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Start up Lesson For Every Agripreneurs

  • Jan 2018
  • agric

  • Agripreneurs
    are a new breed of entrepreneurs combining their love of farming and
    agriculture with business. A successful agripreneur is one who has the
    ability to think outside the box, recognizing opportunities which others
    could not see. Here are some Start up lesson for every agripreneurs:

    • Identify one area of agribusiness

    If you are a “Jack of all trades”
    you will find it difficult being a master in one business. You need to
    concentrate on building and promoting a business. Do not start
     agri-business because you heard it bring high returns, venture into a
    business you love and have background information on, study the business
    carefully, build an energy around the business, acquire more skill on
    the business, apply your own ideas, bring in experts that will help you
    grow the business.

    • Don’t expect to start perfectly

    Procrastination is the killer of dreams. Do not expect to have enough money or investors before you can start that new business.
    You can start very little, what matters is your dream for the business.
    You can only stop growing when you stop dreaming higher. Do not be
    satisfied with where you are per time, always aim for the top while you
    gradually take the steps.

    • Have your customers at the back of your mind

    Every business is set up not for the owner but for the people.
    Whichever area of agriculture you plan to venture into, have your
    intending customer’s interest at the back of your mind. If your
    service/product is good, you will have not only return customers but
    referral customers too. Your satisfied customers will be part of your
    media team. If possible, when starting that business, conduct a survey
    on what the people want.

    • Success is a gradual process

    You must do what is required to acquire what is desired. Do not rush
    success. It takes the demands of discipline and diligent to be
    successful. Take your success journey one at a time, be focused on your
    defined goal and be determined to attain your goal and you will
    definitely get there.

    • Learn how to market

    If you cannot market your agriproducts, you are not going to succeed
    as an agripreneur. As a matter of fact, I think marketing should be one
    of the basic concepts an agripreneur must learn how to do. There are
    different forms of marketing, so depending on the service you are
    rendering or product you are selling, you can choose the best that suits
    your business and brings higher returns.

    An agripreneur
    should keep assessing different market strategies until he finds the
    most effective. He should also seek the service of a good marketing
    manager to help promote his business.

    • Stay updated with the trends

    To be successful in agri business, you must be well-informed of the
    latest trends. Always do research on how the business is being done by
    your competitors. In agriculture today, most agripreneurs have developed
    easier ways of doing business with maximum profit assured. They spend
    lesser time and still get better profit.

    Don’t be afraid to fail

    Life is too short to let fear make the decisions for you. It is not
    easy to overcome the fear of failure but once you build up the
    confidence to not let fear hold you back you will achieve more success.
    So if you must be successful, be ready to face failure. Many successful
    agripreneurs failed countless times before they succeeded, let your
    passion for agriculture see you through.

    • Believe in yourself

    If you don’t believe in yourself, you cannot succeed in your
    agribusiness exploit. You cannot sell/promote what you don’t believe in.
    No matter what you are facing, always brace up to the challenge. Be
    proud of yourself and the small success you achieved and you will be a
    big success.


  • Jan 2018
  • agric

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