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How To Start A Profitable Paw-paw Farming Business

  • Jan 2018
  • agric

  • Paw-paw is a fruit with green skin, sweet yellow flesh and black seeds that grow in hot countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, West Indies etc. Paw-paw which is also known by its botanical name called, "Carica Papaya" is not a highly perishable fruit as believed by many. It can stay up to two weeks with proper storage. Paw-paw farming business is a lucrative venture to invest in, this is because there's a huge demand for the fruit - and you can actually map your production strength to the market capacity and grow your paw-paw as the demand comes. Now, let's see what the basic requirements are to start up a pawpaw plantation business.

    DO RESEARCH: It is always wise to have a research work done before going into a business. When you carry out a well-planned research, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge that will guide you properly to write a review good business plan. Through your research, you will be able to decide the best geographical location/area that best suits your pawpaw plantation, the market analysis, competition, transportation costs, entry and exit strategies and the rest.

    WRITE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN: Once you make up your mind to start this farming business, you should consider getting a business plan written for you or you can write one yourself. Your business plan should have in details factors like the suitable location for your farmland, the number of workers needed, marketing strategies, taxes, farming equipment, a short-term and long-term goal of the business etc. papaya-tree

    CAPITAL: If you are aiming to start on a large-scale, you will need to secure a parcel of land of about 200mm on the average cost of #300,000 Naira depending on the geographical location the land is. + Modern farming equipment and other logistics, you will need a total amount of #500,000 naira tops. On a small-scale, you will need an adequate space where you can plant and grow about 10 to 20 trees and progress from there. With #80,000 you can get started.


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