Lucrative Business to Start with 100k in Nigeria


Many a person is ready and willing to capitalize on a small-scale business these days in Nigeria. The good news is that, with a capital of N100, 000 you can start a business of your own and rake in a marvelous amount of money at the end of the day.

Do you need some hints on business that you can start in Nigeria with just 100K? If yes, then the following are lucrative plus profitable business ideas in Nigeria you can start with just 100k as investment capital.

Though not exhausted, the following are businesses you can start with 100k.

  1. Mobile Phone Accessories

There’s no point in disputing the fact that the phone accessories business is growing rapidly in Nigeria. You can kick start with 100k and never regret going into the business.

It’s without a doubt that you will have many clients who will patronize you. Apart from dealing with mobile phone accessories, you can also trade on recharge card and phone charging in the same kiosk with one not affecting the other.

Build a favorable reputation with your potential buyers, for this, will encourage them to refer people to you. With just 100k, if properly maintained the phone accessories business will definitely pay off and you will establish a steady financial cash flow with it.

  1. Snail Farming

Snail farming is very simple to start and you will realize more than enough profit if you eventually land the right clients.

Snails seem expensive and they are sold at hotels and restaurants. With 100k you can start and begin to sell your snails. As a result of the huge investment, you will definitely rake in agape amount of profit at the latter end.

However, snail farming needs you to dedicate your time and effort for it to produce the dream result.

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  1. Computer Repair

Be informed that what you need most to get this business idea going is a vast knowledge of hardware repair plus troubleshooting. If you have little or no knowledge about computer repair you can find a professional to teach you the skill.

However, it’s very important for you to ensure that your computer hardware repair skills are so high before kick-starting your own repair business. I guess you too wouldn’t want to have a bad review!

  1. Restaurant Business

Do you need a reliable idea you can start with 100k? There’s restaurant business at your fingertip that you can start with little or no experience at all in the business realm.

Starting a restaurant will provide you many customers and thus profit, but it’s very pertinent you take into consideration the location where you are to set up the kitchen, foodstuffs market price and importantly competitors!

If you really want to start this business on a high profile, it’s advisable you settle in a very populated environment and with trusted chefs and staff.

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  1. Mini Importation Business

With 100k you can start your own mini importation in Nigeria without any issue and immediately you will make a good sale which will eventually result to profit as such increase your revenue.

The most amazing part of this business idea is that you can run the mini importation at the comfort of your room.

In conclusion, businesses that you can start with 100k are so enormous, but the above discussed are the most lucrative and reliable one you can start without any problem.