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How To Start A Methylated Spirit Production Business

  • Jan 2018
  • manufacturing

  • Methylated spirit is a medicated liquid substance with a high level of alcoholic content that is used for different purposes. It can be used to clean wounds, surgical procedures, to remove stains from walls or from paint brushes, also serves as a temporary fuel for lamp or stove and many other things.

    The demand for the methylated liquid is very huge, and it looks keep increasing because of its multi purpose usage. Opening a business that you will produce and get your returns within a short period of time is a good business that you do not want to ignore. So read on and follow the important steps to get you started on this business.

    [b]1. GET A BUSINESS PLAN:[/b]
    As a start up entrepreneur who intend to run his or her business effectively, you need to write a business plan. Get a business plan that will break down the processes of managing your business both now and in the future.

    It is necessary to rent a space that will serve as both production house and office address for your company. When you get this facility it will enable customers to easily place order or come in person to place and collect their orders. If you are short on cash, you can start from home, find a space in your backyard and use as a production place for your methylated liquid. As time goes on and you continue to make sales, you can then rent a commercial space.

    It is important to register your company and business name because you will be dealing with a product that is related to health and it is also mandatory by the government to get the relevant license and approval papers that will show your product is fit for consumption.

    One good thing about this business is that it is not capital intensive, with $50 which is about #15,000 in naira you can get started on this business

    The raw materials required for the production of methylated liquid is not that complicated and it can be gotten with ease. The raw materials are;
    [b] *Ethanol (10litres)
    * Methy-violate
    * Water (4litres)
    * Measuring containers
    * Hand gloves and plastic bottles[/b]

    [b]6. START PRODUCTION:[/b]
    The production or for making methylated liquid is very easy and most people don't even know this. All you need to do is get your containers ready, then put on the gloves...
    [b] * Pour the ethanol into the container
    * Add water and mix
    * You can add a little of the methy-violate to it if you like, it does add or increase to the quality of the methylated liquid, what it does is to change the colour if added. So mix all the ingredients very well and package neatly in small plastic bottles.[/b]

    [b]7. START MARKETING:[/b]
    Once you are one with production, you need to take your product samples to places where you have potential buyers, like, hospitals, clinics, pharmacy shops and other medical practitioners for them to use and gain confident in your product.

    Grant your customers discounts from time to time to make them stick to your product and also, make sure you are position in strategic places where you can easily sell to individual one to one for personal usage.
    Be creative and innovative in your marketing patterns and before you know it, your business have grown into a successful business enterprise.


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