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How To Start Liquid Soap Production Business

  • Jan 2018
  • manufacturing

  • Considering the deteriorating trend in our economy, high unemployment rate, insufficient pay check and non-payment of workers it’s no longer news that getting a job is no way to financial success . What is the way forward? if getting a job is one out of every hundred, even on working, paycheck is never sufficient to meet our increasing needs and in addition, most times employee end up not paying, so what is the way out?

    The simple answer is to be independent of paycheck if you are working but if you are yet to be employed then create a job for yourself and others. Haven recognize this, many now seek business ideas and ways to make extra income and as such West Entrepreneur will be providing through this article and subsequent articles list of business ideas, how to start and many more information that will guarantee success in any of the business.

    Liquid soap is a general agent in homes- as dish wash, bathes, general cleaning of the house, in hospitals, in establishments both local, international, government or private establishment, in schools, in laundry house, in car wash, restaurant, hotels etc. this few example proves this a sure sell product. Again, liquid soap suffers neither preference nor tribal segregation; it’s used by all and for all.

    [b]How to start?[/b]
    Starting is easy, it requires no expertise nor years of experience neither those it require expensive machines and more advantageously it’s not capital intensive with little as N2000 naira. Again anybody can produce liquid soap easily, - with just knowledge of measurement. You are good to go.

    [b]Chemical required[/b]

    [b]Nitrosol[/b]- this is the basis for production- it can be substituted by CMC or PAC.R. (Note, the quality is the same irrespective of substitutes but for PAC.R- you will need to dissolve for 24hrs)

    [b]STTP[/b]- (sodium tripoly phosphate) - a preservative agent
    Soda ash
    Texapon- foaming agent. Please note texapon comes in semi liquid gelly like substance-
    Preservative- sodium benzoate or formalin
    Sulphunic acid
    Sodium Laury Sulphate (SLS)
    PERFUME- there are many flavours- banana, Ambipour etc, its your choice.

    Please note- most producer use caustic soda- please note its not listed and please avoid- year of production ( from 2012-2016) prove it not needed.
    Reason- it is the cause of pealing or wearing of the hand after use.

    Bowl (big and small)
    Packaging bottles

    [b]Production procedures[/b]
    Measure about 10 liter of water into a big bowl or bucket
    Measure 50 mill or half liter of water into three separate containers
    To the 50 mill of water added, add STPP, Soda ash, SLS, respectively.

    [b]Note[/b] -label containers to avoid mix-up
    To the 10 liter of water, add the Nitrosol bit by bit, as you stare.

    [b]Note[/b]- continue staring to avoid caking. The more you stare, the more it swell up(depending on the thickness you can add water.
    To the dissolved gelly like Nitrosol solution, add STPP solution and mix properly
    Add Texapon and mix properly
    Add soda ash solution and mix properly
    Add Sulphunic acid(in the ratio of 1kg of chemical:3 liters of sulphurnic acid)
    Add Preservative
    Add SLS solution and mix properly
    Add perfume as desired
    Lately, dissolve desired quantity of colorant and add as desired.

    [b]Note[/b] on and after every addition, ensure mixing/staring till homogenous mixture is obtained.
    Then your liquid soap is ready for packaging
    Good luck with your production.
    Do you need any clarification on this? Use the reply below.


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