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Start A Profitable Cold Water Starch Production Business

  • Jan 2018
  • manufacturing

  • Starch is one of the many products that is extracted from cassava, it is used in laundry, to feed animals and it also serves as a popular food for people in the southern region in Nigeria.

    Cold water starch is a substance used to also stiffen clothes and textiles materials without hot water. Cold water starch is a profitable business due to the high demand for it because more and more people are now used to the stress-free way of getting their clothes looking sharp and neat.

    The purpose of this article is to tell you how starch can be produce and process into a substance that can be used to preserved and maintain fabrics and to go into this kind of business, you only need minimal amount and the basic know-hows.

    [b]Let's get to the necessary steps to starting a cold water starch production Business[/b]

    [b]1. Research on the business:[/b] Carrying out a proper research is the starting point of any good business because a proper research enables you to gather all the necessary information about the business you are embarking on as well as give you a future forecast. The internet is also there to assist you in your research work with all the right information about competitors, common mistakes and how to avoid them.

    [b]2. Learn the required skill:[/b] After your research work has been done, the next step is to learn how cold water starch is made. It is advisable to get trained by someone who is already in the business and well-experience. Learning this skill will facilitate smooth production process and it is a very easy process to master, at most a day or two and you are well off on your own. Just a thought, when producing your own cold water starch you can add a touch of fragrance to give it a sweet smell, that is another fine way to distinguish your product from others out there in the marketplace.

    [b]3. Capital:[/b] In this business, you do not need to start worrying about how to get capital because it does not require huge capital, this is a business you can start with a just $200 that is about #60,000 thousand naira only. I am been realistic here, you can agree with me that unlike most businesses that amount won't take them anywhere. So that #60,000 naira makes up for the raw material which is the cassava and the packaging materials like, kegs, bottles, nylon sachets and also printed labels where the name of your business, quantity and other contacts can be seen.

    [b]4. Know your market and advertise:[/b] This is the most important factor because it is the very reason you are in business, you are in business to sell and make profits of course. So know your target market and learn how to engage them, start by advertising your products to people and places you know are in need of your cold water starch. Like, hotels, offices, homes, laundry shops both well-established ones and small ones and the local marketplaces as well.

    Remember, no matter the size of your business don't ever think you do not need the internet, it is important you utilize the internet and advertise your product in all of the social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram and the rest. No means should be spared to create awareness for your product/business.

    [b]5. Register the business:[/b] In this case, some article might advise that you don't bother with registering your business since you might be starting from home, well, at first it will be okay but let me tell you this for free, it does not matter whether you are starting from home or not it is important you get your business registered. It will save you a whole lot, besides, your main purpose of going into a business is to grow, expand and become well established. And registering your business does not cost any harm, it is affordable, so ensure to get your business registered.

    There you have it, all the necessary steps that you need to kick start the cold water starch business. So waste no time and the time to start is NOW.


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