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General Updates / Free Ebook Tutorial: Online Profit Streams by ikoiikenna: on Wed 04 at 09:42pm
Who else wants to make multiple streams of income online using these 21 proven ways methods? This is the no-nonsense approach to making money online! simply choose a method, implement and start making money!

Are you interested in making money online but don't know where to start?

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Where Do You Start?

For whatever reason you may have, getting into the world of internet marketing is a good decision. Like most things though, there is a learning curve here as well.

Everyone has to take the first steps and learn the ropes before making it big.

Of course, this can be a journey that is difficult and long.

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For any measure of success, you want to get into the game as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is not like you can just skip this part altogether.

There are many, many ways to make money online, but by no means are they created equal. There are those that don’t work out well, there are the scams, and then there are the proven ways to make money online.

The good news is, I've written a special report giving you everything you need to know about Internet marketing without the technical mumbo-jumbo.


Foods / Ice Cream Production Business by ikoiikenna: on Wed 04 at 03:29pm
One of the businesses you can do and profit within a short period of time is the business of production and sales of frozen yogurt (ice cream). The start-up capital is negligible and is very easy to start up and should be possible from home. You can begin with not exactly N10, 000 and the raw materials are promptly available in the Nigerian market. The raw materials are cheap, the net revenue (profit) is high and that makes it an extremely lucrative business.

Ice cream is nutritious refreshment taken by kids and grown-ups alike. It contains nutritive starch as sugar, fats, protein and minerals and so on. Ice cream is appreciated by both grown-ups and kids particularly in the urban communities. It is then again, consumed more in the dry seasons. This is another product taken by very nearly everyone because of its sweet taste.

Are you unemployed, underemployed or you are an occupation seeker, beneficiary, retiree, opportunity seeker or you are essentially searching for what to do to increase your pay, then this is the opportunity you have been searching for; so don't look any further?
How you'll profit from the production and sale of Ice Cream.

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These are a few routes in which you can unobtrusively profit from this business:
- Selling straightforwardly from your stand to potential clients
- Outdoor/catering for gatherings and occasions
- Special conveyances to homes and workplaces

Startup Equipment and Costs
Ice cream making machine –
Cooler/Freezer –
Furniture –
Rent –
Gen set –
Others -
Complete = ………….
NEED START? then you're at the right place. simple take a step and order our eBook on ice Cream production procedure/feasibility report/business plan on ice cream production

Containing the: [b]

[b] Step by step how to produce quality Ice Cream

The equipment and raw materials required for ice cream production
· The hardware required for the ice cream production
· Where to purchase your types of equipment
· Where to purchase your ingredients
· Packaging
· How to market your ice cream
To Order Reply to this Thread.
Note a bonus of any of business feasibility report of your choice will be included so order now.

South America / Profitable Business And Investment Opportunities In Chile by ikoiikenna: on Wed 04 at 06:01am
Chile might sound like a very remote location for someone to choose for starting up a business but you have to know that above all other things, there is no location too small to make money in. Now, why would we want you to go all the way to Chile to start something lucrative for yourself? First off, the government over there have put some incentives in place to encourage more and more foreigners to start something up in the country.

You would be treated to options which include, but are not limited to, start-up capital, free office space capital and as well, a free stay for a period of six months. As if that is not enough, the natural and business climate of the region is something to write home about, and they are ready in support of your boom. Now that we have established these, how about we just go on and tell you what you can start up in this region?

1. Real Estate- This is a business that you don’t need any huge capital to start. You can begin small and in the space of just a little time, with proper ethics and the right customers, you would be on the large scale. You could be a realtor that buys and sells houses, and lands could be your thing too. The house you buy could be rented out to those who come to the country on vacation or sold out-rightly. You could even renovate old sites and make them into something marketable.

2. Tourism Agency - Yearly, a lot of tourists visit Chile to see sites such as The Torres del Paine Mountains, Atacama Desert, Easter Islands and a host of other locations like that. With a proper tourism agency on the ground, you could organize fun trips and tours for those that would love to see the plains and terrains of the land. Let your package be fun-filled, interesting and able to cut across all age groups that are coming. Be sensitive to the needs of your troupe too and with that, a nice business and pocket await you.

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3. Transportation Business - Being home to a lot of tourists year in year out, Chile is one of the places where the transportation business would thrive the most. A large percentage of tourists come from very far places and as such, do not always bring their cars along. This makes them in constant need of a regular mode of transportation to and from their sites of interest, and you could be the merchant to fill this need. No fleet of cars is ever too small, and since the tourist centers are going nowhere, you’ll never be out of business.

4. Photography - For a region that has such beautiful landscape and is visited yearly by many hundreds of people, it is impossible that people would not want to keep memories of their time over there. A picture, they say, speaks a thousand words, and you could be one of the people that write that a thousand words for the tourists. Get all you need to setup and jet over there. Set up shop and offer your services at decent rates to tourists. If you are lucky, your services could even be paid for exclusively by an agency or tourist group. Not to mention is the fact that you can sell your exceptional photos online to those that would need it, and you could make some impressive bucks this way too.

5. Language Teaching - The main language that is being spoken in Chile is Spanish and most of the people there would love to add some English to the list of their languages. If you are a fluent English language speaker, the locals would pay you to transfer some of your knowledge to them. Likewise, if your Spanish is any good, you would be able to find a business with expats and maybe, some tourists who are looking to pick up a little Spanish to ease their stay.

There is a host of other options such as operating and running a retail store, engaging in the food business and the likes, but we think that with these, we must have set the ball rolling for you.

Please Leave a Reply.

Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by Ikoiikenna : on Wed 04 at 03:05am
seunlovex:please send it to me

Sent. Do check your mail. Please remember to advertise this forum. Thanks

Telecommunication / Buy All Networks Data. by seunlovex: on Tue 03 at 10:30pm

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Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by seunlovex: on Tue 03 at 10:24pm
please send it to me

Business Advice/Tips / Become An Entrepreneur Not A Solopreneur by Ikoiikenna: on Tue 03 at 05:36pm
Who's a Solopreneur?
In the simplest of terms, solopreneurs are entrepreneurs who run their industry alone or single-handedly. These are independent authorities who're engaged in building a individual company with the aid of performing every of the business duties themselves.

They are themselves dependable for achieving personal and economic success from scratch and would not have any employees or support staff working for them. The time period ‘solopreneur’ is a huge term that's used to refer to one of a kind specialists together with freelancers, consultants, small trade house owners and on-name staff.

Difference between a Solopreneur and an Entrepreneur

it's a customary proposal that those walking their possess corporations are called ‘entrepreneurs’, but the same definition may also be utilized to ‘solopreneurs’. However, despite the slight similarity within the definitions, there are many variations between the two. Even as, on one hand, a solopreneur works independently without any employees, an entrepreneur may go with a gaggle of individuals including employees contributors, workers, and consultants. The next are probably the most other differences between solopreneurs and entrepreneurs:

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1. Differences in aspirations and pursuits: Whilst the intention of an entrepreneur is to generate profits, a solopreneur is also more involved in carving a brand or title for himself in the market.

2. Entrepreneurs are thinking about building a organization while solopreneurs are more inclined towards developing their own small area within the enterprise.

3. Entrepreneurs work hard on constructing and increasing their firms but may not be peculiarly connected to it. All they goal for is to transform the industry right into a lucrative venture in order that they may be able to sell it out. However solopreneurs usually are not stricken a couple of buyout and don't plan handy over their so much-adored enterprise to any person else even as Solopreneurs are not stricken a couple of buyout.

4. Variations in hiring employees: Entrepreneurs must hire workers with the intention to meet their goal of maximizing profits in the fastest approach, however solopreneurs are not fascinated by hiring any one.

Diadvantages and purpose why you shouldn't turn out to be a soloprenuer

1. Solopreneurs are workers

2.You're your biggest roadblock

3.Solopreneurs believe small

4. There’s only one means things get carried out: you. Matters can get tremendously lonely

5. Separation of personal and business finances is intricate

6. Solopreneurs shun useful partnerships i.E Lack of collaboration

7. Setting apart industry and individual funds is next to not possible

8. Lack of resources

9. Not for everyone

10. Solopreneurs are hard for higher businesses to rent.

Read Also: How To Be An Effective Leader In Your Business

Performing a giant number of duties daily and being responsible for success single-handedly can show to be very disturbing. From the stress of making a living to the stress of obtaining resources, the list is never-ending. The burden of the work tasks and the possibility of failure can make any one disintegrate, at the same time the stress may also have an impact on the efficiency of the individual.Start thinking significant.

Freelancing is high-quality, however it's better and extra moneymaking to role your self as a CEO. Earn sufficient capital to hire a employees abroad, teach them, and worry concerning the enormous matters that are going to deliver you increasingly pleased consumers. The more that you've the possibility to dream up new approaches of serving your consumer, the more your small business will develop.

Have you learned anything? Let us know.

Agriculture / How To Start A Profitable Bitter Leaf Farming Business by ikoiikenna: on Tue 03 at 10:44am
Really, there is nothing like agriculture and agricultural business. There are numerous business ideas in the agricultural sector and irrespective, they all have high earning potential and a huge profit.
Its times we give a second thought to Agriculture and shun white collar jobs. Seriously, why labor 6-6 enriching another man’s pocket and end up being paid just less than 10% of your effort; It’s time we shun sitting in air-conditioned offices and speak grammar which at the end of the add nothing to your financial worth.

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Forget about your certificate for a moment, let’s talk and do agriculture besides of what value is that certificate and profession if it only makes you a modern slave if someone with no certificate can make 100 times of your monthly earning through agricultural business.

There are lots of lucrative agricultural businesses and of such lucrative agricultural business to start is bitter leave farming business.

Bitter leave (Vernonia amygdalina) is a household foodstuff consumed in all Nigerian homes and by all Nigerians both at home and abroad. Bitter leafs are used in preparing varieties of foods, soups, local dishes and continental delicacies. Bitter leaf is also used by local traditional herbal and medical centers. The standard pharmacy also uses bitter leaf extracts in the production of drugs.

This assures demand and guarantees a huge market for bitter leaf due to its nutritional and medicinal values. The demand for a bitter leaf is also global as it’s exported to other countries as well.
Now, let’s see how to start bitter leaf farming business and make money through it.

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- Get a land-
Firstly to start off, you need to get a land. You can buy one, or easily lease one for a fee as little as nothing. If you are in Nigeria you can visit the river basin development authority in your state to lease a land for a token yearly.
- Prepare the land and start planting- [b]
Preparation of land involves clearing and making ridges or mounds. After preparation of the land commence with planting on the ridges. Please note: propagation of bitter leafs is by the stem.

[b] - Weed and look after the farm-

It takes 3 to 4 months for bitter leafs to reach maturity and blown fully for harvest. Before and within this period of time, weed off every plant but bitter leaf found on the farmland. Doing this helps increase productivity as it eliminates competition between bitter leaf and weeds.

- Harvest and sell-
After 3-4 months your bitter leafs is due for harvest. Harvest and sell produce both to the local market and international markets and make huge profits.
Bitter leafs farming business requires little or no specialization, have less disease attack rate, requires no much work nor replanting every season but yet is fully productive and have high earning potential. If you have the time then you should consider starting up this business.

Over to you. Tell us what you think of this business.

Business Advice/Tips / 3 Keys To Keep Your Business Running by ikoiikenna: on Tue 03 at 09:16am

it's through you have a successful business one that you boast of, one that keeps food on the table, yeah you also make an income from it , yes but is that really the stage you want to operate , do you want to attain a higher level or do you want just to make the little that you're making? If yes then you have to consider this post on the 3 keys to keep your business running. It guarantees your business healthy future just as a car needs this to keep running so also you need this essential keys to keep your business running.

What are these keys to keep this said business of yours running, well its something you might know something or something you might have come across well the thing here is that you need it. Without wasting your time the first key is:

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Ideas I love it. Great, rich and great men the world ever witnessed all archived this greatness just because of the ideas the had, and ideas as defined by the English dictionary means a thought or suggestion about a possible cause of action – it’s a mental impression a belief and the aim of purpose. If you have read my previous post I talked about aim and purpose and as you can see from the above definition that ideas, when put into business, will not only be inevitable tool that will guarantee success cause if new ideas is being brought into a business then the business will not only survive but the business will also stay above all odds and above average- ideas they say is the only factor needed to start up a business every other thing is capital(money).

I don’t know if you agree with this cause I have made use of this same key when I sent a proposal for bulk SMS to a company, yes and that was in my startup stage, I have no money but only have ideas that I forwarded to the company, knowing freely well that with big companies that have long existed before mine but just the ideas that I presented to the company made them consider me before others.

The same applies to business, are you into production, marketing or any sort of business you need is business ideas that your competitors don’t have crew and you will be above them, generate new ideas to present under your companies name and your business will continue to strive for good health. to your customers all you need to win them in is your irritable ideas and they forever pay for those ideas

Do you know you can start a business with just an idea, I will talk about it in my next post, only if you demand it through your honest comments on how you feel about this forum?

Even a newbie in business knows the importance of a good and proper financial management, also one must know that for a business to keep running requires a proper management of finance and for your business to manage its finance one must be: DISCIPLINE, FOCUS, SAVINGS

For one to manage his business finance one must be disciplined in the area of finance to be able to manage his resources and thus keep his business running for good, also one must have focus , focus is also essential for the good management of finance in a business case without a good well define focus vies about the said business will be vague and will guarantee retardation of the business due to the mismanagement of funds.
Also saving for the fund in preference to business is also important for a proper management in the issue of finance.

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Like I said early in my previous post that the first stage of a business startup is the imagination and good imagination produces a good result and every stage is a growth and every growth is a result, so for a business to keep running one must learn how to grow and how to obtain the desired result easily and in a shortest possible time. Read my previous post and remember to revisit or register to receive weekly updates on business ideas you can start and how to start them and how to maintain and keep them running.

Please leave a comment.

Foods / Make Money From Custard Production Business by ikoiikenna: on Tue 03 at 07:37am
A business that will always spin money into the bags of the producer/ manufacturer is the food production business as a man can never skip through a 24hours interval without food. One of such production business that is sure to ensure financial availability to the producer is the custard production business. Custard is a delicious, nutritious Food eaten and enjoyed by everyone, both from infant to paternal age, custard is the desired meal. Custard is a food in powdery form when in its raw state but eaten in a semi-liquid like state like palp, it is preferred over palp because of its taste, flavor and long time storage strength without spoiling or losing any of its desired properties. It’s a cheap, affordable, easy to prepare and among other things which made it a darling of all.

Custard is a food eaten by both rich and poor, calculating its market is just calculating all the stomach in Nigeria and the world, thus the market for this product is enormous and the demand is huge. The huge demand with low supply has created lucrative and money printing business opportunity for you, investors, and entrepreneurs. With this huge demand exceeding supply makes this business a goldmine because of a high-profit margin and low- startup capital.

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You don’t need any equipment or machinery to start production, no huge capital is needed (not capital intensive) for just with a sum of 20,000 one can start quality production. One can start production from the comfort of their homes so no space/ site is considered.

Nothing stops you from going into this business; the ingredient and raw material are readily and abundantly available in all corners of this country. No special skill or education is required all you need to start earning with this money-spinning business is THE STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON CUSTARD PRODUCTION. This step by step guide is in an eBook format and w, therefore, revealing to you in the EBook all you need to know about this business without hiding anything

Custard production is another business that will always have buyers and customers anxiously waiting with their money. Little effort is needed yet big money is realized. If you have been looking for a guaranteed way of making money consistently without stopping then custard production business is for you.
To start order for this eBook and learn


All this and more you will get from this eBook.

Transportation / How To Start Tri-cycle (keke Napep) Business In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Tue 03 at 06:13am
Tricycle, popularly known as Keke Napep in Nigeria is presently a very lucrative transportation business. As the country increases in size, there is a need for people to move from place to place. A Certain measure taken by the government to curb the challenges faced in the transportation industry has not been successful; as there are still signs of insufficient means of transportation at most of the bus stops in every state especially Lagos state.

The tricycle was first introduced in Nigeria on Nov 6, 2002, by the former Head of states, President Olusegun Obasanjo. Tricycle has come to replace the use of motorcycle (Okada)in many towns and cities and it has become a safer alternative used in conveying people on short distance journey within the town.
Tricycle transportation business has created an alternative means of livelihood for so many young graduates.

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It has also created an opportunity for anyone looking to invest in the business. Let's quickly summarize how to start or invest in the tricycle transportation business.

Analysis/Hire Purchase
Cost of importation is about ₦250,000
Clearing and Registration about ₦100,000
Price in the marketplace about ₦400,000 - ₦450,000
Hire Purchase cost ₦650,000
Daily payment or weekly ₦17,000, in a month you will have ₦68,000
Let's spread ₦68,000 into 10months (₦68,000×10)
This will give you a sizable amount of returns on your investment. Not a bad business after all! It is even most profitable to import or buy as many tricycles as you can so that your profit margin in a year will be something to smile about.

To stay aloof and grow quickly in this business, do not limit yourself to only dealing on bulk purchase (cash and carry). This is the essence of making an analysis on hire purchase, to give you an insight on another way to make money in this business.

If you are going to engage in a hire purchase, ensure that the hire purchaser is someone truly worthy. It is in your best interest to make adequate findings of the hire purchasers and to make sure they have or provides credible guarantors. Do a follow-up on them and leave no room for lapses.

Make no mistake about this business, it is very lucrative and there is always room for expansion.

Buy & Sell / How To Start Babies Wears Selling Business In Nigeria by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 02 at 08:16pm

Starting a business is likely one of the most desirable approaches of attaining financial freedom mainly in the event you setup a business that is season independent. If your intention is to generate profits all by means throughout the year without being redundant, then you definitely should consider establishing a business that isn't seasonal. It must be one business whose services or products are wanted all year round. Of such business you can start that is season independent is the business of baby’s wears/clothes sale business- baby boutique.

Quite a lot of opportunities exist and are on hand whilst you decide in starting a business established on toddlers. You probably have been looking for a business to start and you aren't sure of what to do, then you can start a business of baby wear sales business.

Hundreds of thousands of kids are born every year which means many parents are looking to buy little one wear of the others such as toys and different important gadgets. Even when spending is down, one subject the placed persons are not able to prevent putting out cash is in the case of their children, particularly a new born baby. A baby wear selling business or boutique is a place mom and dad and the would – be parents purchase clothes, shoes and all type of kids and child stuffs from. The business involves you shopping babies’ clothes or wears from detailed places either at home (locally) or abroad (through importation) and selling to your consumers and making a benefit from the sales.

Baby’s wears sales business or baby’s boutique has the advantage to be moneymaking and can also be started in a few steps (see steps below), however you'll have to cautiously plan your enterprise earlier than starting up without planning.

This form of business requires just minimal capital to startup and it doesn’t require any technical ability, it is much less traumatic and it's indeed a moneymaking venture if the business is strategically placed and well managed. This can be a business that has an excessive risk of succeeding as it's a business that receives excessive patronage because of its demand.

How rewarding is this business?
One factor that would derail this business from continuing and flourishing is that if babies are not many anymore. This does not appear like going down any time quickly as babies are born at a common and constant expense on a day-to-day basis.

With a many babies being born, they're going to need to be clothed and their mothers and fathers comprehend this and are inclined and ready to move and purchase wears for their infants.
Steps to follow to be ready to start your baby boutique or baby wear sales business in any location of your choice.

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1.Learn and understand the business

2.Decide on a area of interest for your youngster boutique.
You might promote natural little one apparel, 2d-hand youngster objects or fashion designer baby manufacturers, new born toddlers or promote for babies within the range of three-6 months, three months to a 12 months, and so on. Your niche will determine your goal market or target client.

3.Identify your child boutique
paying shut concentration to your target market and niche.

4.Carry out Feasibility Studies
Although this is a moneymaking business enterprise to, it's possible to begin this sort of business and battle to make earnings if due diligence was not pay to business plan and was not implemented before launching the business. So, what you have got to do earlier than launching your proposed baby boutique is to carry out a feasibility be trained and carry out a market survey.

5.Write a Business Plan
Even though you can startup this type of business without writing a business plan/marketing strategy does not make it the perfect thing to do. Irrespective of how small the business you intend starting could seem, simply make it a point of obligation to take go through a well written professional business plan before venturing out to start executively your online business thought. Read Also: Step-by- Step Guide: How To Write A Business Plan

6.Carry Capital
Probably you have raised the capital needed then you have overcome this step but if no longer nonetheless, you then needed to begin your own baby wear sales of baby’s boutique

7.Decide upon a location:
Establishing a baby boutique just isn't one of those businesses that you may simply start from your house (though can be started at home but It will restrain possible market).

It is primary to state that the location of the store you lease or hire to your little one boutique will go a long option to determine how positive the business will grow. When renting or leasing a shop for a baby wear sales business or a baby boutique, be certain that you simply rent a store that is near a place of major human activities, a sanatorium and maternity center or a market that's great for the sale of children’s and baby’s wears or even a residential field with appreciable numbers of younger couples, amongst others.

General Updates / Reasons Why Poor People Are Poor by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 02 at 11:50am
In society of the world and in all economic environment, the ratio of rich to poor is usually on 2:8 out of every 10. This continues as case since civilization till the present day. What could be the cause or why is poor people poor, and why is the rate increasing exponentially.

I pondered on this question for long, as becoming rich is a goal for me, haven seen the 20% out of the 100% of the population leverage on the 80% resources (luxury, food, money, comfort etc) of the world while the poor 80% of the population leverage on the left 20% resources of the world. This is the case all around, centuries has seen this and it's still persisting. Many poor people now see being rich as a bad thing, they now see this trend as an order but dear there is no boundary between rich and poor if there be it is thin as one can easily migrate from rich to poor and from poor to rich with just a single act, its simple and easy so I see it not as an order but just as a zone that one can decide the zone to remain. If a billionaire can go from billions to kobo, and invariably to no money overnight then I don’t see any reason one can't go from zero to billions overnight.

Research into this subject shows the reasons why people remain poor, bring poor or rich is not an order for any, it not of luck but of deliberate consistent act/character of one toward money.

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What we are to take home from this study
What is really being poor Being poor is the easiest (the easiest lover are likely poor)Being poor is not a condition, it’s a mind-set. Being poor is a choice Reasons why poor people are poor being poor is the easiest thing

Have you viewed the popular TV show (who wants to be a millionaire) or have you seen a lotto or luck win promo, where a poor person having just enough to apply for the show or promo to sky rock to a billionaire (winning billions of Naira or dollar). Have you also saw the rate at which the billion reduce to the same amount he registered with, growing up I attribute it to the use of unseen powers by the promo company but understanding made me see that it's not that but its indiscipline and the following of the easiest way on the side of the winner. After winning such money they are often asked “what will you don with this money” we usually hear wonderful plan and goals but which sound good and only as it sounds, they are never achieved cause they are never worked on nor followed because they realize it's harder than said, and so they follow the easiest way-being poor.

Being poor is not a condition it’s a mind-state
Still using the illustration above you tend to find out that being poor it's not a condition it's not that condition or situation where you don’t have money, it's neither not because there is no job or employment, it’s a state of mind one is poor right from his mind. The mind detects the product on the physical. Being rich it starts from the mind. What you think you attract, what you preset in your mind you precede you.

Being poor is a choice
Now I know some would want to throw yup on this, why would I say being poor is a choice but yes it is. We all make choice, and if your poor it's your choice, lets face it. I have seen people all they want in life is to get just enough to keep their world running.

Reasons why poor people are poor: the fail to educate them self.
Educate yourself! Referring not to the formal education for it formal education why are some graduates even the accountants are poor? Educate yourself, I mean in area of finance, financial education is a must, it’s a necessity for all that want riches, poor people fail to educate themselves financially, making money is an art, and to make money and become rich you have skills in the craft. Knowing about money, knowing how to handle money, how to save, how to spend how to invest.

From the above sketch, it’s visibly a typical act of most poor people, they earn to spend, through financial education one discovers just like the chart below.

You don’t have to save after spending, you spend after saving.

Reasons why poor people are poor: dependence on paychecks
This is the number one proof of a poor person, one who can't survive without a paycheck, one who can't live nor survive without a paycheck. One who can't live if the government refuses to pay, if they downsized from their job(s)to be rich one have to be independent on paycheck, poor people depends so much that before the paycheck comes the money is far spent and will look forward to the next paycheck, no matter how handsome they pay defense on paycheck produces poor people.

More reasons why poor people are poor
Reasons why poor people are poor: failure to develop their intellectuals
Reasons why poor people are poor: Failure to save, plan and invest.

Startup Tips / Factors That Favour Starting Up Lucrative Businesses by ikoiikenna: on Mon 02 at 08:40am
I have revived number and number of calls, emails, and messages from people requesting to know the best lucrative business. It is actually disturbing for one searching for a perfect business to start for no one wants to invest without hope of a better return on investment on a short run. So I consider this question thus serious and important so have decided to share it with you “ factors that favor starting up a lucrative business”

Permit me to start by stating the fact that all business is lucrative and profit-yielding never the less there is no such thing as a perfect or most lucrative business, all business is lucrative and profit-yielding if not would be called a business.
Factors that favor starting up a lucrative business helps you consider the challenges of man and also helps you provide solutions to them. Every business is as a result of man's problem and the quest of a business idea man to solve those problems that have made way for earnings. So a business is lucrative if highly patronized, and a business is not patronized if they don't provide high solutions to man's problems.
In starting up a business one must consider the factors that favor starting up a lucrative business:

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This is the fact to consider prior starting up a business as they determine the lucrative of a business. Th geographical location, availability of raw materials, demand rate, and nearness to customers determines lucrativeness
Lucrative is either = high demand with low or equal supply or = high supply with low or no demand
In either way, the form factors are the determinants.

Business Ideas / Small Business Ideas For Stay At Home Dads by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 02 at 05:08am
The world is not new to the idea of stay at home mums, with the rise in the trend of mothers staying back to ensure the growth of the household and development of their kids, but with the way the current economic recession is causing a lot of companies to lay off their workers, the world has been introduced to the idea of stay at home dads also.

Being a stay at home dad isn’t the end of the world and while you are still looking for employment, you could do well to support the expenses of the home also with these 7+ business opportunities that we would be suggesting.

1. Consultancy
If you were holding a professional position from the company where you were laid off from, you could pick up consultancy services for another company in the same industry and even though you wouldn’t be employed full scale, the contract salary is better than having nothing at all.

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2. Remote Controlsmputer Engineering
With the internet, we don’t need to establish much physical contact before we get work done. If you are well versed in the language of computer and its repairs, you could provide easy fixes and solutions to people online and if you have a way of structuring the program well, you would be making big and getting a name for yourself too.

3. Freelancing
There are a lot of careers to pick up in the world of freelancing. If you have a skill as a writer, graphics designer, software engineer and the likes, why not embrace a full time or part time freelance career till you get yourself back on track again? Read Also: How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

4. Affiliate Marketing
Since you’ll be having a lot of time on your hands from time to time, going online and setting up an affiliate marketing platform wouldn’t hurt. Get reputable online business stores that offer close to everything and get affiliated to them. Market some wares to your online followers and promote your link too. You would get paid by commission on every purchase and the more the purchases, the more you make. See The Affiliate Marketing category to get started.

5. Sports Prediction and Betting
While this should not be taken as a full time job, it is one of the perfect ways for you to spend your time and have fun at it too. Place bets with certain betting organisations and predict the out comes of matches to win. There are various prediction methods online so don’t worry about always losing. Get rewarded for your passion. Read Also: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease

6. Accounting
From the comfort of your own house, you could start up an accounting service for individuals, businesses, offer consultations, draw up quotations, assist with payroll and even tax services. All these does not even need an office to be rented out. Your living room or a spare room would be all you need.

7. Transcription Services
Some documents and writings are already in audio and people would love to convert them to text. If you know that you can offer these kind of services, look for transcription companies or individuals that need this kind of service and offer it to them. Transcription is hotcake, and you could even go into it full time if you so much love it. Read Also: Get Paid To Write Reviews

8. Event Planning
Last but not the least is event planning. You could stat by planning events for your friends and neighbors for free and slowly but steadily, increasing your client base through referrals and networks from those you have worked for. By the time the economy picks up again ad you get your job back, you could have even had an event planning start up on the side. Read Also: How To Become A Successful Wedding Planner

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