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5 Easiest Ways To Get Blog Followers by Ikoiikenna: 08:23am On 10 Oct

Blogging is one of the online business any one could venture into. It is a business that calls for intelligence, capability and extreme method to make money. On like any bloggers, they always have the sole aim of writing, posting and most importantly market the content to make the most crushing cash of the season.

It is a cool idea to start a blog but one of the frustrating aspect of blogging in Nigeria is the ability of not getting followers.

These followers are part of what they call traffic. Now as a bloggers, you've gone into days of thinking about what to write, after writing, you edited, you proofread it, you strive to click the post button, perfectly set, those posts keep flourishing on your blog only to discover that there isn't anyone to read those content talk less of commenting, feeding back, digesting and sharing such valuable content to their friends who haven't enjoy what they've just read probably on Facebook, twitter, Google plus and lots of others.

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As a blogger, who keep facing this hell, you don't need to rack your feeble brain to sort it out, you don't need to close down such blog and reopen another. Do you know the funniest thing? If you close this, you are going to close that too, if you fail to use the easiest ways and method to work out your blog followers based in Nigeria. Solution is here in front of you, grab your attention on this, don't let anything distract you as you learn the step by step, five(5) easiest way to get blog followers in Nigeria.

1. Invest in using backlinks
Have you being trying this and it isn't working? Maybe you are not doing it rightly. As a blogger, have you ever notice that you would be on or you would meet yourself on abodebusiness.com or moneyfastideas.com by clicking only a post topic. Don't panic, it is call backlinks. Backlinks is a kind of suggestion topics that connects two or more blogs together.

As a blogger, if you really want to get blog followers, the first thing you must not put aside is investing in backlinks. This is very simple, you only need to contact the owner of other blogs, tell them your mission, some will take it for free, some may ask for token. But don't forget that it is only popular blogs that you are advice to practice this else, you will only be wasting your time on local and unknown blogs like yours.

2. Have a unique content
There is nothing deadly as having the same post of last month on your blog this month. If it would be, it must be a trending one. Don't allow the fear of getting blog followers affect your motive of renewing your content atleast, thrice a week. As a blogger, copy and paste contents also drive away your followers, even if you are going to sort for informations for your own post, let the copying be minimal. At least three sentence per five hundred words. But wait! Why will you copy, plagiarism is an offence, restructure those content and you will surely get blog followers in Nigeria. Read Also: How To Write Seo Friendly Content For Your Blog

3. Easy clickable buttons
Sometimes, some bloggers are to knowledgeable to forget that, they are writing for many people, the old, the young and the new born baby! Why not making your juicy content have a collaboration with clickable and matching buttons. Most time, you have low followers because they were unable to click the most valuable content they would love to read, all you need to do is to make a good extract of every buttons on your blog. Ensure it is approachable, in such a way that, the most and less important content and links are approachable and clickable. Always make those button easy to locate and easy to click and that is an easy way to get blog followers in Nigeria.

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4. Simple subscribing process
This is one of the important aspect which most bloggers fail to do, take for instance, they want followers to subscribe to their email account, probably to enjoy more of the content which they just read and yet they kept the subscribing process as hard as possible. Even some went ahead to do it in such a way that, if followers or visitors don't subscribe first, they won't have access to the content in the blog, paving way for quick quitting of followers i.e they would ignore such site and click on others. Readjust this, it is deadly for your blog, if truly you want to get blog followers, then the best thing you need to do is to make the subscribing process simple and less frustrating.

5. Sell unique e-books
One of the best and easiest way to get blog followers in Nigeria is to sell the most unique and helpful e-books. E-books is an acronym for Electronic books meaning, books on electronic gadgets i.e not on hard copy(paper). If you can provide valuable and unique e-books for visitors, they would definitely turn to your followers. Strive to change your styles now, not tomorrow! I hope it does help!


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