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5 Things You Should Know About Exportation

  • Jan 2018
  • import

  • It is important one keeps learning in any field of endeavors and exportation is not an exception. The truth is that there are lots of acclaimed experts in this field of exportation which made people confused of who and what to trust. Thereby, making valuable and concrete business decision is becoming increasingly difficult for some obvious reasons which have eluded these newbies thereby making them a prey for the so call expert.

    Last month, a loyal reader of this blog came to my office to make some inquiries about exportation. Just like I will always ask; what do you know exportation? This is important because knowledge is indeed power! The woman answered and said she has been speaking to someone who claimed to be exporting bitter kola in kilograms on a regular basis. Honestly, I was surprised because I know bitter kola cannot be exported on a small scale except you are sending a sample order (though, there is a way round this). So, I told her to call the man again in my presence! But before then; I have provided answers to some of her questions based on what I knew but she did not believe me because she was expecting to claim what is not; she was expecting me to accept what is not. It is important you know that not all you hear about exportation is true in the real sense!

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    That is why discuss the five simple truth about exportation; irrespective what and where you are exporting from. The points I will be raising here are something any serious exporter should take seriously.

    [b]Exportation Requires Time: [/b]
    I do not know how many times I need to echo this! Exportation is a business that requires time; it does not happen in days like eCommerce business does. This does not mean it should take forever; it simply means you need to give it time because it’s an international business that requires trust.

    [b]You Need Knowledge: [/b]
    Knowledge is the application of information that is why knowledge is key in whatever business one does and exportation is not an exception. Be it, local or international; you must make sure you tried to get the right information on exportation.
    Unstable Government Policies: This is something that keeps changing every now and then in Nigeria and even other countries. What is exportable today may no longer be exportable tomorrow. That is why you need to stay among people who are relevant in the field of exportation.

    [b]You Need Others: [/b]
    Exportation is not a business you can do in isolation you will always need some other people to stay inform and get the business going that is just the nature of the business of exportation
    No Documentations for Small Exportation: This is something that I get people ask me almost every day. If you are doing small scale exportation; no documentations are required except you are thinking of going MEGA.
    Hope you have been enlightened the more on the topic.





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