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Five Lessons To Learn From Top African Entrepreneurs

  • Jan 2018
  • biz_tips

  • Africa also has its own fair share of success stories among the greatest in the world and we have successfully bred people who have one on to be successful entrepreneurs in the continent.

    These people are not just entrepreneurs but have also gone on to be so successful that they have become billionaire in their respective fields. If what you are looking for is how much these people are worth, if as an entrepreneur, you want to know how these people got to where there are, then this is for you.
    First, who are the richest billionaires in Africa? In the top ten, we have Mo Ibrahim (Sudanese; founder of Celtel), Alhaji Aliko Dangote (Nigerian; CEO, Dangote Group), Patrice Motsepe (South Africa; founder, Africa Rainbow Minerals), Mohammed Al Amoudi (Ethiopia), Mike Adenuga (Nigerian; founder of Glo, ETB and Conoil), Femi Otedola (Nigerian; founded, Forte Oil and Gas), Nicky Oppenheimer (SA), Nassef Sawiris (Egypt), Johan Rupert (SA) and Naguib Sawiris (Egypt). [/b]

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    From all of these people, what lessons can we learn from them?

    [b] 1. See opportunities, not problems[/b]
    Africa has been labelled to be many bad things, some of which is the third world, corrupt continent, backwards and all, but these people did not follow the bandwagon of people that left the country to seek greener pastures in Europe and America. Instead, they stood their ground here and within a will, made it big. The will to succeed and see the opportunity in every challenge is one of the makings of great entrepreneurs. While Adenuga and Ibrahim were solving the problems in the telecoms sector, Dangote was providing the basic needs and they
    all made it this way

    [b] 2. Money is seen with the mind[/b]
    If money was always visible to the mere eyes, a lot of people would have ran down to Africa to start an establishment of some sort because here, there is a lot of untapped potential and money making trains that are still yet to be taken hold of. While others were staying away, these men were attracted. While others saw the poverty in Africa, they saw only the riches in the land. That is the power of a sound mind and an entrepreneur’s thinking to turn things around.

    [b] 3. Knowing your strengths[/b]
    On closer look at these entrepreneurs, you would see that they didn’t play gambles with their investments but picked their core strengths and then concentrated fully on it. While Otedola went into oil, Dangote was pleased with his provision of daily commodities and they honed these strengths to great wealth for themselves. Don’t put your hand into too many broths. Instead, pick one you’re very sure you’re good at and strive to excel therein.

    [b] 4. Understanding the business: [/b]
    This is one of the advantages that comes with focusing on one line of business. These entrepreneurs were able to put themselves into it totally and learn all there is about the business. They understood the cons that made the whole machine work and paid attention to the number crunching. As an entrepreneur, it is not enough that you have had your business running and put someone in charge. No. you have to understand what you are doing too.

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    [b] 5. Embrace humble beginnings: [/b]
    It is hard to not feel pressed by peers who are already doing well when you are still struggling in business but these entrepreneurs have not let that faze them. Asides from the Sawiris who got their own wealth by inheritance, the rest of the billionaires had to start small and work their way up to the top. They didn’t just get there overnight, but by embracing their little beginnings and fighting on.





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