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Steps In Advertising Process And Its Strategies

  • Jan 2018
  • advert_market

  • In today's Business, it is no longer enough to develop a product, give it a price and then distribute without any form of communicating it to prospective customers that such product exists? Perhaps due to the thousand alternative products that saturate the market, literally there is nothing new! Irrespective of the source of inspiration or source of the product, it must have been in existence or it has a close resemblance or use like another product. No matter how good your service or product is, there is always a need for advertising and this is so due to the fact that product now needs advertising to communicate to prospective buyers and also be able to convince buyers that it can satisfy their needs.

    Advertising Process and Its Strategies leading to growth.
    As a result of this, every business organization and entrepreneurs now engage in one form of advertising activities to capture their target market. Due to this competition in the business world, many businesses from the ground state make plans for their advertisement. Do you have a business and it's underperforming, do you have a product that you have to develop and want to launch into the market whatever your business or services advertising can do more good than you imagined. Haven Known this, some businesses spend thousands on advertisement yet not making the best out of it. If you fall into any of the above-listed categories then this article will definitely be of immense help to you as it will provide a list of best yet affordable advertising medium and strategies any business owner can utilize and take his business to the right audience.

    In this article I will provide a list of advertising medium one can utilize and the strategies that will ensure you make the best out over dime you spend on advertising. Advertising is not enough to bust right advertising make the difference so continue reading.advertising

    [b]Strategy 1: Identify your niche-[/b]
    The first step towards a better Business advertising and profiting from it is identifying your niche, that is what’s the category your business or product or service fall into, is it a health product, educational, fashion and lifestyle or is it entertainment. Identify your niche.

    [b]Strategy 2: Identify your audience-[/b]
    Haven identified your niche and audience. Know who is your audience are, is your audience students or the bunch of football lovers, is your audience Smokers, are they music lovers or are they Game players? Identify your audience. What good will it do if your advertising school kit to people in their 80’s or graduates, what good will it bring if you advertise cigarettes to Christians or hockey to football lovers it's useless and non-profiting?

    [b]Strategy 3: Take words to your Audience-[/b]
    At this stage you know your business/service or product niche, you know who your audiences are. Then this next step is to take words to them- this is the real advertising, it’s the advertising process in which you inform the right audience of your business/service or product.

    [b]Business Advertising Mediums[/b]

    West Entrepreneur – here in West Entrepreneur we will help you take your business/service or product to its right audience so advertise with us.
    [b]Bulk SMS[/b]- the second advertising media I will like to talk about is the use of bulk SMS that is sending a mobile message about your business to mobile users. This have proven to be an effective advertising media, people might not listen to radios nor watch TV, they might not read bulletin nor newspaper but they are sure to read their messages. Leverage on this now. You can contact us for one million active mobile phone numbers according to age, sex and location for this purpose.

    [b]Email marketing-[/b] with the advance in technology and email this has become an effective advertising media. You can contact us for one million active Email arranged according to age, sex and location for this purpose.

    [b]TV stations-[/b]though existing for long still remains effective advertisement media as it has the ability to target the specific audience in a given location.

    [b]FM radio stations-[/b] just like the TV station helps attract targeted audience.
    Internet- through ad banners and sponsored post across the internet just like ones offered here - West Entrepreneur

    In conclusion, advertising been a flexible promotional tool generally provides opportunities for individual/business organization to reach a small-defined audience or a large audience in a cost-efficient and effective way.





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