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Bleach Production - Starting Bleach Production Business

  • Jan 2018
  • manufacturing

  • Bleach is a whitening substance widely used for household purposes, industrial and fabric launders. Households, individual, manufacturing companies use bleach for a different purpose, it can be used to remove tough stains from clothes, objects, textile materials among others. Manufacturing companies use bleach to remove rust stains from their machinery and equipment, while other business owners use bleach to clean their surroundings both indoor and outdoor.

    From all I have said so far, you can easily tell that there is a huge market/business opportunity in the production of bleach and there is a good news, you can actually start this business with a capital as low as #20,000naira. So why not make the wise decision and establish a solid source of income for yourself by delving into this business.

    [b]Get started with this few important tips.....[/b]

    Remember this business require small capital and I believe you can get this all by yourself, so have your capital ready and begin the process of establishing your business

    This depends on your budget if you can, get a shop/space in a strategic position in the town where you can produce your bleach with ease and also reach your buyers easily but if it is not in your budget yet you can start from home and work toward getting a space later.

    *1 kilo of sodium chloride(lye)
    *1 kilo of soda ash
    *10 liters of water
    *plastic bottles

    These are the required raw materials that you will need to go ahead with the production of your bleach, so be sure to get them ready and just so you know, the raw materials are available in the local market.

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    Once the raw materials are ready the next step is to proceed to the making of the bleach. First;
    *bring the container, then pour water inside
    *add the sodium chloride and soda ash to the water
    *leave it to ferment for 48hours tops (it makes the bleach stronger and more active)
    *after 48hours, open and filter the liquid solution from the white particles into a separate container.

    There, your bleach product is ready.

    A good package is one of the many qualities that will help boost your business, so make sure your bleach product is package in well-designed colorful bottle containers and market them to your target customers. Note: customers tend to be more drawn to attractive products, keep that in mind.

    To give your business a corporate image, it is advisable to register it with the relevant authority in your state or country along with your product name as well. Also ensure to get all the necessary certificates, license, and approval that will enable you to operate your business legitimately.

    You need to map out ways to get your finished product to final users and one of the numerous ways to do this is to, grant periodic incentives to customers from time to time so as to encourage sales and to keep the loyalty of your customers. Also, you can market to schools, laundry owners, households, car wash owners, offices, hospitals. The wholesalers and retailers are not to be left out of your incentives and promotional discounts, this will motivate them to keep pushing your product to buyers.

    As time goes on your business name and brand will start getting the recognition it deserved and the patronage level of your business will be improved significantly, which then means more sales for you and good returns on your investment. And with a larger capital base, you can then install a bleach manufacturing plant and hire workers to help you expand your business into more branches that will see to a smooth business operation.

    There you have it, all the vital information you need to get started on your bleach production company.

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