Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria

Highest Paying Jobs

Nigeria being a heterogeneous country has many job opportunities that pay its workers an amazing amount of money as salary. Hence, the joy of every individual is to have the Highest Paying Jobs or work in a company that pays enough as a salary. But the truth is, all fingers are not equal.

Nobody will be ready to work where he will not be paid for his stress and efforts at the end of the day. But, it is a known fact that some jobs here in Nigeria pay higher salaries than others.

There are many reasons for such differences though and among them is the passive importance and work value delivered.

So if you’ll be choosing a career path soon, you might want to consider which job opportunities offer its workers a robust salary payment.

And as such, 9jaToday had help you to gather the highest paying jobs in Nigeria as at 2020.

In a bid to be fair in picking these highest paying jobs in Nigeria, there are some factors we put into consideration so as not to mislead you.

Some of these factors are the task involved, each profession average annual earning, the wealthy millionaires and prominent figures each job or profession has produced over the years and many more.

Without further delay, below is the list of the best 15 highest paying jobs and industries in Nigeria as of 2020:

  1. Business

The world of an entrepreneur is one that comes with lots of money and opportunities. No doubt, it is among the highest paying jobs anyone can do in Nigeria.

If you can use a thousand naira to invest in a business and pocket ten of thousands within a few days, the future is definitely yours.

So if you have your own establish venture where you’re paying many people salary, you are an influential person in your own league.

The richest men in the world are business owners. The likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos Slim, etc. are all businessmen.

The likes of Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga, and co. all run one enterprise or the other. These established business owners in Nigeria to earn more than N50 million as a monthly salary. 

  1. Entertainment

Another lucrative industry with the highest paying jobs in  Nigeria is the entertainment industry. Truth be told, the Nigerian musicians earn millionaires too.

See the likes of Wizkid, Davido, TuFace, Burna Boy and co. and look at the assets they have at their disposal. Even the upcoming ones are not living a rogue life, either.

A well-established musician in Nigeria can charge as much as N5 million per show. Though it depends greatly on their popularity.

  1. Pastor

Without any prejudice to anybody, a ministerial job is another lucrative and high paying job opportunity in Nigeria. 

In fact, Nigerian pastors are one of the richest and wealthiest personalities in the country. Some of these men of God are private jets owners.

So as a pastor in Nigeria, you can pocket whooping millions at the end of the month basic your salary. Such is how lucrative and profitable this enterprise is.

  1. Pilot

One of the high sort after jobs in Nigeria is the Aircraft pilot and this is a result of its robust monthly paycheck they received at the end of each month.

Findings show that a single aircraft pilot in Nigeria can receive as much as N7 – 10 million as a monthly allowance.

  1. Petroleum Engineering Jobs

When it comes to the oil and gas sector, one thing that will come to mind as a Nigerian is bast**d money.

So we don’t have to introduce Petroleum engineering as one of the highest jobs in Nigeria again. The fact has spoken for itself.

Findings tell that a petroleum engineer earns close to N10 million as a paycheck on average. Although, the experience and level of expertise are involved.

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  1. Surgeon

Surgeon’s monthly salaries are also robust and that’s why the majority of young chaps do dream of becoming one; even though they don’t know what it means to be a doctor.

Surgeons deal with life and as such, they need to be robustly compensated for the work well done. 

  1. Sailing

Sailors earn an awesome amount of money as a monthly salary and this list of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria will not be completed without including this profession.

  1. Aeronautic Engineer

Aeronautics engineers are basically shouldered with the onus and responsibilities of maintaining aircraft.

There work involved many technicalities and they get compensated very well for their time and effort used.

  1. Legal Profession

Of course, this job comes with lots of opportunities and they get paid in other branches and seniority. 

They have the bar and the bench. For instance, the judges and justices (the benchers) are paid in millions so that nobody will influence them.

The lawyers (the bar) also, get enough of a paycheck at the end of the month. A government lawyer can earn N5 million on average.

  1. Telecommunication Engineer

The engineering industry generally has the highest number of robust salary ratio. Hence, the telecommunication engineers cannot be left untouched on the list of highest-paying jobs in Nigeria this 2020.

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  1. Lecturing

Of course, an average lecturer in the Nigeria Universities has a car, a house and other investments made up of his assets. Yet, they keep clamoring they’re not making money.

A professor at the University earns close a million as a salary and N8 million on average. So, it is going to be an academic crime not to mention a lecturing job on this list.

  1. Programming

We are in the world of technology and the role of brilliant programmers can never be overemphasized. As it stands, a programmer monthly salary in Nigeria starts from N500,000 to millions, though it depends greatly on the kind and nature of the program he code.

  1. Acting

Acting is another high paying job opportunity in Nigeria. Being a sector under the entertainment industry, it is a job that one can venture into to establish a free flow of income.

  1. Investment Banker

Another high paying job that makes this list is the investment bankers. There work is strenuous and they render valuable services to their clients. 

  1. Others

There is no job that doesn’t pay high just that one is enough than the other. Hence, whatever the job you’re doing, so far you’re able to fend for yourself and family, don’t be discouraged, it is the highest paying job in your own league.

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