How do I Source for Money to Start My Dream Business Idea

Obviously, money is the propelling force of any business idea. That you don’t have enough funds to make that your dream business idea come through doesn’t mean there is no way forward.

I’m aware there are plethora numbers of ways one can source for fund to get your dream business started such as:

  • visiting that rich man in your family to borrow some money to start the business, –
  • talking to a friend about it and
  • better still, if you have any tangible item that can serve as security, you can go to any financial institution to seek a loan.

Also, if that your dream business idea is one in a million, you can draft an effective and efficient business plan and pitch that your idea with business investors who will invest immensely in such an idea of ideas.

Aside from the above mentioned obvious ways to fund a business, what other ways can be used to source for funds?

Asked on January 12, 2020 in Financial.
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