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Make Money Online / How To Open A Company And Create An Internet Business by ikoiikenna: on Sat 02 at 12:04am
How to start a company? online has been the recent questions I got recently from my blog readers and clients, they have requested to know how to start up and maintain a business company online so I have decided to address this question in this post.

Failure is not final should! you have failed
but before we start let's consider knowing what a company is and the dos before creating a company.
What is company: A company is an association or collection of individuals people or "warm-bodies" or else contrived "legal persons" (or a mixture of both). Company members share a common purpose and unite in order to focus their various talents and organize their collectively available skills or resources to achieve specific, declared goals.

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Factors for successful company start-ups
before we look forward to starting a company lets first master this factors.
Be realistic about your business objectives.
Passionate leaders command most startups. They have an aura of electricity and their enthusiasm is contagious. Unfortunately, many of these same leaders operate under the myth that the product will sell itself, and so they set unachievable goals. This is one of the most common ms-steps that end up crippling a business.

Take a hard look at your competition
It is surprising to find that many startups and emerging companies are convinced they have no competition. Some entrepreneurs are focused so intently on their product that they fail to recognize evolving market trends or anticipate competitive advancements in markets that may overshadow their own value proposition. With product lifecycles shortening, it is critical that companies accurately judge the competitive landscape in order to take full advantage of their market window.

Plan for the future.
In planning for the future, we were interested to find that successful companies tended to juggle these three management dimensions: managing their cash burn rate, looking for "learning" in every corner of the organization and embracing creative hiring practices.

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A marketing foundation is absolutely necessary to your success
It is common for entrepreneurs to incorrectly believe that marketing is not important at the early stage of a company's development. Many view marketing as something to be done later when they are ready to build a brand. However, the successful companies we studied spent time and resources to carefully craft their unique value proposition and build a foundation of sales tools before the product launched.
as to assist you in "kick-starting" your business, we've identified critical factors that successful businesses, both large and small, have embraced. They will not only help ensure your business' survival but will also accelerate your competitive advantage.

Remember to drop a comment below as WE LOVE OUR COMMENTS
Now over to you tell us what you think is missing via comment box below,

Business Advice/Tips / Tips To Good Working Relationship For Entrepreneurs by ikoiikenna: on Fri 10 at 11:39pm
Gone are the days when bosses feel like demi-gods to their employees. In those period entrepreneur do not care about having a good working relationship with their employees and customers but with civilization this has changed. An entrepreneur must possess psychological traits in order to know about people he is working. A good working relationship between an entrepreneur and his customer increase sales while a good working relationship between an entrepreneur and his employees increases productivities.

If you want to have a last longing working relationship with customers, the first thing you need is to know your customers' needs. Each customer has a need that is needed to meet, it is an entrepreneur duty to know what his or her customers desire. After knowing your customers' needs, you need to meet their needs. These two things; knowing their needs and meeting their needs can be done through the creation of a friendly relationship with customers. A friendly working relationship with customers can lead to brand loyalty(a situation where customers stay loyal to products and services. Make inquiries about your products and services from your customer to know things that are needed to be changed to your services or products.

It is very important to have a better working relationship people who work with you whether they are part-time workers or full-time workers. As an entrepreneur, you must possess a little quality of a psychologist as I have said earlier, this will enable you to.know if there is a change in an employee's behavior.

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Firstly, you need to let your employees feel comfortable while working with you, do not be too mean or harsh to them, if there is a mistake in a friendly way correct them. Another point is this, when an employee's productivity has reduced, call him or her to notice and try to make inquiry from him or her to know why his productivity has reduced because you could help to him or her through your exhortation words for his problems.
The most important of it, a good and long lasting relationship can be built with employees when payment of wages and salaries are done at the right time. Do not own your employees, always give them bonuses for overtime works done and always increase their pay when necessary. One thing that should not be left out always has meetings with your employees, through this platform they will tell what they observed about the business and customers, this will give everybody chance to rob minds together on how likely problems that might want to face your business.

It is very important that you have a good working relationship with customers if you want to increase your sales turnover and it is also essential to create a good and long-lasting relationship with employees if you want your productivities to increase. A tree can not make a forest, you can not do it all alone.

Business Advice/Tips / Why You Need To Start Now by ikoiikenna: on Thu 09 at 08:26am

Haven researched, reviewed and posted positive articles on the list of lucrative business both online and offline, both for those with capital and those with not, I have been applauded by many but still many are still contemplating as of my callers have it. Its still pains me to realize that many just like this my caller is still contemplating. Contemplating on the best business to start the places “how” to start and all.

Having had this conversation with this caller (can’t call name) on Friday I decided to ask you the question ARE YOU STILL CONTEMPLATING?
Are you in the same line with this caller? Still contemplating and will continue to contemplate while others dominate and make more money.
Well you may have reasons but here let me share the reasons why you should stop contemplating and stating dominating now
· The country is changing (both positively and negatively)
· We don’t have enough time
· The year is almost off

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Am always amazed at the number of successful business I have set up, the truth is that more are on the way and like you know the early the better. We are in the in the first month of the second half of the year, have your goal or yearly goal be achieved? Think about it the best time to start is now!

Make Money Online / How To Make Money With Your Mobile Phone by ikoiikenna: on Wed 08 at 09:22pm
It seems rare but true you can actually make a decent money with just your mobile phone be it blackberry or smartphones you can make money with them.

In his article, you will learn how to start an run a lucrative profit yielding business with just your phone.
its true I recommended a computer system for a successful business but have seen many entrepreneurs doing nothing just because they haven't yet secured a computer through the methods I provided due to some reason or the other like lack or out of work, this job listing and lack of capital to invest.
Make money Via Mobile phone

still simple and easy, here at abode business we have scoured the earth for solid business ideas one can start with just a mobile phone and a Gmail account in other words with low capital .also you could get on the way if you absolutely have to.

Also, a computer will work on this business ideas. you don't need them for just with your phone you can start, its time to go out there and make money for the economy is waiting

For some time now after the manufacture of mobile phones, it was only seen as a tool for, text messaging and other mobile service product until it was discovered that it can be used o access the internet, with other features include, the opportunity for business is at its maximum. but it still marvels me that all this feature are a day to day growing and is worth over millions of dollars yet have not been seen by some entrepreneurs

beside from the known features of mobile phone like making calls, sending texts, chats e.t.c is another way with which we can make money even as a worker, student, and graduates, this features and business ideas can put food on the table(100 percent guaranteed.

The number of GSM users is growing rapidly and one cant deny this a gold mine as you can make money with your phone from the comfort of your homes. I will show you how-

Many complained of no money I don't know about you but here is your chance to turn the tide and make decent money with your mobile phone.think about it- how many times did you recharge your phone in a day? how much do you spend on your phone? then multiply it by the number of GSM users in Nigeria, well I guess you know the answer but we don't know how to make money out of this figure. Well to have been able to read this post you will learn how to put a meal on the table with just your mobile phone through:
1. Mobile third-party reseller
2.gain from others calls/personal phone service operator
3. writer graph advertiser
6.victual assistant support service
9.personal couch sale

One is assured to make money just with a mobile phone with this above-mentioned process,

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We can start a carer as a writer just with our mobile phone duo it was for long considered a full hardy to start a writing career without a computer I don't personally advice to wait why there are ways to make money as a writer with your phone.
blogging is a good way to start from.
major (if not all) phones have blogging platform like word press Tumblr also ordinary 3G or 3.5G phones can access Google thereby using it blogging platform (blog spot) and can make post easily. another lucrative not yet competitive way to make money as a writer is through CELL PHONE NOVELShere in Nigeria and Africa it's still not that known so it posts a great business opportunity to make money and one can write and distribute a whole entire novel via cell phone.

Then video production was tedious and time, strength, energy and money consuming as one has to fill a van with equipment and move it from one location to another alongside a large number of crews in other to succeed for a day shot. now pocket video cameras have made it possible to record and also edit videos as most phones come with major video editing features so start video coverage and get paid also one can upload and monetize videos on YouTube and get paid.
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Also, money can be made through mobile advertising, all is needed is to get a client get paid and place advert and banner for them on the web as there are free online websites that offer free advert and banner placement eg- Google trader, ad-trader e.t.c

almost all need an assistant in one form or the other you can make money as a peon through your mobile phone you can sign up for a virtual assistant job and make money.

-one can set up a mobile online accessible website that answers all tech support questions from strangers in exchange for a fee

All these above-listed ideas can make the bounty of income for you, the difference between you and the web made rich billionaires are information and the right to apply that information, but I believe you're not just a reader but also quick to action. start any of this and make for yourself.

For the detailed details on this ideas, please
drop a comment for they are most welcomed or better still subscribe to our newsletter for better knowledge and conversation between us

Web Design / Re: [free Download] Bug Free Nairaland Clone Script by Ikoiikenna: on Wed 08 at 04:58pm
ndubuisi12:please i need the script here is my email( ( kindly send the script for me

Chat admin up on 08130525154

Kenya / How To Start A Cosmetic Business In Kenya by ikoiikenna: on Wed 08 at 12:52pm
I've discussed in the earlier post on how to make financial stability in makeup/cosmetics business. Here we will be discussing the basic needs and how you can start your own cosmetics business in Kenya.

Cosmetics business is one of the lucrative and profitable businesses which you can start in Kenya. Starting this business in any part of Kenya needs your ability to earn widely in the business.

Are you interested in starting a cosmetics business in Kenya? Do you wish to make money from cosmetics business in Kenya? Yes! Read this article for an easy startup and you will surely make thousands from this business thereafter.

No matter the kind of business you wish to start, this is a guide to starting a lucrative and highly profitable one. Stay calm and read through. While trying all your best to make your money out of cosmetics business, the first thing I'll advise you is that;

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So sorry, if I had borrowed a word from the online business world- Niche. Sourcing for your niche actually means looking out to chose your preferred product, from the cosmetics business.

You could actually get a reliable source of your products in Nairobi, cosmetics products all over Kenya needs your ability to buy the best niche of your like. The period business center kamlanji, CBD along Dubois road, Kenya is the best place you can visit so as to buy the best retail-priced product with the best quality. After buying this business, the next thing you are to do is;

It duly pays if you can invest in a trading business and pays the most to sell a product that people can't do without buying daily. As a cosmetics business owner, you must be versatile in buying the trending product. Example of the products that sell daily in the cosmetics phase is; gel, ponds, shampoo, hair food, wigs, braids as well as adornments like earnings, bangles, necklace and lots more. The reason for investing in this business is that you must start out so as to make do with fame and money on time.
The best products which people buy daily is very lucrative if invested on as one will definitely make do with the best cash on time.

I guess you are happy at this moment because you need to rest somewhere. Probably yes as it may sound nice. You can basically rent a shop for as low as ksh20,000 in a marketable street or a busy market. A well-built shop of 5ft by 10ft could suit your taste. Be consistent in renting in a lucrative and marketable venue because it is the basics of sales drive for your cosmetics business.

This is one of the importance of your cosmetics business. At this point, you must be legally registered as a business owner. After getting the basic stalls and shop for your business then the necessary point you must not omit the aspect is registration.

It is the stage where the government is going to give you the necessary document after paying some certain amount to the legalized sector, you will be given the aligned forms to fill and the registration would be made while you can start out your cosmetics business as soon as possible.

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This is the point I would love you to pay attention to. While thinking about growing your business, you must be opened to some certain things which allow you to make the best thousands of the business. Be aggressive; yes! At this point, you must be aggressive in making your money on time. Leave your office and carry your products to offices and companies where you feel women must be dominating.

Sell as much as possible, convince them to buy your products. Sell at low cost compared to your competitors but I won't advise you to sell without profit. While marketing your product, you need to note that you'd rented a shop whose money will soon expire. Don't rely only on the sales you are able to make in the shop but rather work towards selling to different companies and offices. This is more different form hawking because you must seem to modernize yours so as to build the different.

Be smart in making the best amount of money on time but customers' satisfaction is what you must strive for. Invest and earn; here you need to note the overall amount of investment in this business and It would definitely vary from Ksh50,000 without a shop and probably Ksh100,000 while opening store.
While aggressive you can make as high as ksh5,000 per day with ksh120,000 monthly.

Start as better as possible! Start now! It really worth it. Procrastination only kills your internal passion and lose your scheme of walking up. Hope to see you starting your lucrative business in Kenya now!

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Africa / 10 Business Ideas And Opportunities In Africa by ikoiikenna: on Tue 07 at 09:40pm
Africa is one of the biggest, largest and most populous continent in Asia. It has hundreds of countries with thousands of tribes and spoken languages. With this kind of achievements, every Africans always strive and work hard to make something creative and profitable in the giant field of her business, which you aren't left out.

Thousands of business exist in the world accompanied with distinctive ideas and opportunities but how do you fathom the most soothing, enriching, profitable, lucrative, long-lasting and less investment with huge profits in the corner-base of Africa. Nevertheless, you can't keep imagining, rather you have to keep up the deals of starting your business plans in Africa. Are you searching for a profitable versus lucrative business ideas and opportunities you could start in Africa? Definitely yes! You can flick through this post to have your business set up greatly and giant in Africa.

Here are Ten(10) Business Ideas and Opportunities in Africa.

1. Education
One of the lucrative business anyone could venture in any locations of Africa is an Educational business. Without must splash of slippery saliva. Andela is one of the leading educational Consultant in the field of software and development -computer perspective. She had made over $10 million with students coming from the nooks and crannies of the world of about 100,000 applicants. Don't you see it's cool? Worth investing on!
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2. Agricultural Business
As expected, food farming and production, as well as sales, must also be part of the rated top lucrative and profitable business anyone could venture in. The World Bank reported that in the year 2038, African would be recording investment worth of $1 Trillion. I guessed you are amazed too! This is a business you could invest in, regardless of where you are in Africa.
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3. Solar Power
One of the most frustration an African man never cease to witness is the daily failure of hydro-electricity from non-reliable source. A common phenomenal in African homes is- No light; No pay. Which makes the imbalance state of electricity more frustrating and worrisome. Tanzania based solar power company- Off Grid Electric had set out to resolve this daily assault with an investment worth of $25 Million, having the vision of reaching one million east Africa cities with her service. You can start that as well! Well profitable!

4. Smartphone Manufacturing
iPhone, Android, techno and tens of phone companies outside Africa, have rose daily to tax us with a huge amount of price for purchasing their phone. Doved Hat to Obi World Phone who did every African a favor of producing new phones and its accessories with the same capabilities of Android operating system- these phones have no memory distinctions from the abroad's own. With about $129 you could purchase one these phones.

5. African Art
It marveled everyone when some set of wooden sculptures made by Nigerian Artist, Ben Enwonnu was purchased in London for $500,000. Indeed incredible! African art business is a business everyone can partake in so far the talent, skill, zeal, and professionalism is there. It worth starting for a true master of the art!

6. Internet Access Business
Thanks to companies like BRCK in Kenya who never cease to produce alternative wireless internet service to companies, schools, industries, organizations as well as the individual. With good modem offering WiFi, 3G, 4G. Having distinctions from the failure of the latter network services. You could invest in this business, all you need is known in the field of technology, telecommunication, and co-related knowledge fields, to become an expert, here in Africa.

7. Retail Business
Who doesn't love to get the quality product with lower price? Guess your mind is around Shoprite, Game, Edgars, Checkers and hundreds of others retail companies. While starting this business, you basically need contact with the industries as well as wholesales clients who could help you start confidentially. Retail business is a cool business, flourishing and prospering in Africa. Also, online retail is available like Jumia and Konga, expressing their endorsed knowledge in the field of E-shopping. Indeed you are needed to start now!
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8. Online Services
Apps and other online based business is part of the business you could start in Africa. With, anyone could access and book for hotel rooms across the globe, with IrokoTV anyone could watch the latest Africa movie with a high rate of income into such web accounts. Recently IrokoTV made an investment worth of $1.2 million. Worth investment too!
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9. Payment Solution Business
Many people would stay on queues in banks with exhausted belly just to withdraw or save into their bank accounts without the knowledge of alternative payment solution. Payattitude, Paga, Paycheck, Simplepay and all others have been making money in this field. With just few amount to register. People could pay for rents, T.V channels subscription like Startimes, DSTV, GOTV and the likes without any stress. With some research, these businesses afore-mentioned have made worth investment of $13 million. Do take steps now!

10. Real Estate
The last but not the least business ideas and opportunities in Africa is Real estate business. It is a business that involves the buying of lands, buildings, and properties and reserving it till the time when the amount would be exorbitant and valuable in the market with the aim of making a high rate of money thereafter. Real estate is working well in Angola with $150 rent per sq/meter monthly. Investment worth of $363 million has been made from renting units of buildings of 17 million in the count. Start this today!

I hope you have the full guide now!

Advertising/ Marketing / Fast And Easy Ways To Send Bulk Email Messages Online For Free by ikoiikenna: on Tue 07 at 11:02am
The online world has by far dominated in every aspect. online Marketing has proven more effective when compared to the traditional ways of marketing. On the front roll of effective online marketing is Email marketing. This has been understood by many Onlinepreneurs, webmasters and bloggers, however, the problem of sending bulk email has been discouraging. With Gmail, Yahoo mail and most email service providers you are only entitled to send one email to one receiver per time, at max 100 receiver.
But what then happens if you intend to reach a larger market? well if you have been facing this problem of sending bulk emails to your target audience then this article will remain a blessing.

Learn The Fast and Easy Ways To Send Bulk Email Messages Online For Free

So You have a Thousand + email address that you would want to Send emails to either to inform them of your new launch, new product or service or to get them to visit you? if not then read our Previous article on How to Generate bulk Email Address for your campaign.

Having generated the email addresses You will have to separate all of them with comma quote.

How to Separate Bulk email With Comma

Just click this link:

In the first text area section paste all the emails you have copied from your mass email generator and click on Convert.

After loading just scroll to the next box and you will see all the emails separated by a comma.

You can now copy them and save them on your notepad.

Now to Send your Message, Follow This Steps.

Step 1: Visits and register as a publisher

Step 2: Log into your account and scroll to the top right-hand side you will see some three options as bellow

Step 3: From the above options click on Recommend, and a new Windows will open

Step 4: From the above, you can see three spaces. In the first space put your email address(all the email you have already separated with comma quote) and in the second sections put the subject I.e the title that will appear when you message is delivered than in the third box write your message which you will like to send to all the generated emails.You can add links to your messages

Step 5: After that scroll down and click on Recommend this site and you will receive a notification pop out that your message has been successfully sent.

Now when the owners of the emails owners login they will see your message directly in their inbox.

The above can act as a method of promoting your site or affiliate /Referal link without using any newsletter.

Hope it is helpful? kindly share with others.

Advertising/ Marketing / How To Generate Unlimited Bulk Mails Online For Free by ikoiikenna: on Tue 07 at 10:52am

The needs for an effective marketing can never be overemphasized. Often times the difference between the successful business and the unsuccessful ones usually is linked to advertising and marketing. in the world of marketing and advertising, Email marketing has emerged to be a useful tool to gain customers and make more sales. Of a truth, not everyone considers the big leader ads that most websites put on display, but everyone definitely takes note of what gets to their mail thus making email marketing a sure way to get that says.

However true, getting an email address is often tasking but today through this article you will learn how to generate target email address for bulk email marketing.

With That in Mind, let's get started.

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How To Generate Unlimited Bulk Mails Online For Free
Step 1: Click on below link

Now select any amount of email you want . you can also select them by gender and by any country of your choice

After that Very the security code and click on
generate button and you will see the whole email addresses pop out.Copy them all for your personal use.

Note in this tutorial it is recommended you use chrome or Mozilla browser or default phone browser if you use opera the page may not function properly.

After generating your emails you can now use them to send bulk emails to generate traffic, promote your affiliate links, share information etc.

Please be at alert in my next post I will be teaching you how you can send bulk emails messages using the generated email addresses

Agriculture / How To Start A Grasscutter Business In Nigeria And Earn Handsomely by ikoiikenna: on Mon 06 at 09:37pm
Nigeria`s financial recuperation projects have required a radical movement from aggregate reliance on government for the occupation to independent work. One such alluring zone for independent work is Grasscutter cultivating. It is an extraordinary cash turning a business that can give a considerable rich source of protein to supplement Nigerian starch dinners.

Tragically Nigerians slant to start a new business in the field where thousand have effectively made their fortune has prompted the disregard of such lucrative zone as Grasscutter cultivating in Nigeria. Numerous individuals who are happily into the business of Grasscutter cultivating are unwilling to tell others about the cultivating secrets. The methods are often covered in mystery. But below in this article, we will be revealing all you need to know about this business and how to earn from it just like most few are……..

Grasscutters (Thryonomys swinderianus) are rodents broadly found dispersed and esteemed in West and Central Africa in meadows, clearings, wet or muddy territories in Africa. Grasscutters, in the same way as other rat species have been and kept on being a delicacy in various nations, in Latin America, Africa and Asia where markets exist for a wide mixture of rat species for utilization, grasscutters are regularly favored over different alternative of meat, The meat is a higher protein, however, lower fat substance than tamed homestead meat and it is likewise refreshing for its delicacy and. What's more, this offers little scale ranchers, financial specialists, business people and each one of those with riches psyche set, a monetary motivator for farming grasscutters.

In the event that you raise grasscutter in business amount under the great hygienic condition, fast food eateries, for example, Mr. Biggs, Tantalizers, Sweet Sensation and so on will be your normal clients. They will just need your certification of customary supply every week. There is likewise great business for grasscutter meat in the universal business sector if you can benefit a bundling.

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The research did in the course of the most recent two decades have permitted the choice and change of stock for farming with much learning and methods for grasscutter generation. Reasonable data is promptly accessible for anybody interested in grasscutter cultivating/generation in Nigeria.

There are few Nigerians today that are making lively business in grasscutter farming. Grasscutter cultivating in Nigeria if tightened with the advantage of the right data and learning now accessible is an extremely feasible business wander. Grasscutters are essentially herbivorous; oblige neither imported segment of nourishment nor extravagant medicinal costs if strict cleanliness is kept up. They are simple and exceptionally easy to keep. Growth time of the grasscutter speaks the truth 154 days or five months.

Contingent upon your experience, grasscutter can be bundled to outfits as pepper soup meat, suya, solidified or dried meat. Most Chinese are searching for the meat as standard feast furthermore to excite the majority of their visitors from abroad.

How to Start-

This business (Grasscutter raising) is not capital escalated; you don't have to spend much on bolsters, they develop rapidly in serious conditions, and their meat is high in protein and worth.

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You can begin with a farming family, which is comprised of 1 male and 4 females and in around five to six months, you may have up to 30 litters from the 4 females. Grasscutter typically creates twice every year. Note: that this family (1 male and 4 females) at some point do expense up to 37,000 nairas, this is everything you need as another comer.

A few Benefits of Farming Grasscutter

Wellbeing and Nutrition, nourishment security, Value, sexual orientation improvement and open doors for the incapacitated, Money related prizes

Housing System in Grasscutter Farming

The grasscutter is anything but difficult to house, however, it’s taking care of obliges aptitudes. Among country groups and even some urban individuals with satisfactory space, Grasscutter is normally kept in a wooden pen (You can assemble an enclosure with about N6, 000), vacant drums. Be that as it may, the grasscutter cloud is appropriately overseen under these three frameworks: walled in area, confine and floor. In grasscutter business, you don't have to purchase land or assemble another structure. You can put the enclosure in any accessible space in your home. It could be your passageway, kitchen, carport, under the staircase or on your terrace.

The grasscutter is a herbivorous creature with a wide nutritious admission. The significant piece of its eating regimen is made out of grasses with genuinely high rough fiber content. Aside from grass, Grasscutters likewise eat cassava

Why you are guaranteed to earn from this

· grasscutters can be without much of a stretch be raised at home

· It is a multimillionaire business if reproduced on a business scale.

· For a start, the cost for a family of grasscutter that is comprised of five grasscutters is sold for N45,000 or more. One can have thousands of family within a short interval of a startup if dedicated and utilize the information I will provide for you.

· They are grass eaters no much feed is required.

· Grasscutters are polygamous in nature making reproduction quick and extensive.

· It is a business wander that can be begun on a little scale with a space of under one room.

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· Truth be told, grasscutter cultivating ought to create jobs for urban and provincial inhabitants.

· Highly profitable and guarantee steady income channel

· Grasscutter cultivating in Nigeria is a virgin in the kingdom of domesticated animals, therefore, less competitive.

· There is no known religion, tribal or ethnic victimization grasscutter meat its consumed by all.

· Grasscutters don't a rival man for nourishment.

· You can helpfully gain pay/income a thousand-fold higher than your presently acquiring. You can keep your present employment and do this on low maintenance.

· The market for grasscutter meat is large to the point that it is not being met.

· Grasscutter is highly medicinal- Generation of pharmaceuticals: The pancreas of the grasscutter is accepted to have a high centralization of insulin, which is used in the treatment of diabetes.

· The meat tastes well and exceedingly savored.

The list of reasons goes on and on as this business has in all reunification proven to be not just lucrative but a stream of income for as many that invest in this. The startup is not capital intensive, a startup requires no much equipment, no trouble with foods, much vaccination etc. it’s a profit yielding business.

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To start, start smart through intensive knowledge on this business before investing. To start up I recommend one knows all about

The available Breeds, Fund/Capital, Promoting & Pricing, Administration, Sustaining, Mortality, Ailment etc. grasscutter just like every other life forms have its challenges and in other to make money from this business it’s great command you order for our eBook which will leave you equipped with the above stated know-how including, feeding requirements, water, how to feed them for maximum output, how to differentiate from male and female, how to know a pregnant female, how to structure the house and above all where to get the grasscutter near you, cost etc. in fact all the required information is contained therein. If you ever wanted to invest then this is a business to invest into and the first thing is to get this ebook. The ebook is in simple English, in a pdf file of 95 pages. Price: the ebook cost just N5000 only. to get it call 08130525154 or 08180081665 to get bank

get it now and learn:-

The condition for breeding, material for farming shed, material for the farming pens.


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Basic facts, selection for breeding, mating, and gestation


Dietary plans, providing food, water, and mineral components, conserving of food stocks etc more is discussed in details.

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Kenya / How To Start Profitable Hair Stylist Salon In Kenya by ikoiikenna: on Mon 06 at 06:27pm

Women love to make good hair likewise men also, most men look good whenever they have a good haircut and for a man to look takeaway, it depends on his stylist. As a stylist, you need to note that no matter how good you are if you want to attract more customers you need to set up your stylist shop. You open a barbing saloon that in an unwelcome environment or an unkempt environment and you expect customers to come. No! It is not done that way, in this article we would discuss how you can set up a good stylist shop that would attract customers.

The first thing you need to consider whenever you want to set up a stylish shop is located. Make sure you choose an environment that looks good where people stay a lot because location attracts a lot. If your location is bad and not accessible, people would not patronize you even if you are good. So choose a good location for your stylist shop or barbing saloon.

Another important point is this, buy all necessary barbing equipments such as Barber Chairs and Chair Parts, Barber Poles, Barber Wet Stations, Cutting Stools, Shoe Shine Stations, Sanitizers, Sterilizers, Hot Towel Cabinets., Scissors/shears Electric Clippers, Straight razors, Combs, Brushes, Neck Dusters, Mirror, etc. Having these necessary equipment shows that you mean business.

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This third point should not joke with because this is what attracts lots. You have to furnish your barbing saloon, people will always patronize you when you stylist is well arranged and furnished. Most men love to have their haircut in a saloon that is presentable that can be shown to friends. Tile the floor, paint the walls with nice colors and use transparent glasses for the doors for it to look more attractive. You must have a standby generator because electricity is not that dependable. It is not bad to have a Television set, a decoder such Dstv, Go-TV or star times, home theatre, an executive chair for waiting customers, an air conditioner or fan, magazines and newspaper on the table for awaiting customers.

In addition, employ professional stylists to join you in the work. You can not do it all alone you need people.who would be a helping hand for you. Look for a professional stylist who can make good cut and pay them to work with you. This will increase sales and boost the productivity of your salon. In addition, it will help in saving time in which customers need to wait before they are called up for a haircut.

The last point is this, create awareness to people. Distribute flyers to people around your saloon to inform them about your existence. You can also create awareness through the playing of music whenever your barbing saloon is opened.
In conclusion, no profession is bad, it depends on how you present yourself to your prospective customers. So set up your stylist shop in a way that would attract customers.

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Business Ideas / Top 6 Online Profitable Business Ideas To Start In 2018 by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 06 at 01:49pm
Are you looking for a lucrative and productive business to start this year? Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur this year? Do you think 2018 is the best for your startup? I congratulate you! Do you know why? Here are the reasons;

You would change you status from employee to employer.
You will be financially buoyant.
You will become your own boss to manage your own time, money and intellence.
You can spend your time creating your own decisions and improving your own business rather than wasting your time with a boss.

Starting your dream business entails your ability to strive by all means to make your passion come true. It isn't a mistake to have a dream, but it's mistake to choose the wrong business.

What are Wrong Businesses?
Businesses that are fused and congested with many participants, receding business, high rate of investment yet low return are replica of wrong businesses. After taking the courage to run a right business, then 2018 is the year for you to make an impact.

Now, you are sure your success is around the corner but what business can you start? which businesses are productive in this 2018. Here are 6 most lucrative business for 2018. Enjoy concentrate reading!

One of the most lucrative business in any part of the world is running a business coach center.

Many entrepreneurs would rise and will in such would seek for advice and that is why you need to be in the business.

Starting this business entails your active manipulation of ideas, startup guides, advice, motivational words and lots of attitudinal life changing strategy to make sure your clients- upcoming entrepreneurs start their businesses.
Their successful startup is your joy, start your business now, they are waiting for you.

There are lots of people outside there who are waiting for people that would help them in one way or another.

Your main aim is to build your brand, gather clients and soothe their minds while satisfactory results.
Though their are many niches you can fetch into like writing, web development, affiliate marketing, app development, device analysis and lots of others. All you need to do is investing in it and off you'll soar. and are better website to visit.

If you have basic knowledge in some certain courses, college and high school student can be your target.
Tutoring students is your main aim, you could start off running online and offline courses. It a means of earning thousand dollars within your few years of start. Invest in this business now!

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Another profitable business to make money in this 2018 is by writing your own book.
I've met many authors who had ended up becoming eBook writers as a result of publishers depriving them of sole-publication with the message that their books aren't good enough.

Stop that thought of despair now! Become an eBook writer and start making your money while sell online. is a good sit to sell your book.

Many small business owners are yet to own their websites, which they ought to.
If you have the skill and professionalism of web development, you could make a nice impact here. Start now!

Are you good at public speaking, producing your own track of motivational words and songs could be your selling point.
Owning a Vodcast or Podcast site could also be lucrative. You can also sell them on and

Don't waste your time looking for job, make sure you start your business today. Let 2018 make a change!
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South America / Top Business Investment Opportunities In Guyana by Ikoiikenna: on Mon 06 at 01:26pm
If we were to start with a poll right now and ask how many of us here have heard about the place called Guyana, or have even given it much thought, we know that there would be but a few hands up.

Today, we hope to change the way you look at Guyana and give you something else you look forward to whenever you think of this region – money, and good business. Guyana has a lot of landmass and ample natural resources, and given that they’ve been living decently for a long time now, this does more to boost the credibility of the economy in support of business.

For anyone that would love to set up the shot on Guyana, the first thing we advise is the conduction of an impressive feasibility study after which you would know the best place and requirements for the setting up of your business there. As soon as this is done, we get into what we have for you today and start suggesting the most impressive business options out there.
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1. Extraction and Construction
Guyana produces its own gold and bauxite and this makes this option one of the best out there. With the proper planning and implementation, this could make any businessman rich beyond their next generation. There are still many sites in the country that need an extractor to work on them due to the abundance of gold and bauxite. Even though this is a capital-intensive project, it is one that returns great profits in not much time at all.

2. Rice Farming/ Milling
Before any other thing in life, the main aim of man is survival, and one of the requirements of survival is feeding. Looking all around, the most staple food (behind bread) is rice. If you choose a location as populated as Guyana, which is still noted for the importation of a sizeable amount of its food products, and start milling rice there at cheaper rates than what they would be imported or, you would be on your way to making your own millions too. Note that when we say cheaper, we know that you would still make a huge profit nonetheless.

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3. Timber Production
The land in Guyana is very rich for planting and cultivation of trees. This is why the country is one of the major regions for the processing and sales of timber in the region it falls into. There are still a number of lands and forests which are yet to be claimed, and every one of such lands translates to a pocket full of money for you. You could buy an empty plot of land and start the planting of your own forest. To make sure that you just don’t lie idle till the trees start to grow, you could also purchase a forest where timberline trees are being grown and fell them for other uses such as construction, processing into other materials, etc.

4. Sugar Refinery
Sugar happens to be one of the most demanded commodity in Guyana and looking at the stats, the residents cannot just get enough of it. You could open up a sugar refinery in the region and start processing your own special kind of branded sugar. If you think the cost of overall setup is high, you could obtain licensing from a sugar refinery which had not already been present in the region to use their resources and name to sell your own products too. The thing with sugar is that it also has a very huge appeal in the international market, so you need not worry about running out of business at any point in time.

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5. Arts and Crafts
to the kind of economic system that is being practiced in Guyana, and some other government policies to favor the home manufacturing companies, the country doesn’t depend solely on importation to meet its needs. This means that there is a market for you if what you would love to go into are arts and crafts, and you are surely going to enjoy every bit of it.

The foreigners are a fan of local art, and being home to a lot of tourists day-in-day-out, you can be sure that your business is transcending the local.

Foods / How To Start An Ice Blocked Business In Nigeria by Ikoiikenna: on Sun 05 at 08:53pm
With the current power/ Electricity problem, the ice block business still remains a profitable venture for as many that would want to invest into this business. though this has been around for so long many still not understand how to start up an ice block Production business? Through this article, you are going to learn lots of things that will help you start!
In the various populated and busy streets, markets, and roads across the federation, numerous men and women go about their daily business - school kids and business people, dealers, office workers.
The electricity supply issue is inducing families to make use of ice blocks to preserve their food and beverages, for retailers it helps them keep their different consumable items cool and chilled.

Why do we have this kind of tremendous interest in the ice block in Nigeria and Africa at large?
By understanding the factors accountable for the demand behind every company, entrepreneurs accommodate to changes in the industry in time and can be more creative using their products.
Like every other thought we have shared in most business ideas in this weblog, consumer demand is the number one fundamental reason behind every successful business and so also in the ice block business making it a booming and profitable business in Nigeria and Africa.

A sizable part of Africa countries lies inside the tropical climate area and sits on the equator in the world. What this means is our continent have more direct sun and heat when compared with the temperate areas of the world like Europe and North America.
It's projected that lots of parts of Africa Experience an average of 300 days of bright sunshine annually.
Actually, temperatures throughout the day can rise up to 40 degrees, notably in the northernmost areas of the continent that possess a desert or savanna climate.
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In these modern times, the majority of individuals would rather drink cooled/cold liquids compared to non-cooled/ cold ones. The truth is, we often believe we are more refreshed by drinking cooled water compared to normal 'cool' liquids.
This can certainly result in an increased consumption of cooled liquids like water as well as other beverages (juices, sodas etc).

The advantage is just another important reason the ice block company is booming across Nigeria and Africa.
It's a fact that lots of individuals manage to cool their own beverages using coolers/refrigerators. Nevertheless, it is not possible or suitable to hold your personal cooler where ever you go. You'll probably need to get drinking water from a seller who purchases the drinks she sells to customers just like you to be cooled by ice blocks.
It is simple sense: when they are from their houses, the more ice blocks which can be sold, the more folks as if you who purchase cooled beverages.
Another suitable reason people would rather make use of ice blocks is the fact that they're much more efficient as a cooling material and quicker.

Compared to cooling your beverages in a refrigerator or stuffing them in a deep freezer restricted by size, ice blocks provide more flexible cooling in almost any place; whenever and wherever you would like it! Cool, do not you believe?

The awful electricity scenario
In several areas of Africa, we looked in the awful scenario of electricity supply in our recent solar power post. Our continent gets the worst electric power infrastructure on the planet using the best scores in power generation, security, and consumption of supply!

If we had our own water coolers and fridges how would they operate without electricity? Just how a lot of people can afford generators (of a satisfactory ability) to power water coolers fridges and deep freezers?
As an alternative to incurring these additional costs, the majority of individuals would rather get ice blocks to satisfy their household cooling needs (particularly food preservation).
In the lack of electricity, purchasing ice blocks is a far more economical, adaptable and efficient alternative for most of US in the towns and cities in Africa.

The electricity scenario that is awful is still among the greatest reasons for the ice block business that is booming.
Some clever entrepreneurs in the ice block business are making good money from this our power issue while we may curse the authorities concerning the power scenario in our states!

Addititionally, there is a growing tendency of outside occasions like easiness spots, spiritual parties, nightclubs, weddings as well as other social gatherings.
In our wedding company post, we looked at a few of the fascinating chances for little businesses and entrepreneurs.
What's my point here? It is not complex. They have been MORE to have liquids when folks assemble at these occasions.
Nobody hangs out or attends a celebration to drink warm beer!
This can be the main reason why relaxation areas and these occasions are tremendous resources of interest in the ice block business.
The need for ice blocks will certainly explode as our population continues to grow and more individuals bring in a bit extra to pay on celebrations and easiness.

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The best way start an ice block Production Business?
Now that you've got a much better knowledge of the marketplace and the demand for an ice block, let us now look at what exactly is required to start one. It is really a small business that needs fundamental raw materials, a lot of which can easily be bought from you.
Here are the five fundamental things which you should Start:

Water is the main raw material in the ice block generation company.
You'll need to locate a great supply of clean and fresh water for the business.
It's often the case that people who purchase your ice block will utilize it to cool food/beverages and might not drink it. But as the ice should come connected with products which are drunk or eaten, poor or impure water poison or from ice can contaminate beverages and the food.
In order to avoid this, it's best to stick to the very best standards of cleanliness and hygiene. You might purchase your water supplies in regions where water is rare.

Ice blocks sold and in many cases are packaged in clear transparent nylons. This helps hold the ice both in its melted and solid state.
Because ice may be slick and hard to deal with, these Nylons help a great deal during management and transport of the blocks.
Another benefit of packaging is the fact that it supplies an excellent chance to you to put a brand name on your ice block merchandise. This will distinguish your blocks in the 'faceless' and 'unbranded' rivalry. It will help bring more customers through the contact information on the labels for your company.


Agriculture / How To Start Rubber Plantation Business by Ikoiikenna: on Sun 05 at 03:37am
A lot of people sometimes believe that it is so difficult to find a business opportunity that comes with a successful long-term prospects. But the truth is, there are so many business opportunities out there that people are unaware of and if you are looking to go into a business that will give you good returns on your investment, consider starting a rubber plantation business.

The market for this rubber plantation is very high, due to the huge industrial demand which is expected to keep the price of rubber high for years to come. Rubber will always be in demand because it is used for a wide range of industries and products. It is used to produce balloons, balls, cushions, crepe rubber footwears, automobile, for insulating and so many other products.

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We will show you tips on how to start a rubber plantation business and you can decide when to begin.

Before deciding when to embark on this business journey, it is essential to get a research work done. The research will be able to equip you with the basic knowledge about rubber plantation, everything you need to know to make your startup stage less difficult.

A good business plan is a valuable asset in a business. Your business plan should have in details minimum of five year outlook on sales, product, current market need, competitive landscape, the industry trend, management team, location, financial cost and exist strategy - the total package. This details will enable potential rubber investors get a complete market analysis of the business.

Agriculture have remain the largest sector of the economy and a major source of income for a large number of the country's population - it will not be that difficult to generate the required funds needed to start this business. There are several means you can apply to get the funds you need.

There are;
* Micro-finance banks
* Angel investors
* BOI (bank of industry)
* Friends and family members

What this means is, getting the right farm land for your rubber plantation. But before securing any farm land, there are certain factors to consider ; geographical area, the soil type, transportation cost from the farm land to buyers and state of the road to the farm land.

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Once you are able to get the appropriate land space, the next step is to hire help hands to help clear the land and prepare it for farming. For proper growth, rubber needs a land drained soil of at least 1.3m. Soil that is rich in nitrogen with a trace of phosphorus and potassium and with temperatures between 25 - 40 or more. It takes about three to five year for a rubber tree to fully mature and be ready for harvesting (tapping).
The harvesting is done during the dry season and it mostly take place in the early hours of the day. An experience tapper can help you tap a tree every 30 second on a average farm land.

Rubber is one of the most commonly used plant product in practically every industry. From the health industry to automobile, aviation and others. Manufacturing companies are mostly the major buyers of rubber product, as it is used to produce other products like, raincoats, car tires, rubber shoes, slippers, dish washer, condoms, rubber bands and a host of other different products. With this you are sure of a every ready market for your rubber product.

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