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Reasons Why Poor People Are Poor by Ikoiikenna: 11:50am On 10 Oct

In society of the world and in all economic environment, the ratio of rich to poor is usually on 2:8 out of every 10. This continues as case since civilization till the present day. What could be the cause or why is poor people poor, and why is the rate increasing exponentially.

I pondered on this question for long, as becoming rich is a goal for me, haven seen the 20% out of the 100% of the population leverage on the 80% resources (luxury, food, money, comfort etc) of the world while the poor 80% of the population leverage on the left 20% resources of the world. This is the case all around, centuries has seen this and it's still persisting. Many poor people now see being rich as a bad thing, they now see this trend as an order but dear there is no boundary between rich and poor if there be it is thin as one can easily migrate from rich to poor and from poor to rich with just a single act, its simple and easy so I see it not as an order but just as a zone that one can decide the zone to remain. If a billionaire can go from billions to kobo, and invariably to no money overnight then I don’t see any reason one can't go from zero to billions overnight.

Research into this subject shows the reasons why people remain poor, bring poor or rich is not an order for any, it not of luck but of deliberate consistent act/character of one toward money.

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What we are to take home from this study
What is really being poor Being poor is the easiest (the easiest lover are likely poor)Being poor is not a condition, it’s a mind-set. Being poor is a choice Reasons why poor people are poor being poor is the easiest thing

Have you viewed the popular TV show (who wants to be a millionaire) or have you seen a lotto or luck win promo, where a poor person having just enough to apply for the show or promo to sky rock to a billionaire (winning billions of Naira or dollar). Have you also saw the rate at which the billion reduce to the same amount he registered with, growing up I attribute it to the use of unseen powers by the promo company but understanding made me see that it's not that but its indiscipline and the following of the easiest way on the side of the winner. After winning such money they are often asked “what will you don with this money” we usually hear wonderful plan and goals but which sound good and only as it sounds, they are never achieved cause they are never worked on nor followed because they realize it's harder than said, and so they follow the easiest way-being poor.

Being poor is not a condition it’s a mind-state
Still using the illustration above you tend to find out that being poor it's not a condition it's not that condition or situation where you don’t have money, it's neither not because there is no job or employment, it’s a state of mind one is poor right from his mind. The mind detects the product on the physical. Being rich it starts from the mind. What you think you attract, what you preset in your mind you precede you.

Being poor is a choice
Now I know some would want to throw yup on this, why would I say being poor is a choice but yes it is. We all make choice, and if your poor it's your choice, lets face it. I have seen people all they want in life is to get just enough to keep their world running.

Reasons why poor people are poor: the fail to educate them self.
Educate yourself! Referring not to the formal education for it formal education why are some graduates even the accountants are poor? Educate yourself, I mean in area of finance, financial education is a must, it’s a necessity for all that want riches, poor people fail to educate themselves financially, making money is an art, and to make money and become rich you have skills in the craft. Knowing about money, knowing how to handle money, how to save, how to spend how to invest.

From the above sketch, it’s visibly a typical act of most poor people, they earn to spend, through financial education one discovers just like the chart below.

You don’t have to save after spending, you spend after saving.

Reasons why poor people are poor: dependence on paychecks
This is the number one proof of a poor person, one who can't survive without a paycheck, one who can't live nor survive without a paycheck. One who can't live if the government refuses to pay, if they downsized from their job(s)to be rich one have to be independent on paycheck, poor people depends so much that before the paycheck comes the money is far spent and will look forward to the next paycheck, no matter how handsome they pay defense on paycheck produces poor people.

More reasons why poor people are poor
Reasons why poor people are poor: failure to develop their intellectuals
Reasons why poor people are poor: Failure to save, plan and invest.


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