How To Start Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria


Plantain farming is one of the most lucrative farm business in the country today. To start this business, one needs to be buoyant in terms of capital, especially if you intend to commercialize it. Although some people start off on a small-scale, if you really want to make big money from it, then you are going to need a large farmland. Plantain grows in tropical regions in the world, and in Nigeria, it grows in the south-south, southeast and some part of the west region. Let’s now look at some of the important tips on how to set up a plantain farm business.

Business Plan

Once you have made up your mind to commercialized your plantain farm, you need to write a quality business plan. A good business plan shows the seriousness of your farm business. It gives you a head start on how the business will go and makes you see that you are in it to win it (To make a profit).

Acquire a Farm Land

This is the next phase of starting your farm business, every farmer knows that acquiring farmland is one of the most major aspects of farming. Since you are going for commercial purposes only, then a hectare of land or two hectares is ideal for a start

Prepare Your Farm Land

Once your farmland is secured, the next step is to ensure that the soil composition on the land support plantain farming, and that it has a PH value type of soil. After you have ascertained this, clear and prepare your farmland, dig up holes where you can plant the sucker(plantain seeds). Once the suckers are planted, after cultivating/harvesting, the plantains will just continue to reproduce more trees.

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Herbicides and Pesticides

This is a chemical used to control weeds around plants. It is highly effective and recommended, but note that it will constitute a good percentage of your farming expenses at the end of the farming season.


Plantain starts maturing from the 8 months and you can start harvesting them a month or two after they’ve matured to your satisfaction. Ensure to always check on your plantains from time to time in order for them not to over-ripe or rotten before you harvest.


Marketing Plans Plantain is referred to as a staple food, that’s, it is widely eaten all over Nigeria. So with this, you’re sure of always having a constant demand for your product. Sometimes, before your plantain matures, buyers will already be on standby to get them off your hands. For example, let’s say you already acquire one hectare of land, and planted 1,000 suckers(plantain seeds). In your first harvest after 8/9 months, you’re sure to get your money back and make a profit as well, because you can still come back to the same farmland and harvest more plantains. So far, I’m sure you can tell this farm business is sure banking.

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