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Serviette Production: Business Opportunity

  • Jan 2018
  • manufacturing

  • A hygienic item used all over either to wipe hands or mouth before or after eating are serviettes - A small rectangular soft sheet of paper used as an absorbent used daily on eating tables. Serviette exists in varieties of different colours and designs but the basic and widely available is the white embossed serviette.

    Following the ban by the federal government on the importation of serviette thus creating opportunities for local investors, and the extensive just concluded market research has proven positive in serviette production as are everyday consumer necessity, patronized generally by everyone, not dependant on economic cycles not restricted to religion nor does it suffer tribal crisis. Serviette production business provides a great opportunity for investors to tap into and start earning handsomely.

    With the high number of hotels, restaurants food joints mama pot and other eateries outlets which are also increasing on daily basis, numerous events and occasion held always such as wedding, traditional marriage, traditional marriage etc makes the demand for serviette high and increasing exponentially.

    [b]Serviette Production[/b]
    Market for serviette is global, with populations running in millions in countries, with high growth rates, supply is yet a dream to half the demand as serviette is consumed on daily basis by all irrespective of age, social class, religion nor tribe and with the expected growth on its market also is the income to be generated for investors.
    Production process for serviette contrary to your though is not one that requires much capital nor skills, raw materials for production are
    [b]Tissue paper
    Paper carton
    Polyethylene firm
    And some other packaging materials[/b]

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    The good news is that all this materials are readily available and can be sourced locally. Just like tissue production business (please click here to view) paper rolls are fed into machine which print and cut to size individual serviette which viola are ready for packaging and sales.
    Do you want to become your own Ceo and employ others; do you want to leave this year a more financially secured individual? Then this is your opportunity.

    Cash on nit now and call phone: 08130525154 or 08180081665.
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