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We are happy to have you in our midst as a guest writer. What do you want to write about?

Yes, Westenterprenuer is always looking forward to having new authors who are ready to write for us without the session. So if you have any idea on business-related content, finance, e-commerce, blogging, product launches, etc. that will encourage our readers and enhance the progress of our industry, we and other members of the forum really want to know about it.

While Westenterprenuer has no intention of paying guest bloggers, you need not wait until you are being paid before you can write for us, for numerals after six are much more than seven. So it’s advisable you bring to our readers’ fresh insight and perspective on hot topics that are keeping you awake at night.

Be informed that this ‘Write for Us’ page is created in other to help you and your writing skills to be known and you’ll also get to meet other passionate writers like yourself. Plus, by writing for us, your article(s) will be published before a larger number of our prospective audience and the seasonal forum visitors will also get to read your work, too.

Want to write for us? What we publish

* Depending on the complexity of the topic you will be writing on, but under normal circumstances, we often publish articles of 700 to 2,000 plus words.

* We enjoyed publishing articles that are logical and run with an ideal custom illustration.

*  The tone of the article may be casual but the content should be great for the less-intensive explanation.

* We publish articles with less rigorously structured

* We don’t publish press releases or any sales related pitches.

Before you submit:

* Endeavor you browse through our blog and study the recent articles there to understand our styles and patterns well and to have more insight on our way of structuring and formatting articles.

* Make sure your article offers a clear argument. Tips and tricks articles make us weak inside.

* Make sure your article has a voice, interesting and absolutely human.

* Ensure that what you’ll be writing for us is meant for varieties of the audience who has an interest in business, content strategists, information or something similar.

* Endeavor that your content is back up with unique arguments a not mere opinions.

* And make sure you do the necessary fact-checking and cite appreciate references where necessary.

What we are expecting from you

* You are expected to submit a simple or partial draft of your pitch (one to two paragraphs summarizing your idea and the reason why it will interest our readers) couple with a highlight.

* Your idea should be unique and convincing. If your submission is complete and convincing, you stand the chance of receiving quick feedback from us.

* Be enlightened that we only consider content or articles that are original — westenterprenuer will never publish any content that has been published before not even on your private or personal blog.

Note: We reserve the sole right to accept, edit, publish, or reject any article that we deem fit.

So, therefore, if you will like to guest post on westenterprenuer or you will like to sponsor a post, kindly e-mail us at info@Westentrepreneur.com