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Fast And Easy Ways To Send Bulk Email Messages Online For Free

  • Jan 2018
  • advert_market

  • [center]The online world has by far dominated in every aspect. online Marketing has proven more effective when compared to the traditional ways of marketing. On the front roll of effective online marketing is Email marketing. This has been understood by many Onlinepreneurs, webmasters and bloggers, however, the problem of sending bulk email has been discouraging. With Gmail, Yahoo mail and most email service providers you are only entitled to send one email to one receiver per time, at max 100 receiver.
    But what then happens if you intend to reach a larger market? well if you have been facing this problem of sending bulk emails to your target audience then this article will remain a blessing.

    [b]Learn The Fast and Easy Ways To Send Bulk Email Messages Online For Free[/b]

    So You have a Thousand + email address that you would want to Send emails to either to inform them of your new launch, new product or service or to get them to visit you? if not then read our Previous article on [b][url=http://westentrepreneur.com/693/how-to-generate-unlimited-bulk-mails-online-for-free]How to Generate bulk Email Address[/url][/b] for your campaign.

    Having generated the email addresses You will have to separate all of them with comma quote.

    [b]How to Separate Bulk email With Comma[/b]

    Just click this link: https://commaquote.azurewebsites.net/

    In the first text area section paste all the emails you have copied from your mass email generator and click on Convert.

    After loading just scroll to the next box and you will see all the emails separated by a comma.

    You can now copy them and save them on your notepad.

    [b]Now to Send your Message, Follow This Steps.[/b]

    [b]Step 1: [/b]Visits www.bidvertiser.com and register as a publisher

    [b]Step 2: [/b]Log into your account and scroll to the top right-hand side you will see some three options as bellow

    [b]Step 3: [/b]From the above options click on Recommend, and a new Windows will open

    [b]Step 4: [/b]From the above, you can see three spaces. In the first space put your email address(all the email you have already separated with comma quote) and in the second sections put the subject I.e the title that will appear when you message is delivered than in the third box write your message which you will like to send to all the generated emails.You can add links to your messages

    [b]Step 5: [/b]After that scroll down and click on Recommend this site and you will receive a notification pop out that your message has been successfully sent.

    Now when the owners of the emails owners login they will see your message directly in their inbox.

    The above can act as a method of promoting your site or affiliate /Referal link without using any newsletter.

    Hope it is helpful? kindly share with others. [/center]





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