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How To Start An Avocado Pear Farm Business

  • Jan 2018
  • agric

  • Do you love eating an avocado pear? Does planting seeds fascinates you and would you love to turn that fascination into a source of income? If yes, then this article will guide you and any other novice entrepreneur into starting an avocado pear farm business.

    [b]Benefit of Avocado Pear[/b]
    Avocado pear is among the most proteinous fruit around, it contains over three grams of protein that is not seen in other fruits.

    According to study, 80 percent of people both young and old from a different geographical location like and eat avocado pear fruit because it is delicious and has great nutritious value. This fruit can also serve as a means of livelihood for farmers and any new entrepreneur who wish to tap into this profitable fruit business.

    [b]Here are the necessary steps to get you by on starting an avocado pear farm business[/b] :
    [b] 1. GET A BUSINESS PLAN[/b]
    This is a very important factor in every business, a good business plan enables you to plan and strategize. It ensures that you get a complete outlook on the business as well as problems which may likely occur. It also creates room for you to consider things like, where to plant, equipment/tools needed for the planting, number of workers to hire, the market for fruit, transportation cost, and others.

    [/b]2. BE DETERMINED
    Determination sees to it that you achieve anything you set your mind to and you don’t rest until you get your desired results. So it is not enough to have a business plan or rely solely on the research work you have done, you need to back everything you have on the ground with the desire to see things done in the right manner.

    [b]3. BE A SCHOOL ON FARMING[/b]
    What this means is that, you need to find a way to learn all the process about planting the avocado pear, the number of Avocado Pear seed to plant, when it germinates, type of soil to plant it and other important stuff. You can volunteer to assist someone on their farmland, possibly a farmer and watch how the whole planting and farming thing works. Even though you might not be the one to work on your farmland yourself, it will still be to your advantage to learn everything.

    This is the most important factor in the farming business, because if there is no land or space to farm then nothing can take place.So you need to secure the right location that will be suitable for the type of farming you are embarking on. To plant avocado pear, you need to be sure the farmland have enough space for the plant to grow properly, PH type of soil, enough sunlight, access road and good water supply. Those are the things to put into consideration before getting your farmland.

    [b]5. PRODUCTION COST[/b]
    What this means is that you need to consider everything it will take to get your farming operation underway. For instance, how much it will cost to secure a farmland, the equipment and machinery to operate the land, your labor cost (the number of workers), water supply and transportation cost. Make sure you are able to get your total production cost in place so that you can start your farm business on the right footing.

    Once it gets to the time for harvesting, start looking for the right market to get your fruit to. There are retailers and wholesalers in the local market who trade on fruits, get in contact with them and supply your farm products. Also, a lot of manufacturing industries who are into cosmetic uses avocado pear as a major source of ingredients for some of their facial and body creams, contact and contract these manufacturers and get them to patronize your farm product.

    [b]7. SETTLE All LEGAL MATTERS[/b]
    This is important you settle any legal issue concerning your business at the very beginning, that is if you intend to take your business to greater heights. Doing so will save you a whole lot of stress and it will prove to your clients and customers that you are a serious business-minded person. So get to the appropriate authority in charge of licensing and approval and settle all legal matters with them.

    And that is all there is to know to be on the right path to start your own avocado pear farm business. Best of luck.

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