as dictated by your program curriculum.

- Advertisement and marketing-
Haven commenced training, it’s time we get the word out about our first class vocational school, its time the masses know about your newly established vocational school. Advertisement draws more students.

Conclusively, quality matters ensure quality and expertise of every student enabling them to start up after successful training. This helps advertise your business more effectively than a billion dollar advertisement budget.

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Business Ideas / Top 5 Business Ideas For Civil Servants In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Thu 05 at 05:56am

Are you searching for ways to start any profitable small business as a civil servant in Nigeria but don't know where which and how to go by it? Are you passionate about entrepreneur but you are a public officer already? Do you want reliable home-based and lucrative business opportunities in Nigeria? Either it as a part-time or full-time basis this comprehensive article is for a civil servant like you who want to venture into business because of reasons that are gigantic and enormous to mention today. Maybe a topic for another time.

This article is going to serve as an eye opener and massive business opportunities for Nigerian civil servants who have been struggling to make money apart from the unstable salary- what a pity! Don't let this opportunity slide you by, pick one today and kick start because tomorrow may be too late. I warned!

1. Poultry Farming
This, I must say, is a reliable cum lucrative business opportunity any civil servant in Nigeria, irrespective of the level can venture into without serving as a hindrance to the disposal of the office work. Regardless of where you work or the ministry you held in the government agency or office, going into poultry farming is no a bad business opportunity or idea for you.

Frankly speaking, less interest has been shown into the rearing of poultry birds because many believe that it's a dirty work- poultry dumps do stink and smell bad. What a pity! The advantages of keeping birds surpass the disadvantages- greatly. See Top 5 Reasons Why Poultry Farming Is So Profitable In West Africa

As an individual or civil servant going after this profitable business will later be a blessing in disguise because of the return input you would make. You have the privilege to trade your poultry outputs to your colleagues as your real prospects and potential customers on your poultry produce ranging from birds, eggs, fish and host of other poultry-related animals. Read Also: How To Start Poultry Feed Production Business

2. Recharge card dealer
Except if the day refuses to break that is when over average Nigerian (more than 75 million) won't recharge their cell phones. Adding to the number of this team of airtime or recharge card dealers doesn't eradicate you away from being a civil servant.

To get yourself acquainted with this, it doesn't require you to have any special training, plus little capital can make wave if you can't afford to start big. Thanks to technology, you can print the vouchers yourself and distribute them to your prospect wholesalers.

At the same point in time, you can sell the recharge card in pieces when you reach your office, even your superior would definitely love and adorn this business of yours. Why? because him himself would become your potential consumer.

3.Event planner
Only God can tell the exact number of ceremony that does unfold in Nigeria- mostly on weekends. Maybe ten of thousands, I suppose! This business idea will thrive well under the control of a civil servant than anyone else. Why? Because civil servant is exposed and prone to meet new people every day. This avenue can be a place for advertising your business.

Since weekends are a holiday for civil servants, go out on Saturdays and maybe on Sundays to design and decorate wedding and other on point ceremonial programs. This business is very trivial and easy to run with a token to purchase the materials needed and that's all. You can Start off as a How To Become A Successful Wedding Planner

4. Cake Baking
If actually you are tired of waiting until the month end before spending and at the same time can't tolerate the mess of borrowing money again as a civil servant in Nigeria, cake baking is a good business idea I would love to introduce to you.

Every blessed day, people continue to throw their hands up in the air, rejoicing and jubilating with their loved ones in the name of celebrating their birthday. This can't be accomplished without a cake. What did those this anecdote mean? It means your service as a cake baker will seriously be in need of and high demand.

Taking up this business as a part-time job won't affect you at work because the baking can be done after you are back from office. All you are needed to do is to go for the art if you are new in baking.

Having done this, you need to create awareness and you can begin in your office by informing your colleagues at work, family and friends, acquaintance or neighbors and others; through them, you would win more customers who will patronize you through relatives and friends referral. Cake baking and making aren't costly to start as well as required less energy to use.

5. Freelancing
If your writing process is unique and extraordinary freelancing is a better option you can diversify into as a civil servant whose salary is epileptic, seizure and not up to date paid. Surf the net and pitch several bloggers to take up many contents/gigs to write about on the niche you are good at and make your cool earning through it. Interesting, isn't it?

So, if you are really sure and so versed in writing, it is advisable you take this freelance business and make money shortly after your service is being rendered.

Nigeria economy is no smiling, and no one is left untouched. Including the civil servant is the brunt bearer of this ugly scenario. Endeavor to pick up one- at least -out of the aforementioned business ideas and stop depending fully on your monthly payment before you eat, pay rent, children tuitions and the likes. See How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer In Nigeria


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