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Top 10 Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria

  • Jan 2018
  • web

  • Since inception, Nigeria online stores have gained more grounds and are now as serious as ofline business. Large percent of of Nigerian population now prefer shopping online and have it billed to their door steps rather than going to an offline store.

    Following the positive revolution towards online stores in Nigeria that took place in 2014, Nigerian online stores are making a leap just like the Ebay, Amazon etc. gone are the days one have to change Naira to dollar, register for PayPal and have to go through proxy hassle just to shop and buy things online neither will they wait for months for their goods to arrive Nigeria.

    Nigerians now enjoy through online stores just the same goods of equal quality in Nigeria at cheap and affordable prices; best of it is the option to pay only on delivery which no international online stores offer.

    Below is a list of top 10 Nigerian Online stores According to product availability, customer service and trust for satisfaction and quality product delivery. This list is numbered based on the Alexa ranking of the site.

    Please note that there are many other Stores aside this list, the fact that any or one of they didn’t make it to the list doesn’t mean they are not legitimate, this is just top ten. You can also add your best online stores to the list using the comment box below.

    [b]1. Jumia.com.ng[/b] Top of the is Jumia- jumia is a Nigerian online store site founded in 2012 by a group of individual including Jeremy hodara, sacha poignonee, tuned kehinde, Raphael afaedor and Leonard Stiegeler with funding from rocket internet. Jumia as an online shopping site offers wide range of electronics, fashion, home appliances and kid items product for sale. The head office is currently located at Lekki in Lagos State Nigeria. Jumia offers effective site platform that enable you to order product and enjoy product and enjoy free delivery or delivery for a token depending on ordered product and distance.

    [b]2. Konga.com[/b] Konga is another online store competing at the top, founded the same year as jumia (2012) by Sim Shagaya with 20 staffers. Konga focus on merchandise spanning various categories including consumer electronics, home appliances, books, fashion, children’s item, computers and accessories and personal care products. Konga head office is at Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria.

    [b]3. Jiji.ng[/b] Jij is a secure online store that allows individuals to buy and sell any product or services effectively in Nigeria. Jumia deals on all kinds of Electronics, gadgets, Home appliances computers etc.

    [b]4. Kaymu.com.ng[/b] Kaymu is my favorite online store with regards to jewery in Nigeria. Its head office is at Lekki in Lagos offering sales of jewelry, home appliances, mobile phones and vehicles. Kaymu offers multiple sellers item list for sale and you can pay via internet banking, bank deposit or payment on delivery.

    [b]5. Dealdey.com[/b] This is another online store founded by Sim Hagaya (founder of Konga) but in 2011, a year before konga. Its offers varieties of products for sale as synonymous to Konga.

    [b]6. Mystore.com.ng[/b] Is a secure online shopping store offering sales of mobile phones, fashions, electronics and home appliances.

    [b]7. Taafoo.com.ng[/b] Taafoo has its head office in Oregun in Lagos state but delivers goods nation wide. It offers sales of fashion items, mobile phones, gadgets, computers and household appliances.

    [b]8. Kara.com.ng[/b] Kara offers Nationwide Delivery with head office at Ikeja in Lagos State Nigeria. They offer items like home appliances, mobile phones, power systems and computers.

    [b]9. Regalbuyer.com.ng[/b] Regalbuyer is an online store in Nigeria offering sales of phones, computers and electronics. They receive payment via credit or debit cards.

    [b]10. Gloo.ng [/b]Is also a Lagos State based online store. Gloo.ng enables individual to register and sell or buy products online This is our list which is not complete without yours- please use the comment box to add your favorite online store to the list thanks.





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