How Lucrative is Popcorn Making Business

How much profit can one make from Popcorn business monthly? Heard is lucrative, please more details is needed on how one can start and make huge profit.


Asked on September 25, 2019 in Business.
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    It’s obvious, Popcorn is one of the household snacks that sell fast like pure water, if not better. this food snack is found on every corner, on the streets, hotels, eateries, supermarkets, cinemas, and just everywhere you can possibly turn you will be sure to get popcorn.

    This reveals the high demand for popcorn as it’s among the product that enjoys wide acceptance and is consumed by both kids and adult alike. But not too obvious is the profitability of this business as it has long been kept a secret by many.

    Though the business requires little capital and production is easy, and entails moistening a yellow variety of corn at certain temperatures to form a pop. However, there is so much money to make in this business; there are testimonies of about 13,000 to 500,000 per month from this business. Though I am not practically into this business but research proves these figures feasible, considering the large market for this business.


    Take a stroll one day, count the number of popcorn production center or sale outfit as you go, you will discover that there are many and there is even popcorn hawkers, why do you think all these business owners are into it, are they doing it for fun, why do you think big eateries and event centers and cinemas still invest into popcorn business? It’s simply due to its high patronage and profit.

    Popcorn is patronized by individuals, students bought and sold in supermarkets, restaurants, schools, cinemas, churches, and offices, etc. This high patronage of popcorn turns to profit in the pockets of investors.


    As earlier stated, starting this business to make profits requires no much work, no certificate, no much technology know-how and above all requires minimum capital to start. Anyone can start successfully and make huge profits.


    Though to make popcorn business is easy, it’s still necessary you get professional help or tutoring from an expert or someone that has long been into the business. You wouldn’t want to produce just another popcorn in the street but rather you would want to produce the most tasteful popcorn around. Its true popcorn snacks are easily bought since its popcorn but what necessitate return and another purchase is the taste and quality. So to achieve this you need to get trained, learn how best to use the ingredient to make nothing short from the best.


    Pop corn production requires

    • Popcorn making machine. There are different types of machine with different brand names but mostly used in Nigeria is the Fun pop oz, ET-POP6DA or popcorn maker which sells from 20, 000 above. Alternatively, you can start with the local machine that uses gas to help cut down on budget and to supplement the low power supply.
    •   yellow maize
    • salt, sugar, and butter
    • packaging material and
    • Sealing Machine.


    Put into practice what you have learned from step 1. Learn how to mix the ingredient, how to handle the machines and how to make good popcorns. Get people to test your popcorn and give feedback.


    Now, you have been trained, you have the required details, its time you set a budget to operate on, determine what your target should be, how many packs of popcorn will you produce per day and per week and how much will it cost, know how to spend the money and understand how to get it back.


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