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How To Start A Wedding Consultant Business

  • Jan 2018
  • consult

  • Do you enjoy planning events? Are you the well-organized type who pays attention to little details? Then maybe a career as a wedding consultant is just for you.
    Wedding consultant business is one business that can be run anywhere, be it from the comfort of your home or in an office/working environment, it does not matter. Most of the actual work you will engage in is done in different locations, so you have to be prepared because you might possibly be traveling outside or around your city to plan the most important day in a bride's life.
    Here is the business sample on how to start a wedding consultant business.

    [b]STEP ONE: [/b]
    To establish this business, you need to write a business plan. A business plan which will enable you to indicate the different aspects of your business and how well you intend to handle them. You also need to highlight in your business plan, your goals, vision and mission statements and all other important information.

    [b]STEP TWO: [/b]
    You need to decide the name you wish for your consultancy business to be known. First of all, if you plan on operating from your home and you want to use your own name as a business name, then you do not have to register your business. but if you will be renting an office space and the rest, then you need to register the business under a company name with the corporate affairs state office in your city. This way you will be able to operate legally on all stationary.

    [b]STEP THREE: [/b]
    Get certified. You need to undergo some serious training on how to be a professional wedding planner. There are experts in this line of business who you need to take one or two lessons from in order to gain the necessary experience. When you get certified especially from the professional body like Association of Professional Wedding Consultant. it will give your clients that confident that you know your onions.

    [b]STEP FOUR: [/b]
    Decide on your price. You need to come up with your charge fee and draw a contract agreement where clients can sign in. With the contract, your business will be protected from any unforeseen circumstances and from clients who might not want to pay the agreed fee at the end of the service you rendered.

    [b]STEP FIVE: [/b]
    As a wedding consultant, it is important to build a good relationship with local wedding vendors. That way you can get your clients to be featured in any of their magazines and newspapers. You can also get a deal with them to receive a small fee for every client you recommend their magazines.

    [b]STEP SIX: [/b]
    Advertise your business. Start by creating a website showcasing photos of your work, along with your contact information and video testimonials from brides talking about how wonderful your service is and all that. You can also advertise your business in local wedding magazines, online wedding blogs, and other social media platforms.





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