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Business Lessons From Bill Gates + Biography And Net Worth

  • Jan 2018
  • entre_success

  • Bill Gates, Currently the world richest, was born to a lawyer and teacher family in the year 1955 and although his parents had a law career in mind for their son, he chose to follow a different path and made it through.

    Born Henry William Gates but later adopting the name Bill, he first started to show interest in computer programming at the age of 13 when a set of computers were donated to their school and ended up getting addicted to the act so much, his school had to allow him to forfeit maths classes to focus on his programming.Bill Gates continued to learn the various programming languages that were in vogue during his formative years such as Cobol, Basic, OS DOS and the likes.

    Growing up in a family of three kids – an older sister named Kristianne and a younger Libby – Bill Gates took his passion for computer programming and with the friend whom he would end up registering and funding the business with, Paul Allen, they both followed their passions through college. When gate’s Lakeside school received the computer grants and the Mother’s Club purchased for them something equivalent to the computer time, Gates spent most of his free time in the computer laboratories and in the end, came up with his first gaming program – the tic tac toe – which succeeded in gluing him to the word of programming.

    In the year 1970 and at age 15, Gates and his friend Paul collaborated on a project which they named the Traff-O-data, a program that monitored the traffic in the state of Seattle and fetched them in the area of $20,000 as earnings. Inspired by this, they started to look for new grounds and they both went their ways to college, mostly because Gate’s family wouldn’t allow their son pursue a career without a college degree. Paul, who went to college in Washington, also dropped out after two years and Bill followed suit. Soon, Bill showed his friend a model on an Altair computer and they talked about the kind of modifications that could be made to improve it, sending the company a letter to that effect. When their request to make some improvements got granted, Paul and Bill did and the project turned out to be a huge success and in the course, they formally registered their business – Microsoft.

    Since then, the Microsoft business has been growing in leaps and bounds. Bill gates have made a lot of other notable investments over the years and this has seen him hold the position for the richest man in the world for a very long time. Although losing out to Carlos Slim on two different occasions, with a net worth that is past $70 billion, Bill Gates has been the richest man in the whole world since 2014 again.

    Bill is happily married to Melinda Gates and the couple has three kids together, alongside a charity organization which has donated in excess of $20 billion to charitable courses so far. At the time of their death, Bill gates and his wife hope to have donated 95 percent of their total money to charity organizations around the world.





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