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13 Profitable Waste To Wealth Ideas

  • Jan 2018
  • arts

  • ┬áDo you know that you are unknowingly throwing your money away? Well getting to know these recyclable things will just give you some extra cash.

    1. RECYCLING OF WINE BOTTLE AND CORK COVERS - on eBay, you can get to sell the wine bottles to the wine company, even crafters can buy the cork for cool cash.

    2. RECYCLING OF OLD AND BAD ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - Throwing away electronic devices is as good as throwing bills in the trash can, these devices can either be sold back to the company for refurbishing or sold to a local repairer for some cool cash.

    3. POLYETHYLENE MATERIAL RECYCLING - There are whole lots of polyethylene materials that you are considering to get rid of by disposing of, but you are to make cool cash with them by just gathering them to a reasonable amount and selling it back to a polyethylene company.

    4. COLLECTION AND SALES OF FACTORY WASTE - these involves the collection and disposing of factory waste on contract for the company, some of such wastes can also be sold too for some cool cash.

    5. PAPER RECYCLING - Waste papers can be used by an artist or for the production of toilet rolls among other things.

    6. COMPOSTING - you can make your own organic fertilizer by keeping wastes from the kitchen and other prospective fertilizer products in a place set aside for it, for a long period of time, you will get enough fertilizer which can be sold or used on your own farm to save cash or make extra cash.

    7. RECYCLING OF RUBBER- Broken rubbers or useless rubber products can be sold to the company for recycling to be remolded and used for production.

    8. RECYCLING OF NEWSPAPER- Newspapers are all over the place, we get them every day and end up stacking them and not using them and eventually trash them. But how about selling them to Tissue Company or pharmaceutical stores or some local food vendors, you will sure earn.

    9. RECYCLING OF SAWDUST - These can be sold to crafters or artist or used as a fuel or even by carpenters to fill wood or also used in the animal farm for a myriad of purposes.

    10. SCRAP METALS - these Can also be gathered and taking to the company to be melt and remolded.

    11. YARD WASTE- these are all the waste we can gather from the garden which mostly includes dead plant parts which can be used to make hummus or even a breeding ground for snails.

    12. BATTERY RECYCLING - no battery is ever completely bad, just changing the acid or a couple of things in the battery will just make it as good as new, selling any battery you have that is not functional is sure a source of extra cash.

    13. CREATIVE RECYCLING- one can make an art masterpiece from a waste material and sell it or use it to furnish your house.All these items can effectively be gathered if you set up trash cans in the neighborhood with huge sensitization of your neighbors, they will surely





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