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How To Start A Mini Notebook Production Business

  • Jan 2018
  • manufacturing

  • Schools are on break this holiday season again and even though you have Junior back on your hands to keep you company for a while before he heads out for another semester, term or session again, do you know that you might be missing out on a lot of money just because you have failed to pay more attention to his school bag? Well, don’t think we are about to tell you to start making bags from home and selling it to kids because to be candid, not everyone changes school bags like that. In those bags, though are notes and if you have been the one getting the notes for Junior all these while, it could have amazed you once of the number of note makers out there, and unlike food, we don’t show preference of makers when we buy. Now, I believe that you see where we’re going with this – why haven’t you invested in note printing yet?

    Maybe you have once thought about it or maybe, just maybe, it had never crossed your mind before but before we start to give insights into how you can go about setting up your own businesses and start making your steady money, how about we paint you a mental picture of why this is the best thing for you? Trying to make this as practical as possible, just look around your area and visualise the amount of schools that are there. Imagine the number of students in each class and multiply half of them in each case by the cost of each book. If that surprises you, we should remind you that books are not renewable and students would have to keep coming back for more, meaning once you’ve got them, they are yours forever. Appreciating our logic more now, right? Now let’s get down to business.

    [b]1. Develop a business plan[/b]
    We cannot say this enough and if you hope to launch into any business at all, the first point of call is this business plan. The fact that you cannot write one for yourself is not an excuse to not have one since you can easily get people to do the research for you and give you excellent results. Let the business plan include everything about the business and don’t leave out even the smallest of details. Your business hours, your market, your capital, your options and everything in there. Note that there’s no business that you would go into and not have competition, so you would do well to include that here and also, in clear terms, state how you hope to deal with it.

    [b]2. Research on the business[/b]
    This is a follow up on the point above. If you had done your feasibility study ad drawn up the business plan by yourself, you would have not much more to research on but if it was that you contracted the above assignment to someone, it is in your own best interest to research on the business. While you read the success stories of many, it would also do you some good to read about the failures of some few that care to share so that you would know what you are up against

    [b]3. Commence production[/b]
    After the first two have been crossed off the list, the next thing that you need do is commence production. We are assuming here that in yourresearch, you have planned your business according to the capital that you have set down in the business plan and have also, through research, known all of the kinds, nooks and crannies of what you are getting yourself into. Production shouldn’t be the hard part because it doesn’t require you to do it yourself, but get competent hands that can.

    [b]4. Pitch your markets[/b]
    Your primary markets are schools, and don’t you forget that. It would be wise for you to even start pitching your ideas to school ever before you start production, get the number of units of your products that everyone wants and then, even offer them discounted rates to keep them attracted to your brand. Your next set of market are the wholesalers, re-sellers and distributors off which there are a lot to choose from out there. With the note printing business, you can never run out of market, just into more

    [b]5. Network! Network! Network! [/b]

    Finally, never assume that your circle is big enough already. There are a lot of options if you print notes – you could be asked to make dedicated designs, create handouts and notes to mark an event and so on. Even more markets opening up, and a good network is what you need to reach them all.


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