How to Start a Baby Shop In Nigeria

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To start a baby shop, you have got to love babies and also know a thing or two about their wants and needs.

Starting a baby shop business is one business that is not too hectic and not too capital intensive. If you have the right passion and you are well-positioned, you can turn this business into a successful business venture.

You see parents and would-be parents always need that second-best opinion when making a purchase or to convince them to make a purchase — and you have to be equipped and well placed to assist these parents whenever it is necessary.

Now let us see what it takes to set up a baby shop.


As an intending business owner, it is important that you make plans for your business. “He who plans well, plan to succeed” Your business plan need to have in detail how you want your business to be run and manage, your marketing strategy, risk analysis, competitors, how to source for your goods, etc.


Like I stated earlier, this business is not a capital intensive one. You can actually start either on a small-scale, medium-sized or large-scale — whatever capital you have at hand, you can start with it. However, if you don’t have any saved funds, you can source funds from friends or family members. They are more likely to assist you in raising the required fund for your business.


Location matters a lot in any business. You need to make sure the area you plan on renting a shop is situated in the right environment that will get you the right customers. Strategic places like the market, maternity clinic, shopping malls, residential or roadside leasing shops uptown.


This is another aspect of the business you need to really take seriously. The way and manner your baby shop is displayed will determine the class and number of customers that will come in. So make sure your shop is decorated in colorful designs and other creative stuff, like wallpapers, baby mannequins, catalog, chairs and the rest.

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Here, you need to contact and connect with dealers or manufacturers of quality baby shop products and other baby products and stock up your shop. Make sure that your shop has everything babies need, from their wears to their toys, food and other essentials.


 At this stage, it is believed your baby shop will be fully set and ready for business. Now, all you need to do is to ensure that you come up with ways to see that you keep getting the desired patronage for your business. Aside from setting up your shop to attract customers, you also need to map out other marketing techniques to get buyers — start by taking your products to places where your targeted buyers are, like the children’s health care centers, to friends with kids, households, etc.

If you follow all these steps to the latter, together with strong will and dedication to the business, you are sure to attain financial freedom in no time.

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