We are focusing on the Best Freelance Jobs That Require Little Professional Skills in this piece of informative writing. The demand for freelancers is currently on the increase especially with the outbreak of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Interestingly, not every freelance job requires in-depth skills and technique, there are some that require minimal professional dexterity. If you are interested to find out these freelance jobs, then you this article is for you.


We know freelancers to be independent workers who prefer to work in free mode and prefer to work in free mode and at the same time engage in other vital tasks. So, if you are interested to join the line of “free artists,” then without delay, take a quick look at the highlight of Best Freelance Jobs That Require Little Professional Skills. To help you get started and make quick decision, below are the 5 best freelance jobs that require less professional skills.

  1. Copywriter
  2. Social network administrator
  3. Online consultant
  4. Personal assistant
  5. Blogger


  • #1. Copywriter

Seating atop the list on our list of Best Freelance Jobs That Require Little Professional Skills is the Copywriting job. Copywriters are those paid to write “copy” words intended to prompt action from consumers. Often times, copywriting job involves the act of promoting or selling a business, organization, brand, product, or service, which is perceived as a form of marketing.

Copywriters are very important in a world where content remains the dominant tool in the Internet especially for digital marketing on banner advertising, blog posts, email blasts, product descriptions, newsletters, white papers, PSAs, social media platforms, and websites. So, if you find out you have top notch writing skill and you are good with writing constantly, then, you need to venture into the world of copywriting.

Copywriters have the liberty to choose the topic or their writing genre including ordinary text on a website, advertising slogans, or product descriptions, among others. Truth is, there are plenty niches from various field to write on. You can either concentrate on specific niche or if you are very good, you can write on broad topics.

In other to judiciously perform copywriting task, copywriters embark on researching a topic online or conducting an interview, find out how the best possible means to convey an idea to target audience, writing and editing, as well as copy and finding images to accompany content. More so, copywriters job also include coming up with concepts and developing story ideas that will best convey the message to the audience; work with marketing and other creative departments to create communication strategies; and ensuring consistent brand messaging.

  • #2. Social Network Administrator (SNA)

You can become a social network if you are a frequent user of social media platforms. This is a case of turning your hubby into a money making venture. SNA writes content so as to engage followers and in turn promote the brand in a positive manner including activities such as creating groups and communities, maintaining them, and ensures their development as well. SNA job is not only limited to uploading content and photos on those groups and communities created but to constantly attract and engage users. Interestingly, this job does not require much professional skill but that is not to say you don’t need a little some special knowledge such as marketing skills and social media expertise to give you an edge and to also carry out the tasks effectively. Interestingly, you don’t need to enroll in a formal training but you can learn it on your own. To be candid, we rate this job among the high paying freelance job that requires less professionalism. Al you need to invest in is your time to be constantly present online to engage customers and attend to all of their inquiries and need.

In order to have an edge over the numerous SNA freelancers out there, you need to consider some of the steps below:

  • You need to be a creative and analytic thinker with a passion for social media.
  • General and superb experience using popular platforms such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp,Instagram and others is a must,
  • You must develop the desire to keep up with current social media trends.
  • Possess excellent writing skills as well as the ability to connect with key influencers which of course is an integral part of the job,
  • You must also be able to create engaging content and properly promote it.


  • #3. Online Consultant

Online businesses require a unique approach and strategy and that’s where Online Consultants come in to provide the strategies needed for the growth of online businesses. Online consultant is the next freelance job that we consider to be one of the Best Freelance Jobs That Require Little Professional Skills. Yes, this is a freelance job that is not difficult and definitely does not require special qualifications. All you need do is to garner sufficient knowledge, the rudiment, as well as the operations of the company that you want to, works for.

Online Consultants are becoming a necessity with numerous organizations having an online presence. Online consultants render consulting services by giving help and advice to clients so that they can have a enhanced understand of all aspects of the online business, technologies, marketing, and any other requirements. Also, online consultants offer helpful insight to all aspects of Internet business including the knowledge and tools that will help online businesses monitor results and make adjustments when necessary. Furthermore, online consultants can research and assist in implementing business solutions, marketing strategies, and also help with strategic relationships so as to help clients with online operations and growth.

  • #4. Personal Assistant

We also include the job of personal assistant among the freelance job that does not require much professional skill. Personal assistance is in similitude to being a secretary but being a freelance means it comes with a free schedule and work independently from the organization. Becoming a freelance personal assistance means you should be able to quickly find information and navigate various services which can include ordering a taxi or booking tickets. Also, you need to be available especially within the agreed time so as to accomplish the instructions of the employer without any delay.

More so, a freelance personal assistant can serve different clients as independent contractors rather than been stuck with one contractor or employer on a full-time position. More so, freelance personal assistant does not need to be on ground in person and can virtually or remotely from the comfort of their home or wherever they and they can perform the same task that a personal assistant on ground can do.

  • #5. Blogger

Blogger occupy the last spot coming in at the fifth spot on our list of Best Freelance Jobs That Require Little Professional Skills. Blogging is what Bloggers do and it has become a common trend lately with almost everyone owning a blog site and posting their unique contents. Primarily, bloggers are known to create, develop, and promote an online blog through the use of text as well as incorporating photo and video content.

However, there are some specific skills you need to learn (of course you can learn on your own or with the help of an existing blogger) so as to enhance your ability, some of which includes understanding how search engine optimization works, learning the basics of online marketing, knowing how to create and maintain websites, among others.

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Conclusion on 5 Best Freelance Jobs That Require Little Professional Skills

We have come to the conclusion of our discussion on Best Freelance Jobs That Require Little Professional Skills. You shouldn’t only read through but make your selection of the freelance job that suit you, begin to develop your skills in the appropriate direction.  Also, you shouldn’t just base on the jobs we have listed here especially if the job of your interest is not listed here. You can make your research to find the freelance job that best appeal to you. More so, when searching for a freelance job, you shouldn’t be all money conscious or engage in jobs with difficult task to perform rather it should be a job you have passion for.

I hope you had fun reading through and have learnt something new. Give us a feedback so we can know how you feel about this article.

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