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3 Deadly Idea Killers You Must Avoid

  • Jan 2018
  • biz_tips

  • There are motivations and provoking statement or ideas but there are also idea killers, it is not the negative individuals but various bad habits that hinder progress and invites retard growth. These idea killers are mostly caused by low emotional IQ, which is more of the inability to control our feelings and our body at a particular time when we really need to be actually active in our dealings. This post identifies 3 deadly idea killers;

    [b]Time mismanagement is one killer that can destroy your ideas[/b]
    Research any successful small business owners, they never play with their time. As the popular saying goes, time is equivalent to money. Time and money are intertwined, they work hand in hand. What you do with your present determines what you see in future. Time spent in idle gossip, uneducated movies to mention a few are mismanagement of your time. In time mismanagement there are distractions.

    [b]Procrastination also is a deadly idea killer[/b]
    Postponing the present into the future is unwise. You got an idea to execute, do it straight away. Start the research and draft the strategy to execute the idea. Procrastination they say steals time. Many of us have had various ideas but we keep postponing due to laziness which is part of low emotional IQ. There will never be a better time of starting than now, else you start late and start with the wrong strength and probably never get anything done. The time to start that idea is now.

    [b] Impossibility mentality[/b]
    Looking at the stories of various successful individuals they believed in their ideas and themselves, they believed even when others never believed, they knew what was ahead of them, they knew there was a big break for them.

    The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to never believe his/her strength. With you not believing you are surrounded with an impossibility mentality even when the idea is so glaring you doubt it. For the successful impossibility is tagged a disease. We should dare to believe in our dreams and ideas. One of the mistakes that can kill our business ideas is the impossibility mentality in virtually all things and things that are so glaring to be possible.

    These are my 3 deadly idea killers we should always avoid for a successful execution of our ideas. Do not limit yourself to these killers there are others you might as well make your research on them.





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