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50 Profitable Business Ideas In The Beauty Care Industry

  • Jan 2018
  • beauty

  • By definition, beauty care can be described as the Maintaining good looks, hygiene, and health, through products, diet, etc. The beauty care industry traditionally used to be run by women, but the acceptance has grown for it to be a ventured into by men. Recently, most women feel men can handle their hair, nails, and skin perfectly than their female folks. Beaty care business is a good business, it is not only a good business but also a billion dollars industry that is made up of various sectors and segments. The beauty care industry is predominantly rendered to women but lately, men are also customers to beauty care providers. Beauty care providers deal with hair, skin, nails, and other outer parts of the human body. The essence of this article is therefore to highlight business opportunities in the beauty care industry.

    The beauty care industry is made up of a wide range of career opportunities that are both rewarding financially and also in kind. The allure of the beauty industry continues to impact on people everywhere and there’s no wonder, when the thought of the beauty industry come to mind, glossy campaigns or catwalks hairstyles springs to one mind. The industry is a very vast and expanding one, you definitely have a space to fit in if you ever want to go into the beauty care industry.
    [b]1. Become a Hairdresser.
    2. Become a Nail Care Artist
    3. Become a Dermatologist
    4. Become a Barber
    5. Become a Cosmetic Retailer ( Read full Article Here: http://westentrepreneur.com/480/how-to-start-a-cosmetics-retail-business )
    6. Become a Tattoo Artist
    7. Become a Tattoo Remover
    8. Become an Electrolysis Hair Remover
    9.Become a Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon
    10. Become a Soap Maker
    11. Become a Producer of hair products
    12. Become a Mobile Masseuse
    13. Become an Artificial Tanner
    14. Become A Sauna Bath Operator
    15. Become a Stretch Mark Remover
    16. Become A Herbal Soap Maker
    17. Become a Beauty Care Blogger
    18. Become A Beautician Or Cosmetologist
    19. Become A Make-Up Artist.
    20. Become A Fitness Instructor
    21. Become A Beauty Care Magazine Writer
    22. Become A Skin Care Consultant
    23. Become An Image Consultant/Stylist.
    24. Become A Foot Masseuse
    25. Become a Body Piercer
    26. Become a Wig Retailer
    27. Become A Beauty Exhibition Planner.
    28. Become An Aroma Therapist
    29.Become A Teeth Whitening Specialist
    30. Become A Beauty Care Product Importer And Exporter.
    31. Become A Sales Representative.
    32. Become An Esthetician
    33. Become a Cosmetic Research Scientist
    34. Become a Cosmetic Wig Maker
    35. Become a Cosmetology Instructor/Lecturer
    36. Become a Mortuary Beautician
    37. Become a Mobile Manicurist
    38. Become a Salon Manager
    39. Become an Eyelash Technician
    40. Become a Beauty Counter Staff
    41. Become a Photo and Film Stylist
    42. Become a Nail Artist
    43. Bridal Make-Up Specialist
    44. Become a Beauty Care Magazine Editor
    45.Become a Beauty Care Public Relations Specialist
    46. Become a Beauty School Owner
    47.Become a Dermal Therapist
    48. Become a Beauty Therapist
    49.Become a Hair Stylist
    50.Become a Beauty Product Model/Brand Ambassador[/b] [/center]





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