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How To Be Financially Independent In Today's Economy

  • Jan 2018
  • finance

  • The present state of high inflation where everything seems to be rising except for salaries and wages, at some level in some state across the federation many civil servant and some government workers about 80% are not paid it appears a slim chance to financial independence for many but that is not totally through. we will in this article provide step by step guide on how to attain financial independence or how to maintain it even in this trying times.

    Individuals who are willingly and ready to use their time and adjust their expenses will be able to get through it. Most Nigerians still leave on the principle of equation and equilibrium i.e their expense will equal their earning so every time they have an additional income or additional money they tend to incur more cost for themselves, but here is the good news the economy have solved that for you its time we try something new.

    Here are some few tips to help you achieve financial independent in today's economy:

    [b]1. Make a plan: [/b] This entails writing down your daily expenses in accordance to your monthly income. This will guide you and help you stay in line with your income.

    [b]2. Cut down on your expenses[/b] at first, this might be difficult but it will be worth it in the long run. For the guys, cut down on frequent alcohol consumption and other frivolity while for the ladies on excessive shopping. Learn how to differentiate your wants from your needs

    [b]3. Learn how to buy assets that will generate additional income for you[/b] but also know what your financial status is no matter what.

    Conclusively, when these important tips are mastered you will not only be on your way to financial independence but would also live a stress free life.





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