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Footwear Manufacturing: Start A Palm Slippers Manufacturing Business

  • Jan 2018
  • manufacturing

  • Re you looking for a Lucrative business to start today with minimal capital but still enjoy huge profit? if yes have you considered investing into footwear manufacturing business? of which you can specialize in palm slippers production.
    Well, through this article and subsequent articles we will provide you with detailed information on how to start this lucrative business.

    Palm slippers are important foot wears because apart from protecting out feet from harmful objects, they add beauty to our mode of dressing. It has become fashionable among not only ladies but also men of nowadays. Based on observations and interviews, it is clear that to most Nigerians, their footwear is an extension and expression of themselves. There are strong gender differences, with women being more alert to the symbolic implications of slippers than men. Foot wears affect our perceptions of others and our perceptions of self, including our passage into adulthood. Among the magical transformations, we attribute to palm slippers is their ability to supercharge our athletic performance. Not only is footwear an extension of self, it also acts as a repository of memory and meaning in our lives.
    With the vast population in our country and the increased preference of many for footwears, how lucrative do you think this business is?
    let us consider this:

    How often have you walked outside the house without any footwear? Look around you, how many people around you are without any footwear? Nil! Right? Now calculate this In reference to the 40 million population of Nigeria, its then obvious that everyone loves and must be on footwear almost all the time and of this all these people no one of them makes his or her own wears as its produced by footwear production firms in Nigeria and across and this is where you come in.

    Mores Specifically, How many palm slippers do you have in your possession, how many have you used before now? How many do you have now? how many are you still planning to buy?
    Am sure all were bought, how much did you spend on them? Assuming the 40 million population owns just of the same number for the same amount as yours and all this is produced by your own footwear production firm/company? Will you become the next rated millionaire?

    Palm Slippers production is a profitable business idea for as many that would want to start a profitable home business should seriously consider starting the production of palms slippers.
    Everybody must wear one or two palm slippers each day and this is the reason why footwear production firm around the world are growing, expanding and enlarging their horizons on daily basis.

    By now am sure you are now seeing the huge opportunity in this business, well if you want to start and would want more detail information on it kindly drop your questions or inquiries and we will quickly get back to you.
    Most importantly, we have prepared a good detail business plan and feasibility report on this which you can easily access.

    So where do we start?





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