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How To Start A Video Blog And Make Money

  • Jan 2018
  • media

  • We are in a generation where real life reality is being replaced by online reality, in every spheres of life. Out of this online reality many are making millions of dollar daily, monthly and yearly. Of this most recent in this trend is video blogging now simply known as Vblogging. Blogging is now generally known as we now have more blogs than before. However, Video blogging is still a blogging format yet to be explored by many.

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    Video blogging provide more advantages than other blogging format, it increase conversion and relationship between author and audience. Also video blogging provides huge earning potential.


    [b]Choose a Niche-[/b]
    Just like other blogging format the first step is to choose a niche. What will your video blog talk about? What problem will it address for your viewers? Will you just show videos of personal life or will you focus on health, technology, foods etc.

    [b]Identify your audience-[/b]
    After choosing a niche, identify who your audience are or likely to be, this helps you choose the right background, how to speak and how to dress.

    [b]Buy Good Video Production gear-[/b]
    Unlike other blogging format, you will require to get good video production gear, quality matters. This gears includes a video camera and a microphone. At startup however, use what you have.

    [b]Create mini studio or prepare your video recording environment-[/b]
    Once again quality matters- Choose either to create a mini studio with background color or use natural background. Either way, ensure it in suit with niche and target audience.

    [b]Dress according –[/b]
    Dress according to audience needs and niche requirements. No matter how you love to be on your pajamas, if blogging on business, your audience will never like to see you on that. Dress accordingly, it give you a tag of seriousness.

    [b]Start recording-[/b]
    This is however the most crucial step- runs your gears with you as the focus. Get more hands if you can’t handle all the gear.

    [b]Get a video editing Software’s/editor[/b]
    No matter how professional the background or your flow, you will have need to either cut out some part. Add some touches. Using editing software you can add titles, credits, effects, music etc.

    [b]Choose a blogging platform for your Vblog-[/b]
    Creating good videos is but a step, getting it across to your target audience is yet another. Choose a platform from the avalanches of web platforms to host your vblog. Popular video platforms are YouTube , vimeo, viddle, blip.tv etc. choose platform according to your need and to one that will readily make your videos available on the net.

    Following the above steps, one can successful start a successful video blog in Nigeria and earn hugely.





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